Thursday, December 29, 2011

creating...and family....LOVE!

I woke up this morning feeling lucky that I'm alive and have a beautiful family that loves me!!!
My Heavenly Father must love me a lot because he's blessed me with three beautiful kids that I absolutely adore!! I love to look at their faces and see a little or a lot of me in them.
I was looking at some pictures on my iphone and these pictures stood out.

Sierra wearing the scarf and head band that her sister made her. She absolutely loves it!

Jeremy joking around with Angel. Her first reaction was to touch his face and give him hugs.

I love them so much and hope they never ever have any doubts.
So I've been in creation mode....
I've been working on these cute little tags that feature my colors that are debuting at CHA! I'm super excited!!! Here's a sneak peak!

Thank you for looking everyone! I wish you all a wonderful NEW YEAR!!! May it be prosperous and full of love!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My blog makeover!!!!

Holy spankers!!!! I'm so beyond thrilled to show you the beautiful blog that my friend, Jamie Cripps created for me!!!! Isn't it so beautiful? I love it!!!!

I sent her a few of my little doodles and she fancied up my blog!!

Thanks Jamie for being so wonderful!!! You are a rock star!!!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happiest place on earth

I had the best weekend ever with my beautiful family! It's rare that we all get to vacation together because we are so busy but we made a decision to take time and to just do it!
We did a lot in a short period of time! We went to Disneyland, California Adventures, and Knotts Berry Farm. It was a blast!!! Here are some of my favorite pictures of our trip.

Thanks for looking!! I've been busy with lots going on for CHA!!! Can't believe it's next month already!!! I have lots of great surprises!!!
Big hugs,
Suzy West

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I've been a bad bad bad blogger!

Hi everyone! Remember me? I'm the crazy frizzy hair girl that has been missing in action. In my defense, I've been beyond super swamped. I'm not just talking regular super swamped....but insane crazy super swamped!
Here's what's going on since I came back from England...(the last post).

--I went on another trip.
--I have been finishing up the design of the booth.
--I met up with my fabulous 5 dt leads for a CHA meeting.
--Working on new stamps
--working on new other stuff. :)
--working on my CHA class using the new book I designed for Basically Bare and more.
--I went on a 4 day trip to work on CHA projects at my good friend, Gina's house.
--Went through almost 200 amazingly beautiful submissions. Chose 26 of them.
--Been chatting it up with the DT planning lots of fun stuff!
--Trying to finish my Christmas shopping.
--Started a new kit club, Paper Medley with friends!!! You have to check it out!!!!!

So do you forgive me?

I wanted introduce you to my wonderful new DT!! We are all very excited!!!

LEADS: *Tricia Wilson--lead
*Gina Lideros--lead
*Jen Deal--lead
*Angel Bartonico--lead
*Erin Payne--lead

1.Sesil Cratin, Utah
2. Ilene Tell, Delaware
3. Lara Scott, Utah
4. Amy Sotolongo, California
5. Diana McGraw, California
6. Jeannie DeGruccio, California
7. Jennifer Matott, New York
8. Anne Brown, Texas
9. Sherrie Suttles, Ohio
10. Linda Abadie, Virginia
11. Jamie Cripps, Michigan
12. Jenifer Cowles, idaho
13. Tanisha Long, New Jersey
14. Jan Hennings, Iowa
15. Patti Hamil, Georgia
16. Gini Williams Cagle, North Carolina
17. Tina McDonald, Canada18. Donna O'Leary, New Zealand
19. Benedicte Raphalen, France
20. Amy Prior, Australia
21. Irit Shalom, Israel
22. Jennifer Roach, Canada
23. Erika Taylor, Canada
24. Iris Uy, Philippines
25. Katarina Damm-Blomberg, Finland
26. Birgit Koopsen, Netherlands

I have lots going on and I will share very soon!!! For now, thank you so much for all the sweet support you give me. I appreciate it and it motivates me a ton!!!!

Have a wonderful day!
Suzy West

Friday, November 18, 2011

My England Trip (some of my favorites!)

