Monday, June 30, 2008

Tanner Day....again

We've been celebrating Tanner's birthday....A LOT!LOL He's so stinkin' cute so it doesn't matter, except yesterday was sooooo exhausting that I came home, got to bed around 8pm and didn't get out of it until this morning. We first went to the Little Gym where he had "the kids party". A lot of our friends were there and they played and played. We had a blast!

Here are a few pictures from the party.

After Little Gym we decided to go to Red Lobster and while driving I saw Pattie's family driving in front and behind me. We waved, they turned down one street and I continued on and turned on another. When I got there, who do I see? Pattie and her family. They were eating there too. LOL We all ate together and celebrated Christiane's and her wonderful husbands 40th anniversary. It was so nice!

Christiane and her family
Okay so after lunch with this beautiful family, we went to Lake Elizabeth and the kids played...and played...and played!! Here are a few shots from the park.

Hugs, Suzy West

Sunday, June 29, 2008

My weekend with Becky Fleck and the gang

I dropped Becky off at the airport this morning at 5am. The poor gal got in the car and was EXHAUSTED from one of the most CRAZY nights ever! We laughed soooooo freaking much that I had to warn the girls to stop for a moment as I was worried I would crash!LOL
It was Erin (enough said), Rocio, Janice, Pattie, Becky, and I.
We had been at the store all day working, playing, teaching, etc and went to Pier 39 when the store closed.
Okay so I parked right by Pier 39 and walked all the way up to Giradelli Square. For what? ICE CREAM!! We laughed (Erin and I SNORTED) soooo hard getting me and my crazy knee up there. We laughed(snorted) over ice cream, we laughed(snorted) over Jersey cows, we laughed(snorted) over Erin's shoes, we laughed(snorted) over EVERYTHING. I swear you could have said the word PLATE and we would have cracked up like maniacs.
Anyway, poor Becky had to deal with our insanity....but by the end of the night.....and I laugh just thinking of this....BECKY SNORTED TOO!LOL
OMG I will never forget Saturday night. As I told Becky this morning on the way to the airport, I am so lucky to have friends that I can have soooo much fun with that I go home in pain from laughing so much!!!!
Becky thanks for being such an awesome person and laughing with us til' YOUR stomache and jaw hurt! SNORT

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pictures to scrap

So I've caught the scrapping bug ever since I switched to 8.5x11. I think I've scrapped over 50 pages believe or not. I've been dying to get the pictures of Rocio and I in Vegas for a concert and she finally gave them to me last night!! YIPPPEEE! I'm getting some printed to scrap this weekend. These are some of my most favorite photos of our trip.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My grandson is TWO today!!

Tanner is TWO today!
We celebrated all day yesterday at their pool! Christian bbq'd a ton of food and my mom made her amazing rice, salads, and more.
The day was perfect and the kids had a blast!! Here are a few of the pics that I took.

Christian and the gang flipping in the water.

My little Tanner walking around with his new CARS shoes that Pattie and her family gave him.

Blowing out the candles.
Happy birthday Tanner!! LOVE YOU!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pure joy!

My grandson, Tanner is one of the luckiest little boys on the planet!
He has been blessed by parents that absolutely adore him from top to bottom.
I love when he comes by my job, he runs right over to me and lifts his arms so I can pick him up.
I just love him so much! He's going to be two this Monday. So our family is celebrating at their house. He's just pure joy!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

My fabulous weekend that STILL has me smiling

I had one of the most FUN weekends ever!!!

Friday, we threw my gal pal, ROCIO a surprise birthday crop at my store. It was soooo much freaking fun!!! We laughed hysterically that my head and stomache started hurting...That's some serious laughing! Seriously how lucky am I that I have the opportunity to be with such people that can bring me such happiness!!!

