Monday, February 28, 2011

Been creating!!!

Saturday was a lot of fun!!! I taught a really fun class at Our Paper Place and then stayed for the crop!! It was fun getting to hang with some of my gal pals!!!!

I finished another project that I will be teaching in April!!
I'm teaching a spring related class...I know Spring is supposed to be bright and sunny...but I really liked this paper line by Jillibean!!
Here are some sneak peaks of my project.

Sunday was also really nice!! We went to church in the morning...after church I spent some quality time with my son Jeremy. Then we went to go see Tanner and Tristan practice playing T-ball!! I told them they had to see Jamma hit a ball...(they didn't believe me that I could hit it)...ohhhhh I sooooo hit it! LOL
In the evening I went out with Julia and Jen!! Had such a great time talking about all kinds of craziness! LOL

Thanks for coming by!! Leave me a comment! Love reading them!!
Suzy west

Thursday, February 24, 2011

...tap tap this thing on?

I'm really excited!!! I was invited by the Great American Scrapbook Convention to be the MC at the crop night events in Texas!!!!! I'm super excited! We are going to have a ton of fun!!!
I was also asked to teach several classes!!
I'm really excited and am in the sketching process!! I'll be giving more scoop really soon!

If you are going to the Virginia expo...I'll be teaching there too!!!

I scrapped another layout for my layout class next month! If you are interested in the class, you can get the information in the post below!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!
Suzy West

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The best present ever!

So today I turned 40! I had planned to go out to lunch with my mom and do some shopping.
My plans changed.
Sierra did not feel good so I kept her home from school. She had a fever and got SICK!
She told me she wanted to take a shower and when she got out...I helped her get dressed and started drying her hair...out of no where she passed out!
I tried to get her up....and then took her straight to Urgent Care.
On the way...she almost passed out again. I carried her in and told them her condition(hereditary spherocytosis) and what happened and they immediately took her in. When they started taking her vitals she almost passed out again.
I called her Dr. and he showed up really quick! We feel blessed to have an amazing Dr.!!
They did blood work...had her hooked up to an IV. She was there for hours!
We honestly thought she was going to get admitted. I believe that all the prayers that were given on her behalf helped her get better really fast! The Dr. was amazed at the results of her tests. Normally when she gets sick like this...she ends up getting admitted and sent over to Stanford Hospital.
I am happy to say that she is at home in bed sleeping. She's not fully recovered but she's a lot better and I'm happy!!
I could not take a picture of her when she was WHITE as snow but did snap one of her when she started feeling a lot better. She was still pretty pale but looked a lot better!
She asked me to thank everyone that prayed for her!!

I feel so blessed to have this precious jewel as my daughter! I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father for all that he does for us and making sure that our prayers get answered.
I feel so lucky to have received the best gift ever today...and that is that she is well.
Hugs, Suzy

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday fun and a new class!!!

This Tuesday I turn 40 and the celebration has already begun!!!
It started on Friday during lunch... Angel, Sierra, the boys, and I went out to Red Robins. We had a great lunch and then the waiters came and sang and gave me a hot fudge sundae.
In the evening we celebrated at Our Paper Place!! There was yummy cake and snacks!!
So much fun!!!
Today the family and I went to an awesome restaurant and we celebrated there!! I had such a great time with them!!!! Nothing makes me more happy than to have everyone together.
Before I show you all the pictures from my birthday's a sneak peak of my class at Our Paper Place.
It's a layout class using Crate Paper!!!!
It's on Wednesday, March 16th--Starts at 7pm
To sign up call the store at 510-794-4487
You will make four different layouts!!

Here are some of the pictures from tonight!!!

Me and my kiddos!!! I love them so much!!!

All the girls!!!

The men in my life!!

My main squeeze!

My sweet and beautiful mommy!

Love my Jazzy!
The best brothers!!

My yummy new Vera Bradley bag for my Lap top!!!
Love it!!!!

Thanks for letting me share!!!!!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The day has come...

My Angel registered my little Tanner for KINDERGARTEN! Yes, you heard right...this little guy is starting school!!! I can't believe it!!!

It was just yesterday that he looked like this!

He's such a sweet little guy!!! I love hanging with him because he makes me laugh!!! He has a crazy scense of humor and I LOVE it!!!! LOL
Besides starting school, he's going to be starting t-ball!!
I can't wait to watch him play!! I'll be the crazy grandma cheering my baby on!!!!
I love you my not so little one!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Angel

I love this girl right here!!!

