Monday, October 18, 2010

Do you want to be part of my costume?

Alright peeps I've decided to "kinda" dress up for Halloween.
I know I'm usually a prude and don't do it so I'm meeting everyone half way!
I've decided to be FACEBOOK for Halloween and I need YOUR help!

I would love for any of my facebook friends to post here and to add a "status". I will pick some to add to MY costume. LOL
So post away peeps. Please no fowl language.

Suzy West
ps...check back in a few days...I'll have my "costume" ready.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Freaking Awesome!

Sunday our family decided to get together and go to Fleet Week in San Francisco.
Since my dad opened up his new dental lab we haven't seen my parents as much as we are used to seeing them. My parents are so cute! They miss each other when they are not together so my mom goes to work with him.
I've been traveling a lot so we all needed time together.
The day was absolutely beautiful!!! 75 degrees in San Francisco is

I love this picture of us girls!!! Christian took the picture.
This is one of my favorite walls in Ghiradelli Square

We asked someone to take our picture. It's not great but that's okay.
I love the picture!!
My bigger babies!! Angel and Christian. They are so cute!!
Okay gotta say that I think my little Sierra is an amazing photographer. I asked her to take our picture and to please get a little bit of the background. She rocked this picture!!! I love how she put us on the side...focused...and then moved the camera over to capture the background as well!! I was wow'd when I saw the picture!
Our view during the air show!!
The blue Angels!! They were great!!
It was a freaking awesome day!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

I will...

Tristan is one of the most special little beings I know!! I honestly believe that when he was in heaven our Heavenly Father put some extra finishing touches on him before sending him down because this kid is fabulous!
He brings so much happiness in my life! I love being his grandma!!
I laugh just thinking of the crazy things he does and tries to say.
I love that when he sees me he gets so excited to show me what is in his hands even if it's just a bag full of cereal.

I love that he often has this look on his face. It's the one he has when he's trying to figure something out.

I love that he's curious and what ever you point at he needs to look and says, "ooooh" even though there maybe nothing there. LOL

I love that even though we call him by name a thousand times he won't look up until he's done doing what he's doing.

I love that our Heavenly Father looked at him and knew he would be the perfect son for Angel and Christian! I love that he trusts that they will do the best they can for him.
I love that he's part of me and that through out his life no matter what age he is or I am ...he'll know for a fact that he can come to me and I'll always be there.
I will always make time for him.
I will always be ready to shower him with hugs and kisses.
I will always say the words, "I love you" when I see him.
I'll always tell him the truth.
I'll always see only the good in him.
I'll be the one with the posters screaming out his name at his kindergarten graduation.
I'll be the old lady with the crazy looking sweater vests wearing an "I heart Tristan" button that lights up when he graduates from high school.
I'll be the proud grandma that will be crying from pure happiness when I watch him get married.
I will...infinity!!

I love you my little sweetheart!

Monday, October 04, 2010

let the countdown begin!

I was invited to teach at Treasured Memories in Oak Park, Ca in December.
I will be teaching a few classes and one of them is this project that I made at an all day crop.
It's using Punky Sprouts 12x12 corrugated boards and Echo Park Christmas line.
I adhered everything with Helmar's 450 Quick Dry!!
what do you think?
Speaking of countdowns, as many of you know my knees have been in pretty bad shape for a while. I had surgery on my right knee a couple of years ago and will have to have surgery on it again in the future. I just found out that I have to have surgery on my LEFT one in December!
I'm totally scared but I know it will help me.
So let the countdown begin!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hambly Spooktacular event!!!

Come join us for a Spooktacular event at
HAMBLY Studios!!!!!

Where: Hambly Studios
941 George Street
Santa Clara, Ca 95054
When: Thursday, October 21, 2010
Time: 5pm-8pm
Who: Everyone all ages are welcome. Come in costume!
What: Hambly is opening their doors to EVERYONE on this wonderful night!!

--Make n' takes for the kids (free)
--Tour of the warehouse
--come take pictures and get them printed for FREE by Gina our Canon rep.
--shop at RIDICULOUS low prices
plus MORE fun!!

This will be an awesome event that you don't want to miss!!!
You don't have to rsvp but please leave me a comment here if you are in the area
and want to come!!!

Price teasers (selected items):
Silk Screen Papers
normally: $1.69--$1.99
(ONLY $.75 each)

normally $3.00
(only $1.00 each)

normally $4.00-$5.00
(only $1.50 each)

Plus more ridiculous awesome crazy deals!!!

