Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Feel good movie!!

I hardly ever go to the movies. I think the last 5 movies I have watched were during a plane ride going somewhere. I was invited by my friend Steph to go to the movies with her last night. I wasn't going to be able to go because my g4 group had a meeting planned but we had to cancel at last minute.
anyways, she occasionally invites everyone on her yahoo mail list. Her list consists of her scrapping friends, long time school buddies, church pals, neighbors, and more. We met last night in Mountain View. I think about 10 of us showed up. It was so much fun meeting everyone!! We watched the movie, The Holidays. It was just fabulous!!! I totally recommend it. It's probably not a movie your husbands/boyfriends would like(to much of a chick flick) but boy going with a bunch of girls was perfect!! After the movie ended we all were talking about it walking towards the front of the theatres. We all said bye and hugged everyone. You would have thought we all knew everyone for years.LOL The movie was so sweet that you just felt like hugging everyone!LOL
Anyways, I give it a thumbs up!!! Watch it and tell me what you think!!!
Thanks Steph for inviting me!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The year is coming to an end...

I can't believe that 2006 is almost over!! This year has been filled with a ton of fun and excitement as well as craziness both professionally and personally. It's funny but I truly believe that everything that has happened both good and bad, has happened for a reason and it's made everything good! Somethings even better!!

Anyways, we have all been busy here doing our thing. Here's the 411.

Sierra: She's doing really great in school!! She absolutely loves it!!! Loves her class, her friends, her teacher, loves it all. As for her health? It's okay. She is well most of the time but every so often she has an episode and it's kinda scary. She bounces back very fast though. She's accepted that she has Hereditary spherocytosis. Recently she prayed to Heavenly Father that he would bless her. It was such a sweet prayer. She's being a good mommy to Diamond.LOL There was one week that she couldn't find him and it was one of the most emotional weeks she has ever had. We talked about her not finding him and she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and cried out, "it's because I'm a bad mommy!!" OMG my heart just sank. I told her it wasn't because she was a bad mommy but because Diamond was so little. LOL She found him and all was well. LOL

Jeremy: He's doing okay in school. LOL We'll leave it at that. LOL He's such a sweetheart. He's been opening up lately. He doesn't give a lot of extra info out but if you ask him something he'll talk about it a little more.
He's excited that he has a cell phone. His first big boy toy. He loves to use it. He doesn't really know what to talk about but he calls me everyday after school to tell me the same thing..."mom? I'm walking." Which translates to: I just got off of school and my friends and I are walking to Sierra's school.LOL

Angel: She's such a good mommy. I don't know how she does it all. She watches Tanner all day (who I think believes he's a monkey because he wants to be hanging on someone all the time), she's finishing up school, is planning her wedding, and she helps to run the store. Sometimes when we are working I say to her, "one day this will all be yours!" she laughed one day and said, "wow I get a garage!"LOL That's right baby!LOL

Paul: He's been busy working...working...working. He's finishing up some project. He's excited that we now have digital cable. What does that mean? he's going to be watching even more tv. LOL

Christian: He just started his new job yesterday and came home so happy!!! He started working at a company called Gilig. He had to purchase some tools and we were the lucky ones who got to hear about every single tool he got!LOL Showed us the tool box and his cool new work shoes. LOL His new hours are 5am-1:30pm. He came home yesterday and Angel made him lunch and sent him to take a nap.LOL
We are very proud of him!!!

Tanner: is almost 6 months and has brought this family so much happiness!! He's a ball of energy!! He wants to crawl! It's so cute!! We love our little guy!!

Myself: I'm so enjoying being a grandma!!! Tanner is so much fun!!! Everyday he gives COUNTLESS amount of smiles. He's just a happy baby!! My entire family brings me so much joy!!! Last night I went out with my mom to the mall and we laughed at the craziest things!!! It was so awesome!!!

I'm excited that CHA is coming up!!! I'll be teaching a class of 100 there. I was also asked to teach at Timeless Treasures during CHA. I'll be teaching on Saturday morning and Tuesday night.

The garage is doing great!! our entire design team ROCKS!!! All of them!!! I love everything they do!!! I also enjoy all the gals that come over and hang out during crops, classes, etc. It's so much fun!!! I was thrilled to see Grace the other day. I hadn't seen her for sometime. We caught up and she helped photograph Lizz's wedding. We had a really funny moment!LOL Grace if you are reading this..LOL love the photo!!LOL
I don't know why but I'm feeling the need to thank my friends!!! Especially these gals: Laurie girl--I love ya man!! Rocio--oh my gosh---you rock!! Michelle--Thank you for everything you do! Lonae---Thanks for being you!!! Jenn--I love my time with you!!! Come and hang out more!!LOL
Thanks to all my friends!! You have no idea how grateful I am to have you in my life!!

okay I think I've bored you to death!LOL Here are some of my favorite new photos!!

