Monday, April 28, 2008

All kinds of stuff

One of my friends asked me what I had going on this week and I thought for a second and then pretty much threw up a ton of different things going on. By the time I was done telling her what was going on I was exhausted just thinking about it and I think my friend needed a cigarette! LOL
I'm getting things ready for two really big National Scrapbook Day events that we are having at the store. I am excited about everyone attending and all the fun things we are going to do.
I went to see the sports med Dr. today. I am feeling a lot better so I almost canceled my appointment but my family said I HAD to go. I tried to tell the Dr. that I was a lot better and that I wasn't in pain (trying to avoid surgery) but he didn't believe me because the word, "owie" came out of my mouth! Yes, OWIE! how embarrassing. So we scheduled an MRI and I'm hoping I don't have anything to serious.
Angel is starting to feel a little better. She's on meds to help with the nausea. She's almost four months. I can't believe it! Oh and mark my words, she is having a GIRL!!! She'll find out in a few weeks. I can't wait.
Anyway, gotta run! Need to order food for both Saturday and Sunday, put goodie bags together, finishing ordering stuff, and more!!!
Have a good one!

*RAK* winner---Carla Avila!!!

WOW, I totally loved reading all of your reasons for scrapping! The winner of the MLS rak is Carla Avila!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Contact me so I can get your goodies to ya! :)


Suzy West

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Little Shoebox *RAK*

Hey there gals!!! I was just chatting with my dd, Angel. We were talking about way back in the days when I found out about scrapping and how grateful I am to it.
Before scrapbooking I was doing photography and I was believe it or not, a make up artist. Since scrapbooking I have done several stuff, product design, store, teach, travel, written books. etc.
I'm so happy to have scrapbooking in my life.
I never do RAKS and would love to do one. What has scrapbooking done for you?
I will pick a number and who ever posts on that number will receive a nice set of goodies from My Little Shoebox.

Monday, April 14, 2008

No reason

I had a fabulous weekend!! There were a lot of us cropping on Friday. I got 7 pages done that night. I then scrapped another 5 pages on Saturday.
On Sunday my family decided to get together and bbq. I love that we don't need a reason to gtg we just do.
Christian did the bbq'ing. He loves to do the cooking!! My mom made more food and the rest of us brought a ton of stuff.
The kids played in the back and front yard. Tanner had a blast getting into everything.
It was just a wonderful weekend! Lots of fun, sun, and family! Can't get any better than that!
Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Guess who's going to be a grandma again?

That would be....ME!!!
So here's a crazy story for you.

So as many of you know, Angel miscarried in February. While I was at CHA she called me because she had started bleeding. They told her what would probably happen. She was extremely depressed about it! Luckily, they didn't have to do a DNC. So for the last month she has been trying to get back to normal but she's been sick still and still "feeling pregnant". So she went to the dr's. She explained what had happened (miscarriage and all).
THe dr. took tests and it turned out...that she was STILL pregnant. She had never miscarried. She was just bleeding a lot and then stopped. The dr. didn't fully check her after. If they had done an ultrasound they would have seen that there was still a little baby there.

Soooooo...Angel and Christiane are soooo super excited!!! Tanner is going to be two soon so he's going to have fun playing with the baby. I can't wait!!

Suzy West

Monday, April 07, 2008

always busy

Wow, it seems like my time flies by so fast!!
Friday: work and crop until after midnight.
a. Laughing like crazy
b. more laughing
c. Nichole, Erin, and I almost pee'ing our pants

Saturday: work and then out with Sierra
a. at work by 8am
b. 30 second shopping spree contest--LOTS of people
c. work more
d. Angel's class until 6pm
e. Took Sierra to get a hair cut
f. Took Sierra to the pet store.
g. went home to watch a movie together. Lots of snuggling. She's so sweet!

Sunday: birthday parties, lunch, parks, and more
a. took Jeremy to a birthday party.
b. Took Sierra to lunch and to pick out a kite.
c. Went to the park and flew kites with Angel and her family.
d. blew bubbles until we were dizzy.
e. Went home to relax and watch a movie.

