Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My daughter the scrapper

I got a phone call from Angel this morning. She had been busy with Tanner and was getting ready to put him down for a nap. I asked her what she was going to do and she said she was going to scrap. She's been scrapping A LOT!! I'm so thrilled that she is. It's been such a good thing for her to do. When I opened the store and made her manager I told her one of the requirements was for her to become a garage girl. She immediately freaked out because she hardly ever scraps but agreed. Well she has become such an addict. I went over to her house and she had an entire album filled with pages and when she came into work she showed me her assignments that she completed...EARLY!! They aren't do until next month.
I'm so happy that she's scrapping.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

more pics for you....

You gals are so sweet to want more pics!!! Here are a few more from Kelle Thomas. I have not seen the other ones yet from our photographer so this is all I have.

this is for you Dawn!! :)
This is Tanner checking out his own shadow. He's so cute!

Tanner with my mom!! I love the face he's making.

Jeremy was supposed to walk Tanner down the aisle but Tanner fell asleep. Sierra walking down the isle giggling the entire time.

She smiled like this the entire time.
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Bartonico

Their first dance photos.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Things are finally slowing down for me

So these last few months have been crazy!! I swear I don't know how I did it all. It was all a blur at the end. LOL
Angel's wedding was perfect!
I'm done with all the book stuff. I'm going to be working on another one but not until the end of the year.
I'm getting ready for CHA and a cruise that I'm going to teach on.
The store is doing fabulous! I need to hire more girls though. I'm excited that Erin started working at the store (very part time. WAHH). Poor thing started working two days ago. First day? We received 7 huge boxes FILLED with product and the next day? We got in two huge boxes of ki memories, Love elsie line. Everyone was going nuts over it. LOL
It was a mad house!!!
Anyways, I'm excited things are slowing down.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The wedding was beautiful!!

Angel's married!!! Her wedding was absolutely beautiful and she looked amazing!! I didn't take any pictures so I could fully enjoy it. I can't wait to see all the pictures from Rowena (the photographer) and others that took pictures, I'm sure they will be beautiful! This morning I checked my email and my friend Kelle sent me some that she had taken. Here are a few for you to enjoy. THANKS KELLE!!!

Tanner, the ring bearer(sp?)
He was so adorable!! He fell asleep when it was time to walk down the isle. As soon as he was awake he was everywhere. LOL
Here he is in his little tux and vans.

My niece, Ashleigh
She was the maid of honor. She looked so beautiful!!

My little Sierra was the flower girl. She looked so stinkin' cute!!

Paul walked her down half way and then handed her to my dad who gave her away. it was so sweet!

My dad giving her away to Christian.

It was so beautiful!!! I loved everything about her wedding. I'll post more pictures as they come in!!

Hugs, Suzy West

Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's so me

So my dress is sooooooooo not a mother of the bride pretty dress. I was just trying it on again and it really is just a plain dress but it's soooo me that I love it. LOL

The material is not soft or flowy(sp?). I don't know, I think it's just a plain thick cotton dress. LOL
It's not a soft color. It's navy blue.
It's not a sweet looking dress. It's a sorta fitted dress with a bolero jacket to match.

My gosh it's so so me. LOL Oh did Imention the shoes are plain too? LOL
So what's my plan to dress it up? I got a lot of bling. I am getting my hair done in a up do and make-up.

Now the mother-in-law? I really hope she's not wearing something to boobish or up to my thighs dress. I know Angel and Christian are really worried about that. I think Angel said that Christian talked to her about it.

I gotta tell you about Angel's dress. It's so pretty!!! It really is a princess dress.
The top is so beautiful! I love the back of it! The skirt is all tulle and a lot of poof!

Her shoes are gorgeous too! They have some bling on it.
Her bouquet is WOW!! It will have roses and stargazers. So exciting!!
Her jewelery is so pretty. Nothing to flashy because of all the wow's in her dress.
I love her veil!!
I can't wait to show you guys pictures!!

So I think this will be my last update on her wedding because from today on, it's going to get even more busy!!

Just two more days!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The last details...

Okay so it's just 3 days until the wedding!!! I'm sweating bullets!
I'm done--got my clothes, shoes, and jewelery.
Sierra is done--got her dress, shoes, socks.
Jeremy is done-tux is ready and he got a hair cut.
Paul is done--tux is ready.
Angel is almost done--We picked up her shoes. She needs to pick up her dress tomorrow(cutting it really close). She needs to get her jewelery.

Need to get my brows waxed and a manicure still. I work until 10pm tonight. So that isn't going to happen unless I go when Lizz comes into work.

We have the bachelorette party tomorrow night right after work.

Friday is the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday we get our hair done really early in the morning. After hair we are doing make-up. We then have photos then it's the wedding!! EEK!!!

yesterday we started picking out extra songs and then I got emotional and had to stop.
okay just thinking about it more is making me emotional so I gotta stop again!!

