Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Picture heavy post!!!

Well it's been a long time since I posted last. I've been just a tad bit busy with traveling, teaching for WOW, holidays, and more.
Since I haven't posted in a long time, I wanted to show you some fun pictures. Hope you like.

Thanksgiving was different this year. We had it in my house. Everyone thought it was going to be weird since we have had it at my parents house since I was born.
I decorated my little heart out! So much fun!
I wanted it to feel very warm and inviting. I think it looked good. LOL I made fun place setting and candle holders for each of the tables.

I also had the front decorated for Christmas.
Our family is a little crazy! We had both a "regular" photo and a "fun" one.

I've shopped some with Angel and Paul for Christmas. If you know me, you know that the theme will always match through out the house, so my presents match my tree.
Here's what I did.

Just a TIP...notice I used the scotch package paper. It's over 75ft for less than $5.00. You can buy the same kind of paper in the Christmas section but it will cost you more because it's "Christmas" and it's only 25ft. Shop outside of holiday section.

I've been into baking for the holidays. YUMMY!!!

Love my cooling rack and spatula from Pampered Chef. Been using it a lot!! LOVE the holidays.
Little things that get me into the holiday spirit.
*listen to Christmas music all the time. If you are in the area...96.5 koit radio station...Christmas music non-stop!
*plan out 25 different holiday things to do with friends and family.
*get together with friends and family and do an ornament or cookie exchange.
*watch Christmas movies. One of my favorites--Muppets Christmas Carol!!
*see if you can create something together as a family. If you look at my Christmas tree...my kids and I made the garland together.

Hope your holiday season is amazing and full of love and memories.