My trip to England was fabulous!
I had the opportunity to work at the hobby and craft fair and see some of my students from my last trip and meet new crafters.
After the show I went to the new company that I'm working for. We planned a lot of our CHA show plus I got to play with some new colors! We also worked on some other fun things!!!
After three days of meetings I spent a full day of fun with my friend Amanda.
Here are a few pictures of my trip.
I love this building!! It was so beautiful!! 

I couldn't wait to get to Harrods!! The windows were just beautiful!!



This dress--WOW!

She looked so real!

Loved shopping there!!! Lots of fun goodies!

Walking through the town of Windsor.

Such a fun town!!

This is such a beautiful place!!!

This Castle is gorgeous!!!

The beautiful church

This place is HUGE!

Beautiful gardens!

The guards!!

We were walking through London and I saw this beautiful building!!

I got to stay at the most beautiful bed and breakfast that was built in the 1700's!

Looking forward to going back in February!! Thanks for looking!!
Suzy West

Monday, November 14, 2011

DT update!!! :)

Hi everyone!!! I'm super excited about all the submissions I'm getting. They are all beautiful!!!
I wanted to answer a couple of questions for ya.

Is this an international call? YES---we want demonstrators everywhere!!!

Wondering why I haven't given the name? The company is already established outside the US. (the main company has been around since the 1700's!!) The products that we are introducing in the US will be a little different  so we don't want to confuse you and our customers. We are working on a temporary website but we have some other things that have to get done first...such as...finishing up the new stamps (big deadline) and other time sensitive things. As soon as we pick the team, we'll give more details to them as we get everything ready!!! Our embossing powders are so beautiful! If you have seen anything embossed on a hallmark card...that's us! :) Yes, they use our products!

We are thrilled at the great response!!! We are excited to be debuting at CHA and have big plans!! We are happy to find people that not only want to be dt members but demonstrators. We want them all over so everyone can play with our products! That's why payment is involved with that part of it.

Please continue to email me personally your submissions!! Pass the word along!! :)

DT call is in post below.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

official design team call...

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be working for this company and to be heading up this dt call! Even though it's NEW to the US...the company has been around for a long time. It's the baby company to a HUGE company that has been around since the 1700's!!(more to come...I'm such a tease, I know! LOL)

 I'm going to make this easy for ya. Here's what we are looking for:

I am looking for 20-25 design team members (some will also be company educators) to join my 2012 team. The main product is embossing powders but there are other products such as stamps.
I'm looking for happy positive designers that can create projects of all kinds: cards, layouts, and mixed media projects.

 --each designer will commit to a 12 month term.
--Each designer will commit to creating THREE projects a month: There should be at least one layout and one card. I would like to see a variety of different book projects from each designer every so often. If you were to create a book project that would equal out to three projects for the month.
--You will create a HOW TO blog post ONCE in your 12 month term. We will assign you a date.
--You must have an active blog to promote our company and willing to share at any of your social medial groups.
--You may be asked to create for our trade shows so projects would need to be shipped. (some projects may be kept for future shows)

--each designer will have their bio/picture on our website.
--each designer will receive products every quarter.
--each designer will have the opportunity to DEMOnstrate at their local scrapbook, stamp, and or craft store and receive an hourly payment($ will blow your mind!) PLUS 10% commission of ALL sales. (will explain more to those that make the team--awesome plan!!)
--teaching classes at your stores will be encouraged and we will help provide you with the products that you need!!
--Payment will be given to all projects approved for the trade shows.
--All classes and demos that you create will be advertised on our blog to help spread the word!!

How to apply:
--Send your application to
--Include: Name, address, phone number, and email address
--Include your personal blog and a link to where we can see your work.
--Tell us about yourself and why you want to be on this team.
 --Attach three of YOUR favorite projects (Please make sure the pictures are not HUGE)
--Please include a list of all the teams you are on or have been on. (You DO NOT have to have dt experience but if you have some please include)
--Please include if you have a local scrapbook/stamp/craft store that you can demo and/or teach at OR if you are a traveling teacher. 