Photo of Sierra and her teddy bear. If you hang out at Beverly's you might see this picture. I was asked to design a project for each one of their stores.

The back of Angel's wedding dress. It's so beautiful!!!

Jeremy and Robby!! Cousins and buddies!!

Tanner--I know a little blurry but he's so cute!!

Angel, Tanner, and Christian--love this photo of the three of them!!

Angel, myself, Erika, and Ashleigh

Angel being a freak!!LOL She's so funny!

Julio with Tanner. This picture is so stinkin' cute!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Super fun weekend!!!

I had the most super fun this weekend!!! It was filled with a ton of laughter and joy with both family and friends!!!
My Friday adventure
(see picture here) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v482/cheerfulcropper/DSC04819.jpg
Krista Fernandez invited me and a bunch of gals to her house to attend a purse party. She said we could invite friends. I asked my gal pals Rocio Duran and Jenn Lanza to come with me!! These two are some of the most talented and sweetest gals I am blessed to know. We headed on over and went absolutely crazy with the amount of stuff they had there. My pal Laurie joined us and we all had a blast!! We all picked out stuff and left there happy!!!! Jenn, Rocio, and I went to Olive Garden that night and had a great time!!!

Saturday's activities
OMG this was one of my funnest Saturday's ever!!!! I had three events happening that day. From 10am-4pm Stacey Simpson,daytime crop coordinator hosted her annual cookie exchange crop. It was a blast!!! The girls exchanged their cookies and cropped their little hearts out!!!

From 12-2pm our mechanics got together inside for a pot luck and gift exchange!! It was so much fun!!! We ate all kinds of yummy food. I feel horrible but I totally forgot to take pictures. Picture mechanics laughing and eating!LOL

From 5pm-8pm we had a bunch of girls over for Michelle's Canvas Class. It was so much fun!!! The girls loved their projects!!! It was fun to see everyone!! I hadn't seen Monica and Malinda for a while and it was great to see their smiling faces!!!

From 8pm-10pm our family(including my parents) went to look at Christmas trees. We didn't find the perfect one so we decided to look on Sunday after church.

Sunday's activities
Today our family attended church and it was once again beautiful!! It's funny how things happen, Angel and I have been talking about how she missed singing like she use to but wasn't sure if she was ready to perform again. This morning she was asked if she would sing at one of the wards holiday Christmas party. She looked at me and asked me if she should. I told her she should make the decision. She decided to go ahead and do it. Right before going to our next class she was asked to sing at another event. She agreed to sing at that event. At the end of that class she was asked if she would like to join the choir. So after church Angel joined the choir and practiced two beautiful songs. It was a lot of fun!!! Ready or not, she's singing again and she sounds beautiful!

So we just came back from picking up a beautiful tree!!! Christian and Paul just put it up. We've had beautiful music playing. Paul is getting the ornaments so we can decorate the tree!!! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend like I have!!

May you all have a blessed week!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Family photos

These are pictures that we took on Thanksgiving day!!!
Angel, Christian, and Tanner.

The West family

My kiddos. I love this shot of them!!!

All of us!!! I'm grateful for my entire family!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Thankful to the man above.

The last few years have been really good to me and my family. Business has been good for both Paul and I. We have three healthy wonderful kids. We also have a beautiful grandson that gives the sweetest smiles that could brighten anyone's day!! We always have food on the table and a roof over our heads.
Sounds good right? Well there has been something missing in my life. I know what it is too. Since all these wonderful things started happening I stopped going to church. I stopped thanking my Heavenly Father for all that I have. How could that happen? He is the man that has listened and has answered all of my prayers. He's the man that has brought me confort when I've been sad. He's the one that has given me all the things listed above.
I've had the missionaries come over a couple of times and we've been invited to different events. I've been avoiding going. The other night Paul got a phone call from one of our members to invite us to our ward Thanksgiving party and Paul told him he'd talk to me about it. We talked about it and decided to go. It was by far the best decision we made. We enjoyed ourselves so much!! It was the first time that the entire family had been in the church building together in years! Yes, years! We had such a good time that I decided that night that I would go to church the next day. I asked my family if they wanted to join me and they all agreed!
I have not felt so much love in a room in such a long time. Every lesson taught was as if they were created for me. I know with out a doubt that this is where I needed to be. Sierra had a great time. Jeremy loved it. Angel was thrilled to be there with her family and I felt great sitting in a chair next to my husband listening to such spirital and inspirational words.
While singing a hymn I looked in front of me where my son was sitting (we had to many people in one row so we sat in two, lol) I saw my son who actually was singing as well. If you know Jeremy you know that he is as shy as they come. He never sings. It filled my heart so much to hear him singing such beautiful hymns. I couldn't help but take a picture with my phone. I made a decision that when ever I was home I would always be in church on Sunday. I am so thankful to my Heavely Father for what he has given me. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I will be thanking him that day for everything and everyone that is around me. I am so blessed! May you all have a wonderful week!!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The quiet one in the family.