I just want this to be perfect for our princess!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I went to Safeway early this morning because I didn't have time yesterday to get flowers for my mom, daughter, and sister in law...and realized...
there are NO flowers left if you go the day of...(had to go to three different stores to find flowers for all three) eek!

Went shopping with my mom and finally bought my shoes for the wedding...and realized...
It's been a long time since I wore pretty pointy heels... I swear I'm going to be in pain for the wedding!LOL

I looked for a bra that can keep the girls together in one place...and realized...
there is no bra in the world that can help that anymore!LOL

I bought jewelery to match my dress...and realized...
I spend way to much on bling! The accessories were more than the dress!LOL

Purchased a purse to go with the dress...and realized...
I won't be bringing anything to the wedding but a credit card...Paul can hold that.

Purchased a pair of white little socks for Sierra...and realized...
Angel's feet were little like this once and now she's getting married. I came home and gave Sierra a big hug and kiss and took a good look at her...because she's not going to be little for long.

Today I realized...
Life is to short. Treasure the time you have with your kids. They grow up so fast and you don't want to miss out on all the wonderful things they do each and every day!!

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What makes you happy?

I was putting on my make up the this morning and noticed these wrikles around my eyes. They seem to have gotten even bigger than the last time I really noticed them. It really was quite disturbing to me to see so many. I started to make different gestures with my face (crazy right? LOL) to see what I did to make those wrinkles get bigger? It turned out they came from me smiling!! It made me realize how happy I am. I am constantly smiling.
This past weekend I worked endless amount of hours during two huge national scrapbook day events. On Sunday night after our event, a few friends of mine and I went to our favorite restaurant. One of my gal pals said something to the affect that she couldn't believe how happy I still was after working so many hours. It made me smile more and I told her I couldn't help it. I'm a happy person.
I love my life and every time I think of the reasons why I love my life I smile.
I love my family!! Watching my daughter, Angel become this amazing mom puts a smile on my face. The look on Jeremy's face when he comes through the door puts a huge smile on my face. When I hear my little Sierra scream out my name because she's so happy to see me puts a huge smile on my face. My grandson, Tanner puts such a massive smile on my face it hurts!
I smile everytime I walk through the doors of the store that I just recently opened.
I smile when I see the layouts that my design team have created of their beautiful families.
I smile when I am hanging out with my friends.
I smile every time we go to our favorite place, La Fondue
I smile when I am at church.
I smile when Paul puts his arms around me when we are in bed.
I smile when I get new products in my store. LOL
I smile when I take a picture of something or someone that I love.
I smile everytime I get a chance to IM with my friend Jenn in Maine.
I smile everytime I'm with my buddies Erin and Rocio and we are talking about_______ @ __________ because _________ is so ______!! LOL
I smile everytime I watch my favorite show Will and Grace!!! LOL I know they are old!LOL
There are so many reasons why I smile.
My wish is that everyone that reads this has tons of reasons to smile and that if you look in the mirror and see those little wrinkles around your eyes, realize that they are a good thing. You're happy!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's been a while...

Well it's been a while since I posted last. Honestly, I have no idea what I did but I couldn't get into my account. LOL I'm such a computer dummy that I'd rather just forget about it than try to fix it. Well tonight I decided to try and some how some way, I fixed it. LOL
Anyways, it really has been a while since I posted last, but you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun...or when you are super swamped! LOL
Since I posted last lots has happened.

* I opened a new store. It's so cool!!!! You can see some pictures here: Picture Me Perfect It has been a fun and crazy road! There was a scrapbook store there before. They decided to close their doors on February 28th. On March 1st, I signed a lease, fixed up the entire place, ordered tons and tons of stuff, planned classes, crops, etc and opened my door on Monday, March 12th. It's doing amazing!! I am really enjoying meeting new people every day!

* I finished two books with a lot of my good friends!!! We did our last canvas book and we did a felt book!! I worked with my friends Krista Lund, Sylvia Bargas, Nichole Pereira, and Rocio Duran. The books are by Design Originals and will be out this July at CHA!!!

***I was approached by the president of Advantus and Lisa Bearnson at this last CHA to work with them. Scott called me at home one morning and we talked but I got busy and forgot to call him back. The other day, Lisa called me and I'm excited to say that after I'm done with some prior commitments I will be working with them.

* I have helped my beautiful daughter, Angel plan her wedding that is just around the corner!! May 19th!!

* My little Sierra is doing wonderful!! She's so smart and is so stinkin' adorable!! I can't believe she'll be graduating from Kindergarden soon!

* Jeremy has just gotten so tall these last few months!! He's such a cutie pie! He admitted to liking a girl for the first time a month ago.

* My little grandson Tanner, is so beyond adorable I can't stand it! He's starting to walk and says, "dada". OMG I love it!

* Paul is doing good at work. He's started another computer type adventure with a friend. He's taken over the garage!!! LOL

So a lot is going on!! I'm working on some projects right now for a cruise that I will be teaching on to Bermuda in July.

I really want to thank my family for all their love and support that they have given me these last few months!! I couldn't do it with out them!!