Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some of my CHA samples!!

I'm so excited about CHA this year!!! I have a lot of exciting things going on that I can't say yet but I will tell you soon!!!
I will be leaving bright and early with Angel, Sarah, Tricia, and Julia!! Can't wait!!
As you know, I'm teaching three classes. I showed you the Nikki Sivils class the other day. Here's the cover of my PUNKY SPROUTS class. This is their new gated album.
I'm teaching this class on Friday.
This is my Bella Blvd. class that I'll be teaching on Saturday. It's using their new Family line. I'm teaching it with my Punky Sprouts album.
Here are three new layouts that I did for Nikki Sivils.

I will be posting more tomorrow!!!! I have some new Hambly and Echo Park projects to show you!!!!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beauty is all around me

I have been blessed with so much beauty around me lately!
Beautiful people, places, and things!!
The other day I was teaching a class and one of the words on the layout was beauty. I walked over to one of my students and she had the word spelled out on her arm. I loved the way it looked so randomly that I decided to snap a picture.

This is one of the layouts I taught in the class. I used Punky Sprouts, Glitz, Echo Park, Hero Arts, Epiphany Crafts, and Hambly.

This is another layout that in the class. I love Hambly Overlays. This is one of my favorites! I also used the new Shimmerz!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Thanks for looking!! Sorry the pictures are not so clear, I snapped them on my cell phone.

This is going to be a busy week as I finish all my assignments and kitting.
Hope I get to see many of you at CHA!!!
If not, keep checking in as I will be posting pictures of projects that I will have featured at the show.

Hugs, Suzy West

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going crazy with SHIMMERZ!!!!

I am so in love with my new Shimmerz products I can't stand it!! Seriously, I'm going nuts!
The coloringz are so vibrant and beautiful and the Shimmeringz are crazy awesome! They add so much to the projects!!

Here's a quick headband I made yesterday using Shimmerz, Punky Sprouts, Prima, Helmar's, and Nikki Sivils!

Spray your lil' stems by Punky Sprouts with the color you choose.

Do the same using the lil' blooms.

Attach the blooms to another flower that you have colored. Add a brad. Adhere the flower with Helmars to the stem and tie. You got yourself a cute little headband!!!

Hope you like it!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OOOH check it out!!!!

I'm so excited!!! I got to play with the beautiful new line by Nikki Sivils.
It's called, It's your Day!!
This is the project that I'm teaching for them at CHA!!
It's full of dimension and color! Totally love it!!!
I gave you guys a sneak peek's the whole cover and you can see all the tips of the other pages!

Everyone taking the class will get the Punky Sprouts album, all the Nikki Sivils products, Glue Glider pro and the glue dots, Thermo Web foam squares, Clearsnap ink pads, Ranger Glossy Accents and stickles, Sakura pens, and more!!

I'm looking forward to teaching this class! it's going to be a lot of fun!!!

Hugs, Suzy West

The joys of deadlines!!!

Anyone attending CHA have a table that looks similar to this?? LOL
I can't believe I'm admitting this, but this is what it looks like when I scrap! I actually cleaned it up a lot and put it on only ONE table. It was scattered onto FOUR different ones! No joke!
I love CHA! The thought that I will get to see all my friends and get inspired by all the booths makes me giddy! The fact that I have to finish a lot of projects and prep 225 kits for my CHA classes makes me want to pull my hair out! LOL
So what does your table look like? Messy like mine or super clean? If it's clean, please share your tips on how to keep it that way!!
Happy Scrapping!

Monday, January 17, 2011

In just two weeks..

The four of us are heading to Los Angeles to attend the CHA show!!! I'm so excited to be going with three of my favorite peeps!!

I will be teaching three classes while I'm there!! I'll be teaching for Punky Sprouts, Bella Blvd. and Nikki Sivils!!

We have been creating projects for the Punky Sprouts booth plus others.

Then we are walking the show!! This time--no booth...just walking and being crazy together! We are so excited we can't stand it!!!

