Sunday, July 21, 2013

Oh Snap!!! I'm picturing a blog post with lots of pics!

I'm sitting in really warm Elk Grove where I'm visiting my good friend, Gina Lideros. We are having a blast!!!
I want to tell ya about my time here but I gotta tell you about the last two weeks.
I got home on Monday from a fantastic trip to southern California. I had such a great time! My friend, Sherry Mendoza put together an event called, Camp Mojo and it was a blast! I taught classes at Stamping Details during the day and scrapped with friends at night. Before we went to the location we decided to take pictures because we all happen to match. There were sunflowers in a vase and we just popped them out and had a field day! LOL Here are a few of the pics.

I got home on Monday and headed to Elk Grove with Sierra on Wednesday night. We've been here this entire time! We are having such an amazing time!!!
Every time Gina and I get together we do the following:
Eat at Chick-fil-a and Chevys. We go to Leatherbys for ice cream. We go to Michaels, Joanns, and Target. We go to Homegoods and pass by Starbucks.
NOW....we are going to add Reflexology to the mix! I'm so happy!!!
Since I've been here, I've done three photo shoots!!!!
Here are just a few of the pictures of some of the shoots.

It was so much fun shooting them!!! They are such pretty girls!
Here are two layouts that I did using the pictures.

I'm working on another one but I'm not done yet. I'll post soon.
Which one of these pictures is your favorite????
Thanks for stopping by!!! This weekend I'll be at one of my favorite stores, Ever After!! Come and see me.