Saturday was an extremely crazy and fun day as well.
We decided a few years back to celebrate Sierra's birthday party in June before school ends because her birthday is on the 4th of July and in the summer and hardly anyone can come. So now we do it the end of June.
We had a FANTABULOUS party at JUSTICE. It's a little girls clothes store and they do theme parties. She had a rock star one and boy did they have fun!!! After the party we took the girls to cold stone and we had yummy icecream.

Paul picked up Sierra and took her out while I went to work to help Angel with her class and see how Emelyn was doing. It was her first day of work. LOVE HER!!!
After that I went to Valley Fair to get my eyebrows down and met up with my parents to do some shopping and eat some yummy sushi.
Went back to work and started our CJ crop from 6pm-12am. I was exhausted by the time I got home but it was a lot of fun and so worth it!

On Saturday I did a photo shoot for Carole and her husband. They were simply adorable. I have photographed both her pregnancies and her wedding. It is such an honor and I love them to pieces!! Can't wait to see what she thinks of them.
I also photographed photographed our family the same day. This is where Paul and I took our photos the day we got married as well. It was the first time back for him since our wedding day hundreds of years back.
Here are a few of the pictures.

We then went out to lunch and Angel said she would take all the kids home with her to spend the night. YIPPEEE!

So get this..........Paul.......spent money!!! YES, real money....and on me!!! Holy cow!!! We walked around Santana Row, which is an amazing place to visit. We went to La Fondue for dinner. We then went home to watch a movie anyway, it was a wonderful night!!! :)

It's now Monday and I'm meeting up with my beautiful daughter for a teddy bear picnic. I'm so excited to spend time with her and her teddy bear. LOL

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!!! Tell me about it and link me to your blog.

Big hugs,

Suzy West

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today I am/was...

...super busy at work putting things away, helping customers, and placing orders.
...very happy because I did some work for My Little Shoebox.
...happy to write down what I would be doing in Florida in October with Erin at the Sue Gilman show.
...happy that I got my plane ticket for CHA Chicago.
...thrilled to go to lunch with my kiddos.
...thrilled to have my grandson at work with me for a little while.
...happy to have some awesome new features on our bay area scrappers website.
...happy that I made some new friends!!!!
...happy to put some new concerts on my calendar that I will be attending...including NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! :)
...excited about our crop tomorrow.
...honored to have such amazing family and friends
...happy that I have a great job!
..............................................Today is such a great day! Hope your day was just as great!
Suzy West

Monday, June 09, 2008

My little Dancer

Yesterday, Sierra had her first recital. She had such a great time!
I thought she might be afraid because she had never been on stage before but sooooo not, my girlie did an awesome job!! We were all so proud of her.
These photos are awful because there was no flash photography and this guy sat right in front of me when I started to take these pictures.
Sierra is the little one in the middle. She's the youngest one in the group.

We got their photos back and it came out so stinkin' cute!! She wants to continue to do hip hop. We are going to add Tap and maybe ballet.

I love you sweetie!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Our Constant Craziness

I have no idea how it happens but it does. Erin and I get together and we are instantly CRAZY! I swear we need help! LOL Anyway, this night of crazy we were having our girls night out. I (HEART) these nights! We met up at Santana Row and ate at a yummy restaurant. We then had our after hour appointment with Lather. This place R.O.C.KS! If you haven't been there before, GO and I mean now! They spoil you rotten and have the best products I've ever put on my body.
Anyway, Janice and Erin had gone a few weeks before and they couldn't stop talking about it so they set up an appointment for us to go.
We had a BLAST! Here are some of the pictures of our little adventure.
Warning, not for the weak of heart. LOL

Janice, Rocio, and I waiting for the rest of the girls.

Erin and I in Lather.

All the girls together!! I LOVE IT!!

Erin gettting "lathered" up

Erin...well being Erin! LOL

ummmm....yeah you were warned
Remember? Not for the weak of heart? LOL Yes, I know, we are super crazy
All of us lathered like crazy! I was the first one to get my mask on, by the time I got it taken off, it became part of my face. LOL
I love you girls!! Can't wait for our next adventure.
Hugs, Suzy