Saturday, July 24, 2010

Creative Cuts and Crafts!!!

Today I spent the day at an awesome scrapbook/stamp store in Chicago called Creative Cuts and Crafts. The store was filled lots of fun yummy products and the
spot next door was dedicated to classes and events.
I had a great time with these wonderful ladies who were excited to get their groove on!
We got down and dirty with a lot of fabrics, paints, glimmer mists, stamps, and more!
Tomorrow I will be teaching another fun class and I look forward to hanging out there again!!!!
Here are some fun photos that Sarah and Gloria took for me.

After the class I'm off to Rosemont to meet up with Shelly and put together our booth!
Suzy West

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

unforgettable week!!!

I went over to my parents last week and my dad was telling Angel and I how every morning he opens the front door and stretches his hands up to the heavens and says, "thank you Heavenly Father for my life!" He's such a grateful person with an amazing spirit! Even though I knew he did that, to have him say it and to see the expression of gratitude and love in his face made me think of how I need to tell my Heavenly Father how grateful I am for MY life!!!
He has blessed me so much!!! It's amazing how he puts the perfect situations and people in my life!!
When I was going over the calendar and my writings of last week I was thinking how grateful I am for my kids!

Last week my little Sierra decided she wanted to really learn how to ride a bike. She didn't want to take off the training wheels on her previous bikes due to fear of hurting herself. She has hereditary spherocytosis and when she hurts herself it's amazing how any small wound affects her. Well last week she didn't care.
To see the smile on her face when she learned how to ride on her own made me feel so happy and proud!!! She was amazing!!!

On Saturday Angel and I drove to Brentwood for the grand opening of an amazing store!!
I had asked Angel to do a demo for Punky Sprouts. She did such a great job!!!
It made me think of all her accomplishments and I felt so good inside!!
She's so cool!!!

My Jeremy turned 16 last week!! I can't believe how big he's gotten!!!
I was just thinking of when he was little and I'd pick him up from school, he's have this big smile on his face when he'd see me.
The other day I came home and he was sitting on my computer doing something.
I walked over to him, put my hand on his shoulder, and said hello.
He said, "hi mom" turned his head, and he kissed my hand.
I felt so lucky to be his mom!!! I gave him a big huge hug!

Thank you Heavenly Father for the beautiful blessings you have given me!!!
Suzy West

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

busy creating!!!!

I feel like it's been forever since I blogged but it's actually only been 4 days!!! LOL

I've been a really busy girl!!! I have a lot of assignments for CHA and even though I haven't had a lot of sleep, let me tell's been a lot of fun!!!!!

I just finished several Punky Sprouts projects and I'm doing MORE!!! Right now I'm working on projects for Bella Blvd. I'll be doing some stuff for other manufactures as well!!

I've also been busy kitting for my classes this weekend at Ever After Scrapbooks in Vista, Ca!!! I can't wait to see the fun gals there!!!!

Here's an album I did using Punky Sprout and Crate Paper!!!

I couldn't wait to create with the July kit for, For the Luv Of Art kit club

Here's a picture of the kit! OMG it rocks!!!

Here are two of the projects that I have created so far with it!!!

I still have a ton of product and I'm doing more!

Thanks for looking!!
Hugs, Suzy

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Meet Gravy!!!

Today we went to the puppy store to see the puppy that ANGEL wanted to get, (Notice how Angel's name is all in caps) LOL. well Eddy, the owner asked us if we wanted a free puppy!! Why? because he was four months old and he was "too old!" No one wants to buy a puppy when they are old! He felt bad that nobody wanted him.
So Paul said we could take him home as a TRIAL to see how we do with him. If it doesn't work out we can take him back or find him a home.
Christian said we should call him Gravy. That name is perfect for him!!
He's so tiny!!! He's even smaller than Biscuit!

Here's Gravy after Jeremy gave him a bath! LOL

This is Biscuit in case you haven't seen pictures of him. He's so sweet! He's going nuts over Gravy! Won't leave him alone!

Sierra is so excited to have both Biscuit and Gravy!
I have a feeling that the two dogs are going to be good friends!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

4th of July weekend

Every 4th of July we celebrate our little hearts out!
This year we started on Saturday, July 3rd. We attended the Brookvale ward picnic. It was a lot of fun!!!
There was music, food, pie and watermelon eating contests, we flew our homemade 2 liter bottle rockets, volleyball, and more! The whole family had a blast!!

Love this picture of Angel and her family
Papa with Sierra and Tanner getting ready to fly their rocket
Christian during the pie eating contest
Sierra got an award for her rocket
On Sunday July 4th (Sierra's actual birthday)
We started the morning with a yummy breakfast! Notice how there is only one real nice place setting. Only the birthday person gets all the fancy stuff. Everyone else eats with paper plates, paper cups, and your lucky if you get your food served to you. LOL
Sierra loved it!
After church we went to the grandparents house to celebrate!!
We made cupcakes, ate yummy food, and acted crazy! LOL
Sierra loves decorating cupcakes
The cupcakes were dripping frosting and sprinkles! LOL
Sierra was thrilled to turn 9!!
Proof that I was actually there! LOL
take a look at Angel's face in the back! She was getting ready to shove Sierra' face into her cupcake!
I made her brother get her back! LOL
He got her good!!!
Later on that evening we went to Carla and Satyn's house
Check out Carla and Carlos!! They rocked the BBQ!!
lots of grubbin' food!!!
The girls
more of the crazies
You'd think they were good friends or something. LOL
That night was a blast!!! There were enough fireworks for the whole country! LOL
At first all the kids could play with the sparklers.
Later on the older kids/adults popped all the fireworks.
There were some amazing fireworks!

We had an amazing time!!! Sierra was a very happy girl!!!
Can't wait til' next year!!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Suzy West collection with Punky Sprouts!!

I am so excited about the two new books debuting at CHA next month!!!
We have worked really hard to get these ready!!
Here are some sneak peaks.

Junk In My Punk

Sweetie Sprout
Project I created using Spunky Sprout and Pink Paislee!!!

I am so excited to be adding these books in my teaching!!!
So if you are interested in having me teach just contact me at

Hugs, Suzy West