Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Conversation with my 6 year old

So I was shopping with Sierra this past weekend. She was showing me what she liked. She shows me this stuffed animal and says, " It's a webkin and you can go to and play games mommy." I tell her how neat that is and how when I was young I didn't have the internet.
That comment sparked this conversation:
Sierra: "Is it because you were a caveman mommy?" (yes, totally serious! LOL)
Me: "Um no sweetie, I was not a caveman!"
Sierra: "were there airplanes when you were young?"
Me: "yes sweetie there were!"
Sierra: "Were there cars or did you have to ride a horse everywhere?"
Me: "sweetie....mommy isn't that old. We lived in a house like you do. We had cars and airplanes back then too."
Sierra: "Oh cool! I would love to see pictures of you when you were young! To bad there were no cameras."
okie doke, so I aged about 20 years after that conversation! LOL
HugsSuzy West

Monday, November 26, 2007

Favorite pics

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately! Here are some of my favorites of my beautiful family.

Angel and Christian @ Thanksgiving
I love these pictures of them.

Love Sierra's beautiful smile.

Angel and Tanner at the zoo. Taking a break from the animals.

picture of Angel and Ashleigh. So cute!!

Robbie, grandpa, and Jeremy on Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm so lucky to have such amazing friends!! Friends that make me laugh. Friends that I can talk to. Friends that let me be ME and love me anyways! :)
Today I'm feeling extra lucky to have such special friends!!

*Erin--I love our daily chats and the fact that I go home
with stomache aches from laughing so much when
I'm with you!

*PO--You are more than a friend, you're family!

*Laurie--girlfriend, you are such an amazing person!
I love our time together.

*Michelle Tornay--girlfriend, you are constantly inspiring
me!! Thanks!!

*Angel Woldhagen--even though you live far, I don't care. Everytime
we are together I'm soooo happy!! Love you sister!

*Jenn from Maine--girlfriend, you are the best. I look forward
to chatting with you EVERY DAY!!!

*Lonae--I love that we have been hanging out together for 8 years!
It's always a party when you are around!!

There are so many of you that I'm thankful for!!!

Love you all!!
Suzy West

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Santa's helper day!!

Picture Me Perfect
Santa's helper & Holiday Boutique
Saturday, December 1, 2007
Every year we do our Santa's helper day. Our mechanics are here to help your husbands/significant other, children, family and friends shop for you!!!
They will help put together kits, gift certificates, or just help them spoil you with a lot of fun products!!
This will be from 10am-2pm.
Holiday Boutique
We are going to have local consultants here with products for sale. There will be a variety of different companies represented.
They will be here from 10am-4pm
There will be a gift wrapping service available from 10am-4pm!!
From 5pm-5:30pm Lonae Swickard will be doing gift wrapping demo's. If you haven't seen her amazing wrapping, check it out at my blog: and click on the Crop for the Cure event. She taught us how to do that really cool foofoo wrapping. :)
We will be doing a really fun ornament
exchange crop from 6pm-12am. Amber, Lonae, and I will be hosting this event.
If you would like to join us for this crop please email me at
Hope to see you here!!!!
HugsSuzy West

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mechanics meeting

Today was so much fun!!! The mechanics got together for our annual meeting. We planned classes, crops, demos, etc. It was so nice to hang out with them and get half the year planned!!

We have such a great group of gals! We get along great, we love to hang out, a lot of us have gone on trips together, and more!!

Here are two of my most favorite group shots!! THANKS RICO for taking these awesome pictures!!!

Left to right:

Rocio (PO), Sylvia, Michelle, Nichole, Angel, Michelle, Suzy, Lizz, Erin, Kent, Emelyn, Krista, Laurie. Missing in this picture: Angel Woldhagen(our amazing web gal), Carole (I love ya girlie!!), Stacey(you rock my world!)

So lucky to have you girls in my life!!!

Hugs, Suzy West

Friday, November 09, 2007

Finally finished!!