I am so grateful for my relationship with my daughter Angel! She is such a blessing to me!
Everytime we are together, we have great time. We laugh like crazy and talk about almost anything.
Ever since she was young, she knew she could tell me anything...even though sometimes I didn't want to hear it. There were times she would tell me she wanted to talk to me about something but before she said anything I needed to promise to act mature. LOL
It's been about four years that she and her husband moved out on their own and
even though I miss her tons not being at home (she lives 5 minutes away....that's a rule..JK)I am beyond happy that she has a home of her own that's filled with lots of love and happiness!

We have so much in common!!
We both love to scrapbook
We are both major GLEEKS!
We love going to La Fondue together!
We love to sing--except she's the only one with a great voice!
We love fashion--except she's the only one with style! LOL
Our favorite meal is Chicken and brocolli casserole
We love to text and talk on our cell phones!
We both do things sometimes with out thinking first!

Sometimes we drive each other crazy! I think it's because we are so much a like. We get into an argument but we know that will last all of 5 minutes! We can't stand being upset at each other!
No joke....argument happens and then soon after we call each other for something random. LOL

I love her with all my heart and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her, Christian, or the boys!
Today I'm feeling especially grateful for her. Nothing really happened....I was on the phone with her...she always calls me when she gets off of work...we talked...she said, "I love you, bye" like she always does. I got off the phone and felt like writing about how much I love my girl!!!
So there...that's my post today...I love my girl!

Monday, February 14, 2011

New project--Echo Park

This past week I felt super inspired to get my scrap on!
Madison had sent me some amazing Echo Park line to play with and let me tell you,
this line is super easy to play with!! The line is full of color and beautiful pieces.
Here are some sneak peeks!!!
I will be teaching this at Our Paper Place in Newark next month.
I'll also be teaching it at some of my other stores that I travel to!!

The silhouettes are by Hambly!! They are gorgeous!!!
I colored these beautiful little flowers with Shimmerz!!
I used Helmars to adhere almost everything!!
Thanks for looking!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Friday, February 11, 2011

What are your favorite pictures on your phone?

I love looking at the pictures on my phone. They always put a smile on my face.
Here are just a few of my favorites!!!
This is a picture of Sierra getting ready for school!!! She asked if she could wear my favorite headband. She looked so cute!!!

This is a picture of Tristan at my dr. appointment. While I was talking to the nurse he couldn't take his eyes off her little frog. This picture always makes me laugh!! The grand babies spent the night.
In the morning they had a ton of energy and were jumping from my bed to Tristan's crib.
This is a fun picture of me with Patti and Nidia at Art Inspired. I was there for a crop. So much fun! This is a picture of Sierra relaxing on the couch with Gravy. So cute!!! This was taken on the day that Sarah signed the lease to her new store!!
This was such a great day!!! I love this shot!!! I had called Angel and she told me she couldn't get Tanner to go to sleep. I told her I would go pick him up for him to spend the night. He was totally wide awake so we had fun playing for hours!!! LOLI love Target!!! I can spot one a mile away!!! This one was in Louisiana!!! This is a picture of my mom and I at Santana Row. it's one of our most favorite shopping places!!

This is a picture of Alyssa and I!!! She's so freaking adorable!!!!

I just found out that my grandmother moved into the blue apartment you see in this picture when she came from El Salvador years and years ago!!!
Her first job was helping to create dresses/sew for a new clothes designer named....

This is a picture of an almost finished pot of chocolate at my favorite restaurant, La Fondue!!

This is a picture of Jeremy making fudge. He did such a great job! The fudge was YUMMY!!!
This is a picture of the girls at my mom's birthday party. They are so beautiful!!

This was a fun night!! We were at an Art Inspired event and it was the same night the Giants were playing! This is us celebrating the Giants winning the pennant!!

This is a picture of Erin and I at the Survivor event that Ever After puts together every years!! She's such a fun gal!!!

Thanks for letting me share some of my favorite cell phone pictures. I bet you have tons that you like looking at too!!!!!!

Suzy West

Monday, February 07, 2011

I love teaching!!!

I was asked today what is the best part of scrapbooking besides doing answer...TEACHING IT!!!
I love teaching scrapbooking classes!!! I have been doing it for many years for many manufactures and let me tell you...nothing is more fun than that for me.
Every time I go to a store...I get so excited about putting my classes together, putting together my kits, and seeing the faces of my students that are excited that they finished a project.

This is a picture of one of my CHA classes that I taught a little over a week ago.

Thank you to all my stores that ask me to teach...and to my students that come and take my classes!!! I appreciate you so much!!!!

Suzy West

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Tae Kwon Do

A little over a month ago Sierra came home from school with a sign up sheet to take Tae kwon Do lessons at school. It was for a fundraiser that they were doing.
Sierra was so thrilled and reminded us every day that we needed to turn in the permission slip.