Monday: I'm at work blogging
a. Store will open soon. I need to move things around.
b. Going to La Fondue with Helen and all the girls that created for the tv show tonight.

If I told you all the stuff I had going on with this week you'd think I was crazy!LOL

Have a great day!!
Suzy West

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Little Shoebox Design Team Call!!

My Little Shoebox
Emeryville, Ca
My Little Shoebox is looking for 5 talented, motivated, responsible designers who have time to commit to design layouts and projects each month from our products and promote our products online and at their local scrapbook store.

We are looking for:
1. Creative individuals that is able to do 2 different types of projects each month such as layouts, cards, and projects with our products.
2. You must post your work on 2 different galleries plus the MLS galleries
3. You must be available to commit to a 12 months term, which begin July 2008.
4. You must be a resident of the United States or Canada and at least 18 years of age or older.
5. Help judge any contests during your term (as needed.)
6. There are additional opportunities available to use our products to teach at your local scrapbook store.
7. You agree to release the rights of your designs to My Little Shoebox for display on the company website and in the company publications.
8. If needed your designs may also need to show at trade show.
9. In addition, as a design team member, you will be contributing twice per term to our company newsletter. You can post this on your personal blog.
In return you will receive:

1. A monthly package of our wonderful products.
2. Your choice of MLS products.
3. Your picture and bio on the My Little Shoebox website
4. Your own personal gallery on My Little Shoebox website

To apply please send an e-mail to including:

1. Full name, address, phone number, email address.
2. 3 layouts, 1 card, and 1 projects representing your best design work (jpg files or pdf file no larger than 500kb)
3. Link to an online gallery where we can see your current work.
4. Personal website or blog if you have one.
5. List your prior experience.
6. Design teams you are currently affiliated with.
7. Describe your style.
8. What makes you a unique addition to our team?
9. Have you been published, if so where and when.
10. Do you have teaching experience?
11. Tell us about yourself, please acknowledge how much time you are comfortable with to devote to My Little Shoebox each month.

Submission deadline is May 30th, 2008.Our design team members will be announced on June 15th, 2008.
We thank you in advance for all your work and appreciate each entry! Questions may be directed to our lead designer Suzy West

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Our little adventure

I'm back from my awesome trip to Massachussetts AND New York! Pattie and I got to Mass. on Saturday morning and it was FREEZING! We went to Plimoth to see "the rock" and check out the sites. It was so beautiful but so super cold! We checked into our awesome hotel(that looks like a castle) and did our make n' takes. The next day we sold and were with a ton of companies such as Fiskars, Ranger, Autumn Leaves, Daisy Bucket, and more. (we were there for a rep show, representing My Little Shoebox) We left around 6pm and headed to my friend Amy Goldsteins in the country of upstate New York. She lives in this amazing 200 year old house! She is this AWESOME designer who has done books with Memory Makers and was the owner of Pink Martini. Also staying with us was Carolyn Peeler, designer for Melissa Frances. We went to a ton of places and stood in front of the awesome Hudson River. It was just breath taking. This is where it gets crazy. We left (plenty of time) to to the airport and all of a sudden...blizard! OMG it was the craziest car ride and started to freak out because we weren't sure if we could make our flight or not. I was driving 80 miles an hour super close to the steering wheel! So we missed our flight by less than 10 minutes!! wah! We made new flight plans and stayed across the street at a beautiful hotel. Got on our flight and then had to transfer...well we barely made that flight too because we had landed so close to the other flight. We BOOKED it to the gate! We got here around 2pm today. So that's my crazy but fun story! LOL

Here are some fun photos of our trip. Unfortunately, in no order. LOL

Pattie and I at Plimoth.


Pattie on the road in front of Amy's house.

Pattie in front of Amy's house.

Amy and I in front of the Hudson River

LOVE this shot of Pattie and I

Another Pattie and I pic

THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!! The trip was a huge success for My Little Shoebox. I am really excited for the company. Our next trip for them is FLORIDA in October.
Suzy West