Please note: You can not be on another company team that sells embossing powder.

The call is NOW open and will remain open until November 27th. I will announce the new design team on December 1st. Those that are picked for the team....first assignment might be CHA project!

Thanks everyone!!! Looking forward to seeing your application!

Suzy West
Marketing Coordinator, US territory

Friday, November 11, 2011

New dt call

hi everyone! I'm sitting at the airport in England waiting to board. I am so looking forward to getting home as I miss my family tremendously! :)
I've been busy at work trying to get everything done to get ready for our CHA release and let me tell you I'm super excited!! I would like to thank everyone for all the emails that I have received concerning the dt. We have put together an amazing program!!
I'm looking for dt/demonstrators from all over the world! To start off and so it's not too crazy we will have about 20-25 designers. Those that join the team will receive lots of products to design with. You will also have the opportunity to do demos and teach at your lss with the products. For those that take the time to demonstrate and help us get the word out there about our wonderful products (and I'll explain more later)...guess what.... There will not only be hourly payment...but also a percentage of sales!!! Am I joking? Totally not!!!
this is quite exciting!!!!!!
the official call will go out in a day or two but like I said before...I'm already looking and anyone is welcome to post their work here so I can start looking! Can you tell how excited I am about this?
thanks everyone for your time and interest in my new venture!!!
Suzy West

Saturday, October 29, 2011

NEW DT Call...coming soon...

I'm really excited that I got so many responses on facebook for the DT call that I'll be posting soon. I'm definately going to be putting out a call asap! I just want to meet with my boss in the UK first. I'll be seeing him the beginning of next week.
In the meantime...I'd love to see your work. Please link your blogs here. I'd love to see any work you've done with Embossing powders if you have them. (don't worry if you don't). The main product we have is embossing powders but there will be stamps and other products as well!!!
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me HERE
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
Suzy West

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tonight's going to be a good night!

Words can not express the love and humility I feel over Saturday's event. We celebrated Ever After's 10 year Survivor crop FUNDRAISER!!! If you read my post below, you know that I travel all over the world and have been to many events, but NOTHING compares to this! This year over $65,000 was raised to help raise awareness for breast cancer. It amazes me what Ever After has done. John Akins, co-owner of Ever After started Survivor crop two years after they opened their store. I'm sure he has no idea it would get this big! Here's a news article of this years event.
My favorite part of this 24 hour event is when they announce how much was raised at midnight and then the music comes on as we celebrate!!!
Here are some pictures from Survivor!!

I can't wait til' next year when we celebrate Survivor year 11!!! LOL
On another note...I'm so excited you all love that I'm selling my kits! I sold out in such a short time last time. I've gotten most of them out. Sorry if I haven't given you a total yet. I've just been so swamped!! I will contact you with a total tomorrow when I get home from my trip.
So you want to see my next one? Let me tell you....this class was soooooo popular and I only have 25 kits! These are going to go FAST!!! So if you would like one...EMAIL ME fast!
Here's the picture.

Thanks for always leaving me sweet messages! I love reading every single one!!!!!
Suzy West

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Helping to raise funds & awareness to end breast cancer

I LOVE my "job!". I enjoy traveling, teaching, and having fun with all my scrappy friends. Each event is memorable to me but I'm going to be honest...there is ONE event that means more to me than any other event I am a part of. I get emotional just thinking about it.
The event I love is called Survivor crop and is put on by Ever After Scrapbooks in Vista, Ca. Survivor Crop is a 24 hour crafting event that takes place in October every year and raises money for the San Diego Affiliate of Komen for the Cure. The people that help with this event are simply amazing! They donate tons of hours, money, and love to make Survivor happen! All the girls that attend the fundraising crop work hard for MONTHS collecting tons of money to donate. My favorite part is at midnight when they announce how much money was raised! Everyone dances, cheers, and hugs!! Some of US cry over the overwhelming emotion we feel!!! If you are in the area, PLEASE come and donate!!! I leave for the event this Thursday to donate time, do the make n' take, teach (one Basically Bare and 2 flower classes), and hang out with everyone!!!!
Have a wonderful week!
Suzy West

Friday, October 07, 2011

Home is where the heart is...PLUS...guess what...