Everyone that knows me know's that I'm loud, I talk a lot, and am pretty open about anything. My two daughters are the same way. I think Angel and Sierra even talk in their sleep!!! LOL
Well Jeremy is a different story. Jeremy is the quiet one in the family. Not a lot comes out of his mouth but when it does it's usually to say something sweet or funny. There have been a lot of changes here the last 4-5 months. There is a new baby in the house and Jeremy started jr. high so I decided it was time to have "the talk" with him. Well that was the biggest mistake ever!!! LOL We were in the garage setting up for a crop and he was helping me tape down the paper onto the tables. I started talking to him about girls and "other stuff" and well it wasn't a good conversation because by the time we(or should I say I) were done with "the talk" he was taping the paper down UNDERNEATH the tables. He is extremely shy and doesn't like to talk about girls and other embarrasing topics!LOL So I decided not to have that kind of conversation with him ever again!LOL
It's interesting how all kids are different because if I were to have a conversation with my nephew who is a little bit younger than Jeremy he would tell me anything and everything. TO MUCH info. Everyone that asks jeremy if he likes girls he immediately say, "NO!"
So I made a decision that it's actually a great thing that Jeremy is still into toys and not girls.
I was taking him to school yesterday and I said to him. "Jeremy I was talking to a friend of mine who is a psychologist and I was telling her about how shy you are and that you don't like talking about girls or other things. She told me that it was totally normal and that when you feel like talking about girls you will. It's okay for you to feel shy about this kind of thing. So I won't bring up that conversation anymore. okie doke?"
He looks up at me and gives me this smile and says" okay I admit it, I like girls!" LOL
It was so freaking cute the way it came out!! We both start laughing and I ask him, "so why haven't you said anything before this?"
He says, "mom do you remember the time that you asked me about a girl a long time ago and I said she's my friend and you thought I said she was my girlfriend and so you took a picture of her? I never forgot that" LOL
We both started laughing again. I told him I would try my hardest to not embarrass him again!LOL
Since yesterday's conversation I can't stop thinking about the smile on his face yesterday. This morning he woke up and came right over to me when he saw me in the livingroom and gave me a hug and told me he loved me. He went to the kitchen to eat and looked at me. He didn't say anything but he gave me the same smile he had given me the day before in the car. No other words came out of his mouth until it was time for him to leave and he said "good-bye". I'm sure that he's going to continue to be shy and that's okay. I can see that he is a happy kid that doesn't care about all the worldly things and would rather listen than to say something. I am okay if he just smiles at me with out saying anything because that smile says a lot!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Come cruise with me to Bermuda!!!

Hi there gals!!! I just got back from my awesome trip to Massachussetts and New Hampshire!!! I had such a great time!!! All three stores I visited were a blast!!! It was so great to meet so many wonderful ladies!! Thank you to Ink about it, Wholly Scraps, and Scrapbook Island for having me!!

While I was at Scrapbook Island (waving at you gals) I was asked to be the guest teacher on this wonderful cruise that they are planning. They let me know that I could extend the invitation to anyone that wanted to join us!!! So here's the scoop!!

The cruise is on July 29th-August 3rd. It will leave out of New Jersey and we will sail away to Bermuda!!! There will be tons of cropping time. On days we dock you can get off the ship and do many different excursions, there will be games and prizes, and classes from yours truly!!! It would be great for you to come!!! So if you want to join us please check out Scrapbook Island's site. Here's more 411. Scrapbook Island Cruise If you join us please let them know that I sent you. I will have a little gift for everyone that signs up from here. Spots are filling up fast so don't hesitate to sign up!!! $100.00 can sign you up and you have until April(?) to pay off your trip!!!! It's very duable (if you have never taken a cruise...all FOOD is included. Day or night!!! YUMMY!)
Hope you can make it!!!!
By the way, check out this ship and everything that you can do on it!! WOW!! Voyager family of ships

Friday, October 27, 2006

Tanner turns 4 months!!