I'm so excited Tricia is going!!! We have so much fun when we are together!! I'm sure there will be a lot of singing and cake eating! LOL

My beautiful daughter Angel is going!! This is her first time attending the show. She's done work for CHA for years but has never actually attended. She's going to have a blast and we are going to have so much fun! She and Sarah are crazy when they are the two of them with Tricia? OMG!!! LOL

This will be Sarah's first time going to the show for HERSELF, as a store owner! This is very exciting for her!!! We are going to have a blast helping her shop!

Look out Los Angeles....we're coming!!!

Nikki Sivils--Sneak Peek!!!!

Nikki Sivils emailed me a few months ago and asked me if I would teach a class using her products at CHA! I of course said, "HECK YA!" I was thrilled when I got the box!
The products are full of color and lots of fun images!!
Here's a sneak peek of the project that I'm teaching at CHA!!!!
I created the project on one of our Punky Sprouts mix medium albums!!
This sneak peek is from the, It's your day line!! You guys are going to love it!!

Thanks for looking!!! leave me a comment and tell me what you think?
Suzy West

Friday, January 14, 2011

So excited!!!!!!!

In case you haven't asked to be on the...

SHIMMERZ team!!!! I'm one of the new Endorsed Teachers!!! What does that mean? I'll be teaching with this product all over the country!!!! I'm so excited! I already teach with it...
now I'm going to teach with it more! LOL
You guys are going to love their new products!!! They are so freaking awesome!!!
I'll be posting pictures of projects soon!!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Thursday, January 13, 2011

a seriously crazy sneak peak...SHIMMERZ!!!!

OMG!!!!! I am seriously going to pee my pants....really I am!!!! I got a box filled with the newest release of Shimmerz!!
I was so excited...I had to open the box that Paul brought me as I was going to the restroom to get a kleenex! (still have not blown my nose!).
So people....hold on to your pants...Shimmerz has two new products.
Coloringz and Shimmeringz!!!!!
The coloringz are full of beautiful colors that are super bold!! NO shimmerz in them.
The Shimmeringz you spray over them. They are full of shimmerz and it just enhances the color of the coloringz!!!
As I mentioned....I was in the bathroom ready to blow my nose and get excuse this crazy picture....pretend all my make up, curling iron, etc are in this picture. LOL I shot it with my cell phone!!!
The bottles at the left of the curling iron are the shimmeringz. The bottles to the right are the coloringz!

Check it out!!! look at how cool these colors look on the kleenex! LOL

You guys are going to love these!!! Stores....go to Shimmerz to order!!! You will definately want these!!!!!
Okay sorry the pictures are crazy and in my bathroom. I will take better pictures later. Gotta run!!!!
Suzy West

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a new year!!

Happy New Years!!!!!

So I've been MIA for a long time! I can't believe it's been months since I last posted.
I apologize to all those that have asked me to update. I've been so busy!! I spent a lot of months traveling the country teaching classes, helping friends open stores, spending time with family, and more.
It's a new year and I promise to do better but I need your help. Please post a reply because I love reading them and they inspire me to update more!!!

So let's see...what to tell you.
This year I'm going to turn...40!! Yep, I said it. 40! I can't believe it...well I kinda do. I believe it when I see the grey hair, the little wrinkles, the aches and pains, the fact that I'm called "grandma" by two little munchkins, and then there is the memory loss. LOL
10 years ago I would be freaking out about getting older but you know what? I'm actually okay with it. I don't know if it's because of my wise age but I am.

So let's see what else....I've been scrapping like a crazy person! It's been so much fun playing with so many different products from manufactures. This last week alone has been a great one! I've been asked to work with new manufactures that I'll be telling you about soon. So lots of wonderful opportunities! I've been very blessed!

In just a couple of weeks I'm going to be flying to southern ca with my friends Sarah and Tricia and my daughter Angel. We are going to the CHA show. We are walking the floor, helping Sarah place orders, and I'm teaching three classes!!! I'm excited about going to the garment district as well. We are going to have a lot of fun!!!!

Well I think that's everything. Please leave me a comment.
Have a great one!!
Suzy West