Tuesday, September 26, 2006

a girl, a boy, a wedding!!!

Anyone miss me? LOL I know, I know I have totally neglected my blog. I've been just slightly busy. with what you say??? planning a wedding!!
Angel and Christian are getting married!! We are so excited!! So here's the scoop:
The big day is on May 19th, 2007. That is 7 months away.
We were going to have a fun backyard wedding with some friends and family.
Well grandma and grandpa said no to that. LOL They want it to be "perfect for their princess!" So now it's gone from having it in the back yard to a beautiful place called the Century house in Fremont. What was going to be buffet has now turned into a sit down beautiful meal servers and all.
So now we are busy looking for a dj and a photographer.
It's been pretty exciting!! Angel and Christian are so excited!!
So that's the scoop!!!