Monday, August 31, 2009

Spending time with my family!!

I am feeling so lucky lately to have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my family. It's time that I haven't had for a long time and I don't want to take it for granted.
Today I picked up my mom (LOVE being with my best friend) and we headed out to do errands together. It was so nice. I can tell my mom is so happy because we are together.
Besides running the boring errands, we made it over to Ikea. I wanted to pick up more hangers that I love a lot. I fixed my closet and all my pants are hanging from these hangers.
I know it's kinda crazy, but I'm re-doing everything. As a matter of fact, I picked up paint today and together with Sierra we decided to paint the cabinets in the bathroom.
What we didn't know? ummmm you gotta prime first. LOL so I have not the slightest of what I should do now. LOL Christian said to prime on top. we'll see. It's a little scary looking. LOL
Hey but we had fun!! LOL

Tomorrow I am going to babysit my little grandsons and then I'm off to see Nickelback with the girls. I'm going early with Angel so I can get us good seats. If we can get seats like we did for No Doubt, we'll be good!

The kids start school this Wednesday and they are getting pretty excited!!!
I bought a ton of clothes for them today. They came home pretty happy!!
Jeremy got a ton of stuff at Zumiez, Vans, and Anchor blue.

Alrighty, that's all for today. I'll let you know how Nickelback goes!!
Hugs, Suzy

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back from an amazing trip in Southern Ca!!

I should be sleeping, LOL but I have a lot of friends that have asked me to post pictures of my fantastic trip!!! We left on Sunday morning (very early) and drove to San Diego.
A lot of us got together at the one and only Erin Payne's house.
(LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl!!!!!)
Here are some pictures from this night. (thanks Heather for the pics)

We had an awesome night!! Laughed, laughed, and laughed!!! Right before we left, the girls mentioned a VIP party at Ever After on Friday night, (5 days later) and I convinced Paul to let me go and I had a freakin' blast!!! I didn't have a camera with me that night but I KNOW there are a lot of pictures of some craziness! LOL I'm happy to say that I will be BACK to Ever After in October!!!! "HOOT HOOT!!!"

Okay on to day TWO
Seriously, I gotta say that I had an amazing time!! We walked in and a few minutes later a man comes over to me and asks if I could have a moment of his time. Short story....we were picked as the VIP family and we were SPOILED the entire day!!!!
We got our pictures taken and they printed some for us for FREE!
We got VIP seating everywhere.
We got to play with the stingray and feed them
we got a private tour
discounts and free goodies
and then got to play with the dolphins!!
Here are some pictures from this day.

These are just some of the pictures that they took of us. I have more!!!

Day three and four
Disneyland and California Adventures
We checked into another hotel and it was so nice!! The food was good and we enjoyed our time there. We were super close to the park.
It was super fun!!! We got in that morning and I was approached by this gentleman. He asked me if he could ask me some questions because they were doing a survey and they would give me $100.00 cash! I said sure, and it paid for two of our meals. LOL
We got on a ton of rides and saw different shows. Sierra was even picked to be in the High School Musical show. She had a blast!! She got on the Tower of Terror!! We all LOVED Space Mountain.
Here are some pictures of those days.

Day five
We hung out all morning and swam and relaxed! (MUCH NEEDED) and then headed over to Medieval Times. If you have never been there, you gotta go. It's a lot of fun!!!
Sierra and Jeremy enjoyed themselves so much!!!
We ate like mad people and enjoyed the show. I enjoyed it so much, I decided I didn't want to be behind a camera. I just ate and hung out.
Here are just a couple that I took after.

Day 6
We checked into an amazing resort!
We got tickets from my friends Heather and Ghia (whom I love with a passion) to go to Animal park (it's the sister park to the San Diego Zoo). It was a great park but it was BLAZING hot!!! I'm talking 110 degrees!! SERIOUS!!! We did not last long! If it wasn't so hot we would have stayed longer because that place was FUN!!!
Here are some pictures from there.

So after the park, we decided to go swimming. the pool was amazing and the kids had a blast!!
I left to get ready some time later. The kids stayed with Paul.
I went to Ever After--love the store!! Love ya Camille!!!
Love you Heather and Erin!!!
Love you Ghia!!! I had a great time chatting it up with you!!!
Loved all the girls there! The dancing, the snacks, the store, the bathroom, the floors, the walls, (Okay you get the picture. Love the store). LOL
Got home after midnight and the kids and Paul were out cold on ONE bed. LOL

Day 7--heading home
The next morning we got up early. Had breakfast and took off. Went the 101 route and went thru Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and stopped at Solvang. It was blazing hot but it was nice! They had a car show that day and we got some yummy chocolate.
We got home around 10ish and got everything out and flew into my bead!!

Okay that's the story....if you read the whole, you are kind!LOL
Love you, love your computer, love what you are wearing, love that you are still reading this...okay good bye!!!! :)
Hugs Suzy West

Friday, August 14, 2009

Life Is Good!

So it's been a bajillion years since I updated my blog.
It's been because I've been really busy! We have a lot of things coming up and I've been getting ready for it all.
As many of you know, I'm closing the store. Can you believe it? 11 years at our beautiful store. It's time to say good bye so I can be home with family (who almost forgot my name, LOL) and concentrate on other things like My Little shoebox and travel teaching.

I am thrilled that this Saturday is our last day and next week I get the entire week off to clean, go to the beach, zoo, waterslides, and more!

On Sunday my family takes off on a much needed trip. One where I won't be calling the store, placing orders, wonder about classes, and other stuff.
It's my family 100%!!

We are going to start off by driving up to San Diego and meet at my wonderful friend, Erin Payne's house and have dinner with her family.
We are then staying at this amazing hotel.
Manchester Grand Hyatt
Next day we will be at Sea World. SO EXCITED!!!
Next two days we will be at DisneyLand
The following day we will be at the beach
and then it will be shopping and a night at Medieval Times.
I can't tell you how THRILLED I am over going!!!!

So let's see what else...
Oh I'm teaching at some fun places from now until November.
Scrapbook Centrale in Canada
Scrapbooks N Stuff in Miami, Florida
AC Albums in Rio, Brazil

I have a lot more trips next year but that's next year.

Oh and I'm going on a cruise with my beautiful mother in October.
We are going to Mexico on a four day cruise.
So excited to have some special time for the lady that I love so much!!

The kids are doing wonderful!! They are THRILLED that I'm going to be home with them.
They are a little scared because I told them next week, the house is going to be SPOTLESS!
I'm going to start the throwing out all the crap process come Monday.

...and last the best news ever!!! Sierra is getting ready to be baptized soon!!
My heart is full as every week she has been getting lesson from the missionaries.
I can't wait!!!

Okay that's everything that's going on from now until November!

Hugs and love,