Thursday, March 27, 2008

Love these pictures!!

My niece Ashleigh is so stinkin' beautiful! I love these pictures of her that I took last week.
I love that she is so silly! I tell her I want to take a picture of her and she starts being super silly.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sierra West Photography

Sierra is becoming quite the photographer. She has decided that this is what she wants to be when she grows up and truthfully, she could be. She has a great eye, centers everyone, and zooms in perfectly. These are a few pictures that she took of Paul and I on Easter.

To book your photo session call Sierra directly. LOL

Have a great day! Suzy

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The younger ones...

Last week I brought the kids to work with me. It was fun hanging out with them, because I don't see them very much during the day. I get to hang out with Angel since she works with me but the two younger ones go to my parents house. Jeremy and Sierra said they wanted to take pictures with my camera. We got these really cute and funny shots.

My kiddos being slightly silly!

She's so stinkin' cute!

My little man who is a lot taller than me now. He's such a great kid!!

I love this shot! I love my kiddos so much!! I'm a lucky mom!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OHIO...My little Shoebox...Scrapbook Memories...24 hours....

So I just had one of the most fun experiences with my good friend Helen. Helen is the owner of My Little Shoebox. Her products are FABULOUS and we can't keep them in stock.

She was asked to do a filming for the show, Scrapbook Memories in Ohio, so we practiced filming and getting her prepared for this awesome show for about two weeks prior to going. I asked some of my design team members to create projects for them to be seen on tv and they did an amazing job!

We will be putting together a design team, so if you are interested please link me to your gallery, We would love to see your work. The official call will go out in the next month but we would like to see some of your work now. (hope that makes sense,LOL)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our 24 hour trip....took off at 2pm here Sunday and arrived at 1am at our hotel. It was funny telling him we were checking out in less than 7 hours. We got up and started filming at noon. We were out of there by 2pm and got home at 11pm last night. CRAZY!!! LOL

This is me in front of the set of Scrapbook Memories.

Helen, Julie McGuffie, and I in front of the set.

It was so blazing cold in Ohio but a lot of fun!

I took pictures of Helen on the screen . I got to watch her film live. She did such a great job!

Stacy from Paper Crafts Magazine was there.

My good friend Wendy from Simple Scrapbooks was there too. It was so much fun hanging out with her. We had been meaning to pow wow but both of us have been so busy we didn't get to do any of that until we were in Ohio. It is so great to see where the magazine is going, they are working really hard to listen to their readers and put out a magazine that will inspire and teach. You will be seeing some amazing new ideas in their magazine so get your subscription!

Huge thanks to my girls Nichole King, Pattie Beltran, Michelle Tornay, Erin Yamabe, Krista Lund, and Rocio Duran for creating such beautifuly projects in such a short period of time!

Hugs, Suzy West

***sorry about the posting problem. Just fixed it and tested it myself, so it's working. Thanks for the scoop!***

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy 60th birthday daddy!

SURPRISE!!!! We told my dad we were going to take him out to dinner for his birthday...yeah so not! We planned a surprise party for him. He was so thrilled...and surprised!LOL

We had ordered a ton of food.

We bought a pinata!!

We sang and got just a little excited over him blowing out the candles. LOL
A picture of my daddy and I.
I love you daddy!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I've been ERIN!!

So I was tagged by my partner in crime...ERIN YAMABE

here’s the info:

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random pieces of me-

1. Everytime I order a burger I always ask for NO Pickles because I don't like them and yet I'm allergic to tomatos and take them off MYSELF when I get it.

2. When I sleep I put a blanket over my body but must have one leg out. WIERD!

3. I get nausious for EVERTHING! My friends laugh at me because it's for stupid things!

4. I hardly where make-up (use to be a make up artist), but when I do I use everything including liners, bases, eyelash curlers, etc.

5. I can't go to bed with out watching re-runs of Will and Grace every night. I have a ton recorded for the weekends.

6. I've been on TV many times!! show, reality show, news, shopping shows, etc.

7. I'm going to Alicia Keys and Jordin Sparks with Erin and Kristin!! Yippee!

Okay so I'm going to tag the following people....
and Allison.

Suzy West