I can't believe my Litter Tanner is 4 months old now!!!
He is the sweetest little munchkin ever!!!

He is so funny!! Everything ALWAYS goes in his mouth. Today it's the teddy bear's foot!! I love this picture!!

Christian and Angel are having a blast with him!! This was their family photo taken a few weeks ago. They are such a beautiful family!

Thanks for looking!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Busy busy busy!!! It's a good thing...

Okay so I've been running around like a chicken with his head cut off but what's new??? I'm always like that. I think people would think there was something wrong if I wasn't busy.
If you have read my entries before this you know that we have a grandbaby. He's three months already!! (He is the cutest thing ever!!) Angel is getting married so we've been planning a wedding and I've been doing some traveling.
I'm getting ready to teach at three awesome stores back east!!!
Scrapbook Island, Wholly Scraps , and Ink about it. My friend Rocio is coming with me!! She is such a doll and I know we are going to have a blast!!
I'll be there the first week of November. This weekend I'm going to a scrapbook retreat where I'll be kitting for all the classes!!!! I hope to have everything done by then. CRAZY!!!
I haven't been scrapping much because I've been "creating" for classes I'm teaching.
I just came back from Memory Trends!! I had such a great time with Donna and Pattie!!! We laughed a ton!!! Donna is such a hoot!! I also had a great time with my awesome friends from Maine, Angela and Jenn!!!!
Let's see what else...
Sierra is doing so great in Kindergarden!! She LOVES it!!! Jeremy is doing good in school too!! He's in Jr. high now. He has a new cell phone and thinks he's so cool using it! He calls me a lot!LOL
I have other fun things coming up but I can't say yet!! Stay tuned!!!
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!!! LOL

Suzy West

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

a girl, a boy, a wedding!!!

Anyone miss me? LOL I know, I know I have totally neglected my blog. I've been just slightly busy. with what you say??? planning a wedding!!
Angel and Christian are getting married!! We are so excited!! So here's the scoop:
The big day is on May 19th, 2007. That is 7 months away.
We were going to have a fun backyard wedding with some friends and family.
Well grandma and grandpa said no to that. LOL They want it to be "perfect for their princess!" So now it's gone from having it in the back yard to a beautiful place called the Century house in Fremont. What was going to be buffet has now turned into a sit down beautiful meal servers and all.
So now we are busy looking for a dj and a photographer.
It's been pretty exciting!! Angel and Christian are so excited!!
So that's the scoop!!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

My crazy life!!!

So for the last 2-3 weeks we have had craziness here in the West family home.
Sassy, our dog had to seizures with in a week. Last Friday was the first time he had a seizure. We thought that he had eaten something or maybe he was stung by something because the vet said his tongue was swollen and he couldn't breathe. They gave him a benadril and some steroids. He came home loopy and afraid. He just laid around. On Sunday he had the same thing happen. We took him to the vet again and this time they said they felt that he had epilepsy. For three days he did nothing but lay there. We would call him and he wouldn't respond. We fed him with a dropper. It was scary!! He is finally better and we hope he stays this way.

Angel has had many complications since she had Tanner. He is over 2 months old and she is still hasn't recooperated. She was in the hospital with in 2 weeks of having Tanner with a severe Kidney infection. She was very anemic, and had other infections. She's had other complications since then. The latest? Kidney stones and a fisure!! Poor girl has been in a lot of pain!!

Another problem is my poor daddy. He decided a few years ago he wanted to get braces. Okay, that's cool. Your over 60 you want braces. okay. So what's the problem? To make his smile perfect they told him they were going to need to break his jaw because he had an over bite. They were also going to need to wire his mouth shut to make it set that way. I told him that I felt he shouldn't do this because his jaw had been set for over 60 years. It could be very painful and there could be a ton of complications. Well guess what? there were!!! The day he had both upper and lower jaws broken and his mouth wired shut he was in so much pain that he ended up back in the hospital. he was in the hospital three different times that week. Once because of the pain, another time because he couldn't breathe, and the last, and my favorite...instead of taking a tylenol he accidentally took morphin! He was rushed to emergency where I had the great pleasure of seeing him high as a kite!LOL My dad has never ever been drunk or has never done any kind of drugs so that was a pretty site. My high as a kite daddy, with his mouth wired shut, in his pajamas and robe. Yeah, that was nice!LOL

So at the same time, my little Sierra started kindergarden, Jeremy started Jr. High, and Angel is finishing up her senior year at home.