Hi everyone! Checking in from beautiful Florida!!! I'm teaching at Whim So Doodle in Tampa. They have such a great store!!
I have a new project to show you. Actually it's just a sneak peek. I am still finishing up a lot of the inside of the book. I gotta tell you...I LOVE this project!!! It's using NEW Generations line from Simple Stories, Basically Bare albums, Shimmerz, Helmars, and a ton more!!!
I will be teaching this project at the following two stores: Photo Scraps in Maryland and the Keepsake Elements in Chicago. I hope you can make it!! :)
I've been asked a ton of times if I could mail out kits to people that can't make it to the stores. I will be taking orders on a first come first serve basis. The first one will be a project I am retiring. It's SO popular! I just finished making about 10 more kits! It's the FAMILY BOUND BY LOVE class that I've taught all over the states! Once they are gone...they are GONE FOREVER!
This project comes with a ton of products!! The big 8x10 album is filled with lots of pages, all the papers, stickers, embellishments, etc and instructions.
The kit is $45.00 plus shipping. I'll be doing it through paypal.
If you would like one of these kits, please email me at
Have a fabulous weekend!!!
Suzy West

Monday, October 03, 2011

Creating is my passion!!

I am so lucky to be able to do what I love for a living.

In my free time, I spend it creating. It makes me so happy!! There are many times I sit next to Sierra and the two of us create. (She inspires me!) Last night she said, "mommy, creating is your passion". I thought about it and really is!!
It made me think...if I have only ONE life to live...I choose to do things that make me happy and creating does that for me.
I have so many friends that really want to spread their wings and make their passion a YOU I say....DO IT!!!! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't or you shouldn't. If you dream it...DO IT! If there is anyway, I can help can count on me!!
Have a great week!!
Suzy West

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feeling Thankful!

Today I'm so grateful for friends that really came through for me when I need it! Yesterday I asked for A LOT and they helped me accomplish a very important task!! I thank them from the bottom of my heart!
I'm a strong believer that if you put your mind and heart into something, you can accomplish just about anything and let me tell you...these girls have both! We accomplished something that should have taken months in ONE day!

I saw this poster and a lot of these sayings express how I'm feeling.
What are you grateful for? I'd love for you to share with me!!
I'm getting ready to fly out to Oak Park, Ca to teach at one of my favorite stores, Treasured Memories!!! I can't wait to see Christine and the girls!!! I have so much fun with them!!! If you ever get a chance to visit the area go see them!!! Christine is awesome and is so dedicated to her store!! She also has a love for reality shows like me...(we can sit for hours and talk reality tv!! LOL)
Have a fabulous weekend!!!! I'll post when I get back. Don't forget to leave comments here and on the posts that I have contest going on!!!
Suzy West

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

YOU are amazing!!!

This is for everyone that feels like they are not "good enough".
It's such a bummer that the scrap industry doesn't always recognize good talent! They choose the same people over and over for design teams and overlook the new faces because they feel like they are "not known" or don't have "enough experience". I feel everyone deserves to be noticed!!! I've worked on several design teams and I like to try new people out as well as experienced designers.
I am sad when I hear someone say they feel like they are not good enough.
You TOTALLY are!!!
Keep on creating your beautiful pieces!! Don't let not being on a design team or being published make you feel like your work isn't great!! It totally is!
Suzy West

Monday, September 26, 2011

Giving away another kit!!!!