So fast forward...few weeks later...Sierra finished up her lessons at school and they had a graduation ceremony.

The most amazing my little Sierra broke a board with her foot!!! Yes, my little Sierra did that. She was so proud of herself!!

After she broke the board she and the other kids received their awards.

This was supposed to be just a couple of weeks, well that's changing...we just signed her up for more lessons. She's going to start on Monday.
She can't wait to get her uniform!!!

I'm so proud of my little munchkin!!!

working on new projects

Since I got back from CHA, I have been wanting to do nothing but create but haven't because I've been spending quality time with my beautiful family!!
Last night I went to a crop night at Our Paper Place and started creating with the NEW Echo Park Paper line. (it's not out yet). I was given some products for designing at CHA for them. It will be shipping out soon!!!
I wanted to do something a little different and started creating with random non scrapbook items to create my project.
I've done a little bit more but this is part of my cover.
I'm excited about this project and even though it's not done yet, I've already been asked to teach it at different stores. LOL
Anyways, I'm so grateful to have some inklings of inspiration right now!!!!
I plan on finishing this tonight and doing more!!!
Thank you to everyone that inspires and encourages me to keep creating!!
You are all wonderful!!!
Suzy West

Friday, February 04, 2011

For the first time....

A miracle has happened!!!! For the first time in a long crazy frizzy hair went bye bye!!!
Miss know the one I posted about yesterday....did my hair...and taught this almost (coughcough40coughcough) 30 plus year old gal how to do her hair.
Who knew I was doing all the wrong things all this time...that would probably be why I look like I have a mop on the top of my head. LOL
This past week I used mousse...something I thought I shouldnt' use.
I learned how to put products in my don't just put it on the top part of your hair...try mixing it in everywhere and add more if you need hard...not! LOL
You can curl curls...with out making it look like a fake curl.
I learned the best way to set my hair.
Dude...I learned a lot!
here is a picture of what she did to my hair!!!

So guess what? I did my hair on my own and although it didn't look as great as what Tricia did...I still made it work and there was no frizz!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!
The girls soooo loved how she does hair that we are going to all drive up together and have her do all of our hair the same day! LOL (She's in Sacramento)
Good bye Frizz!!!!!!
Suzy West

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Seriously love this girl!!!

This girl is going to be so surprised when she learns that this post is about her!!!
I love hanging out with Tricia!! She's one of the most crazy, fun, and talented gals that I know and I think you should all know it!!! :)
I had the opportuntity to hang out with her from Friday-Tuesday during CHA and I kid you not....we laughed so much that our bodies hurt!!!

On the last day of CHA I asked the scooter rental dude if I could ride around in one of them...he was crazy enough to say YES!!!! So I asked him for one for Tricia!!!
We rode them until security told us to stop! LOL
again, we laughed so hard!!!
Anyways, this post is simple and to the Tricia Wilson! The girl rocks!!!!!

Suzy West

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

CHA!!!! It's over...I'm home...and now....

I got home from another amazing CHA experience last night. I'm so tired and my body hurts...not from the hard work...but from all the laughing and the craziness that was had in beautiful downtown Los Angeles with some of the most amazing girls ever!
Let me tell you...I feel so incredibly lucky to have had the experiences I had with these girls!!
We arrived Friday morning....REALLY early in the morning. I think we were all tired all ready since we had been designing all night long and because we didn't go to bed until really late!
It didn't matter...even though we were zombies...we were excited and having fun!

Here are some pictures of our fantastic CHA!!!! I'll post more later. These are all from my cell phone and a couple that some of my friends took.

New friends that took some of my classes.

Angel and I heading towards the Staple Center!!!

Love this picture of Tricia and I!!!! Free kisses!!

The Bella Blvd. girls!!!! We were at the Yard House!

One night we went out with Epiphany Crafts. This is a picture of Donna Salazar, Jennifer Priest, and I. Such sweet girls!!

at the booth with Madison! We had so much fun with him!!!

Here's another cute photo of us!!

Cute photo of Susan Opal, Tricia, and I!!!

Went out to dinner with the Echo Park crew!!

Another night we went out with the Hambly and Art Inspired crew!!
Out with Erin and Kim!!!

The grandma's!!! Josie, Sharon, and I!!
We all got these hats at the We R Memory Keepers booth!!!

A picture that was taken of me taking picture of a group of gals!
In front of the Hollywood sign. LOL

Out with the girls one night! It was a wild one!!!!

Another Kissing booth picture

The crew again!!

Out with the girls!!

In front of the Hollywood sign with my Scrapbooker's Bliss friends!!

I will post more pictures!!! If you took any pictures with me please email them to me at
Suzy West