It's been a crazy month for me!LOL I'm thinking I need a vacation. LOL

Thanks for listening to my crazy stories!!


Monday, August 28, 2006

Thank you from Sierra

Hi there gals! I would like to thank you for all your wonderful replies to Sierra. She has me read them to her all the time since we posted here.

She would like to say something so I'm going to type:

I would like to say thank you for writing all of these things about Diamond, me, and mommy. I love you too!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Diamond, The little princess????

Once upon a time there was a little dog who was very lonely because she didn't have a mommy or a daddy. She was abandoned and wanted a home and a family to love her. One day Sierra's mommy was traveling and saw in a window a little puppy who looked very sad. Sierra's mommy went in and asked the little puppy, "what's wrong? Why are you sad?" the puppy replied, "I'm sad because I don't have a mommy or a daddy and I am all alone." Sierra's mommy said, "Would you like to come home with me? My daughter Sierra would like a dog and I think you would be perfect!" The little puppy was so happy!!! That night Mommy gave Sierra her surprise. Sierra fell in love with the puppy and they lived happily ever after!!!!

This is Diamond, our dog

I swear I'm not really crazy!! I was sitting here ready to blog about something and Sierra said, "mommy, why haven't you blogged about Diamond yet?" Well that sentence had me spleechless for a few minutes. First because I didn't even know that she knew what a blog was. Second, why would I blog about her stuffed animal?

Okay so bare with me but my darling five year old really feels that Diamond is a part of our family. I purchased Diamond on one of my trips(as you read in our really cool story) a year ago and they have been together ever since.

Diamond went through a couple of different changes in the beginning and then she decided Diamond was the perfect name. How did she know? Because Diamond told her.

Diamond goes EVERYWHERE with us!! He does EVERYTHING with Sierra. Sierra wants me to tell you the following:

Diamond sleeps with Sierra.

Diamond has taken a lot of photos with Sierra.

Sierra puts hats on Diamond. She looks really cute!

Diamond takes showers with Sierra and she dries her hair.

"I love Diamond! I play in the back yard with her. She is a good listener." She is my little princess!"

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The gals from Scenic Route...

were so sweet to come and visit us at the garage. We had such a great time!!! There were about 20 of us. We hung out and had a contest. Two girls won a bag full of Scenic Route items. So much fun!
After the meet and greet many of us (including the SR team) went to Chevy's and hung out there til' they closed!! We laughed a ton!!
Thanks gals for coming to visit! It was a blast!!

Suzy West

Thursday, August 17, 2006

His smile makes me happy!!!

Tanner has an amazing smile that makes everyone else smile!!! I took these a little while ago!! He's so cute!!!

What do you do when your daughter vaccumes up the dog????

So what do you do when your five year old says she wants to "help"?
You say, "Yes!" right?
So I think to myself...what chore can I give Sierra that she can't hurt herself?
I don't want her doing dishes, doing anything with a spray bottle, and the bathroom is to much. So we got a new mini vaccume. Doesn't way much so it's perfect for her. Well not so perfect for Sassy!!
Take a look at what Sierra accidentally did to our poor dog (who at this moment is hiding underneath the table.)

She was vaccuming and who knows how but she managed to get Sassy vaccumed up. POOR DOG!!!

Sassy trying to escape.

Sassy putting her head down from embarrasment.

Sassy deciding to go to sleep because she figures the vaccume is here to stay.

Yeah, so Sierra is dusting now. LOL

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I scrap...sometimes

I remember the good ol' days when I use to scrap a ton!!! Now a days I scrap every one in a while. I love when I get assignments because that means I HAVE to scrap!! It forces me to get my stuff out and do something. I go crazy at first because I don't know what I'm doing and then I get some mojo going and I complete pages/projects that I'm happy with.
I went on a scrapping retreat with some of my girlfriends. I had to teach one class while I was there and the rest of the time I spent it cropping. There were times that I didn't know what I was doing but when I got my groove on I started completing pages. Here are some that I did. I'm happy with the outcome.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Can he get any cuter???

I've had so many people ask me for pictures of Tanner. I can't believe I haven't updated my blog with new pictures lately so here are two of them.
I took these today. Isn't he a cutie????