I feel like I'm a broken record! I keep saying how busy I am...but it's really true. LOL Here's my October Calendar...Check out where I'm going this month! :)
I'm really excited about seeing all my friends at my favorite scrapbook stores!! I've been kitting the classes and getting everything ready so I'm prepared!!! This is one of the projects that I'm teaching at Treasured Memories in Oak Park this weekend!! YAY!!
So you all have been so wonderful in always supporting everything I'm up to so I think it's time to do another give-away! Leave as many comments as you want here by this Friday and I'll pick a winner!! That lucky person will get this kit!! In case you haven't replied in my post below...I'm doing another contest as well!!! So post on both!
Thanks for all your posts!! You guys are the best!!!
Suzy West

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Product design, a give-away, and more!!

It's been a busy few months for me. As you know, I create products for different manufactures. This CHA will be the same except I have even more products coming out! I'm thrille about what I'm doing for LOOK BELOW, LOL

Don't know if you saw their post on facebook but they are looking for people to work their booth!!! Here's the scoop.
We are looking for one or two people to work at our booth at Winter CHA in January greeting customers, showing products, overseeing make n' takes and taking orders. We will pay up to $12/hour, plus we will pay for your hotel room. Transportation not included, so if you live in SoCal or are planning on attending anyway, great opportunity to make some cash and have some crafty fun! Email!
I know they will also have room for others to work the booth (with payment) but no hotel room as well. So if you are interested in these spots let them know.
to be considered to work there...head on over to Basically Bare's facebook page!!! Tell them I sent you. Here's the LINK to their page.
I'm also working on some stamps and other products as well. I can't wait to have them in my hands. All of these products will be released for CHA and I'm excited!!!
I'll be looking for dt members for the new company I'm working for very soon!!! I'll also be doing a give-away of some of my products!!! Post here if you want some!!! I'll be looking back at this post to choose someone to send some to.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It seems like yesterday

It seems like yesterday that I got the phone call that my grandma had a attack and to quickly go to the hospital. When I got there the Dr. told us that her heart had stopped.They worked hard to bring her back to life. I remember feeling so lucky that she was alive.
The next day she was awake and we all took turns talking to her. She told me she wanted me to record her stories and that she couldn't wait to go home so she could make me my favorite meals. My grandma LOVED to cook and would cook for anyone and everyone that went to her house. It made her so happy to make things for others. Everyone got their turn to be with her. The following day she was even better and they moved her to another area. We again spent the day with her and she was happy smiling that she was getting a lot of attention from everyone. We left so she could rest and about an hour later we were called to come to the hospital because she was unconscious. When we got there my grandma had passed away. It wasn't because of the heart attack, it was because she had had internal bleeding.
Almost a week later I was giving her eulogy. It took me a long time to write it and towards the middle I just felt impressed to stop and to ask one question..."How many of you were fed by my grandma?" Almost the entire room raised their hand.
My grandma was a special lady. She always left her door open so that people felt like that they were always welcome. She was extremely crafty!!! If you saw her hands you could tell she had spent her entire life creating with them.
It's been ten years since my grandma passed away. I miss her so much. The other day while cleaning I found the partially made blanket that she was knitting before passing away. She was making it for her newest great granddaughter, Sierra who was only two months old. I am so sad that my little one will never know her great grandma. I know they would have gotten a long very well.
I hope that everyone that has a grandma or grandpa takes the time to be with them. Who knows how long they will be on this earth with us. When you see them, give them a hug. I wish I could do the same.
I love and miss you grandma,
Suzy West

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We have a winner!!!!

I feel like it's been forever since I updated my blog. I've definately not forgotten about it, I've just been really busy! I just came back from beautiful Calgary! I had such a great time at Scrapbooker's Bliss!! We even planned for me to go back in January!! I can't wait!
The day before I left I picked up this little number. I LOVE my new Ipad!!! It's so great!! yesterday I bought a pink backing for it. It looks so cute with the green.
I also purchased the black suitcase. I needed to get a new one as my beautiful pink suitcase said good-bye to me. The poor thing has been through a lot and finally the main zipper broke so it was time. It hurt to throw her out.
last, we have a winner for the WIN A CLASS KIT contest!!!! The winner is....
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Please email me your address and I'll get a kit out to you!!!
Have a fabulous week!!
Suzy West