Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New project... post to win a kit!!!

I've been pretty busy lately getting ready to teach at different places. Tomorrow I leave for the Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, Texas. It's been cold and rainy here...it's going to be 100 degrees when I get to Texas!! YIKES!! I feel sorry for my hair and anyone who has to look at my hair. It's going to go crazy!! (those going to the show...you've been warned!)
My friend Sarah and I are up to something really fun for her store, Our Paper Place!!! It involves scrapbook supplies, a video camera, and the two of us!!! A crazy combination!!!! (for those that watch...you've been warned again...we ARE crazy! LOL) Watch for the news on Our Paper Places facebook page, twitter, and on their blog. Can't wait to show you!!!
This is a sneak peak of my project that I'm working on. It has Crate Paper, Epiphany Crafts, Basically Bare, Helmars, Jillibean, Hambly, and more!!

CONTEST!!!! Do you want to win a kit??
All you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog and one lucky winner will win one of my class kits!!!
You have from now until Sunday to post anything you'd like. I'll post the winner on MONDAY!!
Thanks for looking!!!
Have a great day and rest of the week!!
Suzy West

PS...do you know you can follow me on twitter now?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog udpate--family, friends, teaching, and more!!

I have had a really busy good and bad few weeks!!

Sierra was really ill, she got pneumonia and had the roughest time getting rid of it. Luckily she's doing a lot better!!
Something I'm grateful for: AN AMAZING DR.!!! She has a great one. He checks on her all the time and makes sure to research everything before making any decisions.

This is Sierra making book marks. She is having surgery in July and wants to bring things to do and reading is one of them so we thought we'd make book marks. She's so sweet!!
I love my time with Jeremy!!! He is such an amazing guy!!!!
We love going to the movies and to baseball games!
The other night he and I went to Giants game and had a great time!! I celebrated NSD at Our Paper Place with a lot of different gals!!! OPP had three different days and each one was perfect!!! LOVE the store!!
I love this picture of us girls!!! We are all Survivor fans and really wanted to watch the ending...so I took my laptop outside and we watched it there to not spoil it for anyone else!!!! AWESOME!!!!
I love teaching!!!! It's something I'm really grateful for. Last week I taught at Treasured Memories in Oak Park, Ca. I loved seeing the girls from the last time I was there and the new gals I met. I look forward to seeing everyone again in September!!
I have a lot of fun things going on....look to the right to see some of the dates that I have posted!!! I'll be adding more dates soon!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!
Suzy West

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Basically...this is my favorite booklet!!!!

I've been in heaven playing with these amazing books by Basically Bare!!! Seriously...this one is my favorite!! It's 8x10...and really in this instance...size does matter!! LOL
I'll be teaching this project at a few different scrapbook stores which I'll post soon but in the meantime...These are a couple of my favorite pages, what do you think?

I used Echo Park and Hambly to decorate this lovely book. I gave it color with paints and of course Shimmerz, my favorite!!! I adhered everything down with Helmars. LOVE THE STUFF!
Thanks for looking!!!
Suzy West

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Live Laugh Love

I'm so lucky to be able to play with a lot of fun products!!! This time was no different. I designed this project using brand new Basically Bare booklet, Totally Tabbed and the fun fun dress form is one of their Basically Embellies. All the paper is Echo Park!!! LOVE all their stuff!!!!!

My favorite part of this book is that it's 8x10!!! You can do so much with it!! I'll be teaching this at a bunch of stores so look out for it!!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Allergies....

I try not to complain about things(I said TRY, LOL)...but when it comes to allergies...OMG...I'm the biggest baby!!! They have been kicking my behind the last few days.
Anyway, today my facebook update read:

Dear allergies,
Please go away! I haven't been able to sleep well and my eyes are super swollen so I could potentially scare people...looking crazier than usual.

Different people posted about having allergies as well...but ONE person...replied with the following:

Dear Suzy,
thank you for your recent letter. We understand that you are displeased with the service you have received lately from our representatives, and are sincerely sorry for your experience. Please be assured that we have made note o...f your concerns and have forwarded them to the proper department. As a token of our gratitude for your continued loyalty, please accept these extra allergies free of charge. We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to many pleasant visits in the future. Sincerely, Your Allergies

I was at a restaurant when I read this and totally busted out laughing.
Paul Rhoades, a friend since I was about 8 wrote this...he has a very similar sense a humor as my husband--another Paul. SCARY! LOL

Anyway, for those of you suffering from allergies...I thought it might make you laugh, it did me.

Thanks Paul for that!!!! Totally blog worthy!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Monday, May 09, 2011

Together...we're GIANT!!!

On Friday, Jeremy and I got on bart and headed down to San Francisco!!!
We went to the Giants game!!

I feel so lucky to have spent an entire day with my guy!!! We had a blast walking around our beautiful city!! We couldn't ask for a better day!
We got in line aroun 5pm to get in early and make sure we could get one of the Willie Mays trophies. Everyone was celebrating Willie's 80th birthday!!!
The two of us cheered on the entire night...we weren't doing so hot in the beginning...but we didn't stop believing in our guys...and we took it home!!! The game rocked!!!
My favorite...the overwhelming smile on my Jeremy's face and all the high 5's!!!
Can't wait for the next game!!!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Thursday, May 05, 2011

National Scrapbook Day at OPP!!!

I am so thrilled to be attending National Scrapbook day at Our Paper Place in Newark!!

They have planned awesome events for everyone!!!! They have three dates on the calendar.
Saturday, May 7th--10am-10pm (SOLD OUT)
Saturday, May 14th--10am-10pm (2 open spots)
Sunday, May 15th--10am-10pm (2 open spots)
Not sure if the spots are still there but if you are intersted in going, call the store at 510-792-4487.
I'll be doing demos on certain dates. Hope to see you there!!
Suzy West

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The kid to the left

I love my kids!!! I love taking pictures of them...but there is one that is never in pictures and it's my Jeremy! I try to take pictures of him but he avoids the camera like the plague!LOL

I got this picture with him in it and think he looks so handsome! I just had to do a blog post about him.
He's such a sweet boy! I love him to pieces!! Excited about this Friday, he and I are going to the Giants game!!!! It's going to be fun!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

PROUD to be an AMERICAN!!!!

Tonight we heard the news that osama bin laden(sorry no capitals) is dead! It was ten years ago when we witnessed just some of the work of this horrible man!
I was so proud to listen to our President comfirm the news!
I strongly feel that we need to pray for our country and for our US leaders.

That they may be inspired to make the right decisions for our country.

Please pray for our troops, that they may be safe & God bless the USA!!!

Basically Bare--new projects, teaching, and more!!

I am so thrilled to announce that I've been asked to be one of the Endorsed Educators for Basically Bare, a new manufacture!!!!
You can check them out HERE. Please check out their blog. I have a post there. You can see what Sarah De Guzman created as well.
I am thrilled to have a book created by my ideas and inspirations!!! I'll be teaching with it all over the country!!! (I'll be using their other products too!!)
It's this book here that I created Fun In The Sun with!!! The book is called Funky Findings. It's a fun tall and slender book. LOL

This other book was created with Totally Tabbed. I love that it's big and filled with lots of fun different pages!! You can fit a ton in it! The book is 8x10!!!

I'm thrilled to be teaching these projects and another at Treasured Memories in Oak Park. I will be there the end of May. You can check out the details at their site here.

I have a class coming up at Our Paper Place on Friday, May 13th!! Check it out here.
Thanks for looking and hope to see you at one of my upcoming classes!!!
Suzy West