Last night I finally finished my last project for our upcoming book. I took all my projects out to look at them. While they were on the table I took pictures of each item and inventoried everything.
It was so much fun to see everything I had created for the last few months.
Each one of us girls that worked on this book had a lot of fun. All of us have such different styles so it's going to be so super fun looking at the finished project. I can't wait for everyone to see what they created!!
My family was so patient while I tried to finish this book!! THANK YOU GUYS!

Thank you so much Erin, Sylvia, and Nichole! You guys ROCK!
Erin--this was your first book....girl you had me at space balls! LOL
Sylvia--wow girl!! You amaze me special!LOL
Nichole KING--YOU GO GIRL!!!

Thank you to all the mechanics at Picture Me Perfect!! Love you girls for always being there for me!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Special thank you to my daughter, Angel!! Thanks sweetie for being there with me late at night and for being my cheerleader!! I love ya man!!!

So now, I go to work, finish putting them in the boxes, and call fed ex to tell them to get these boxes out of here!!!

This weekend I get to play!!! I can't wait to see my girls tonight at the crop!!! Tomorrow night I'm taking out the family after work.
Sunday night we are going bowling!!! My plan is to beat my opponent...Christian!

Have a great weekend!!!!
Suzy West

Monday, November 05, 2007

This weekend...

Friday nights are a lot of fun!! I get to hang out with my friends which is always great!! Most of the time I do nothing but this time I got a little bit of scrapping done. (miracle)
On Saturday I got to sleep in a little! It was so wonderful! It's been a LONG time since I've gotten a chance to sleep in. I got to work and started scrapping again with Rocio, who was designing something for the store.
I managed to scrap three pages. Two I really like and the third I'm going to re-do. Here are the two I like.

Love that Smile--Using NEW Creative Cafe products!!

Having fun with Po!--Love Elsie, Hambly, and Creative Cafe

Saturday night, I went out with family and friends to go bowling!! I'm actually getting better!!! I got a few strikes and a lot of spares. I'm so SHOCKED!! I was doing killer until the strobe lights went on, the lights went off, the fog was everywhere, and the screens came down for the videos to come on!LOL

On Sunday, I took the kids to lunch. That was nice. We then met up with Angel and her family to go to the park. The weather was beautiful!

Heading to the playground @ Lake Elizabeth!

Tanner going down the slide.

He LOVED the swings!!

I haven't taken a photo of the two of them together in a long time and this is what they gave me!! Crazy kids! Sierra was so excited about the baby geese in the lake.

Hugs, Suzy West

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Having fun with my friends and family!!

October was such a fun month for me!! I got to do a lot with my friends and family! Some at work and some at play!!!
Here are some of my most favorite photos for the month.

Erin, Lizz, Rocio, and I at La Fondue for Erin's birthday!! We were having a lot of fun and all of a sudden...earthquake!!! A huge chandelier was swaying back and forth pretty close to us!! We freaked out and then continued having fun!!LOL Erin and Lizz sang!!!! You don't want to know!LOL

We are one of 200 stores carrying the Creative Cafe. So exciting!!!!

This is a before picture...

This is after!!! Michelle and Angel posing for me!!

These girls crack me up!!!

One of the fun things we've been doing more of lately is bowling!!

Christian pretended he didn't know how to bowl. He was lying!

Jeremy loves to bowl!!
I suck!!! I concentrate like I know what I'm doing and then....2 pins!LOL I usually bowl a 101. LOL
Halloween night was a blast!!!

Check out Christian with his new mohawk! Angel cut it for him!

Cute picture of the two of them!
Jeremy in his scary mask.
OMG LOVE this picture of Rocio and I in a haunted house!! Hands all over the place!! I swear this one was trying to grab me!!

Sylvia was one of our awesome teachers!!

Maria working on the project Krista taught!
Michelle and I taking a fun picture! Love ya girl!
Rocio and Nichole! Nichole taught after Rocio. All the teachers TA'd for one another.
There are a ton more photos but these are some of my most favorite! Thanks for looking!! Hope your October was a lot of fun!


Suzy West