Hope to see you there!!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Holidays

Believe it or not, the holidays are approaching!
Most years I'm scared of even thinking of Christmas coming up so soon. This year I decided to embrace the idea by creating a fun holiday project!!

This is a book I made using my Punky Sprouts album with the new CRATE PAPER holiday line!
I used Helmar to adhere all the different embellishments!!
It's such a fun collection. Loved all the fun colors, stickers, and chipboard.

I'll be teaching this class at different stores!! Hopefully it will be at one near you!!!

I made a fun book within the book.

These are some of the pages that I created!!! I still need to add some journaling but it's almost done!!! Thanks for looking.
Suzy West

Monday, September 27, 2010

Treasure the moments project

As I've mentioned lately, I've been creating like crazy!!!!

This is my newest Punky Sprouts project that I made using my Junk In My Punk album with brand new Crate Paper. I love this line!!!!

I also used Shimmerz, Studio Calico, and Epiphany Crafts!

I love the Punky Sprout canvas flowers, they add so much to my book

This is my favorite picture of my beautiful niece and daughter together!

Check out that fun photo. It was made with the newest Canon printer!!!

Thanks for looking everyone!!!! I'll be teaching this one at different stores through out the country!!


Suzy West

ps. thanks for the sweet words on my previous post!! You guys rock!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is me...

This is me...RAW!
I think everybody knows that I am an open book.
I am ME here, there, everywhere.
It's pretty scary but it's true.

I love these pictures of me...not because I'm hot or sexy...because really truly..
reality is...I'm getting old! LOL

Exhibit #1--the wrinkles
Check out all those wrinkles! You know what? I'm okay with them
The ones around my eyes just mean that I smile a lot!!
If that causes me to have even more wrinkles? So be it! LOL

I'm okay with having one of those "funny" faces. I have crazy features but it's okay.
I'm just me and there is no one else like me.

The real me is as clueless as can be! I say things that even make me wondering what the freak is going on in my head. LOL

The real me behaves like a child! I still watch cartoons with the kids and
could watch I-Carly all day long! My idea of a great trip is going to Disneyland!!

The real me LOVES to wear headbands! I wear one almost everyday!!
Secret: I even buy them at Gymboree and other fun kid places to find some that represent ME!

The real me is full of love for my friends and family.
I love knowing that they know that I would do anything for them.
You can call me or text me at ANY time of the day and night and I'll always answer for you!

The real me is full of flaws but I know I'm only human!
The people that are my REAL friends know that they could come and talk to me if they had a problem with them and we can just fix it and then it's all forgotten.

So yes...this is me. Take me or leave me.
YOU can always send me a text, email, or call me and it doesn't matter if we haven't talked in a day, week, year, or long. Either way...I'll always be here.

Hugs, Suzy West
Leave me a reply. I'd love to hear from ya!

Friday, September 17, 2010

and the winners are...

Hi there gals!!! I am excited to announce that the winners of the kits are:
Hi Suzy! I come to your blog to bread about what you are doing and see what classes you teach. I love your classes. Hope to take another one soon. I told Claudette about your blog.
and her friend
Hi Suzy - I come to your blog to read your stories, learn about new products and to check out your classes. Please enter me in your giveaway :)
Christine Rossi sent me to your blog.
Claudette Clements
Granite Bay, CA

Email me at with your addresses so I can send you your prizes!!!
Suzy West

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scrapbooker's Bliss ROCKED!!

I just got back from a wonderful weekend filled with teaching, laughter, and just pure bliss...Scrapbooker's Bliss that is!
I would like to thank Joanne and Tracy for all their wonderful hospitality!!!
I would like to thank my partner in crime, Gina Lideros. Gina and I are two peas in a pod and I am so grateful to have her in my life!!! We had a blast!!!
Last, I would like to thank everyone that came to all my different classes!! I had so much fun with you!! I didn't get a chance to take a lot of pictures but the rest of the gals did and I'll try to collect some to post!
In the meantime, check out this funny video I made.
Will be posting the winners of my class kits tomorrow!! So check back again!! :)
Suzy West
ps. click the X where you see the "pets" so you can read the little comments

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'm off to Canada....and guess what I'm giving away....

I am so excited about teaching in Canada this weekend!!! I've invited my friend Gina to come with me and to show everyone how to use the Cannon Printers and cameras!! We are going to have a blast!!! I'll be at Scrapbooker's Bliss!!!

So I'm in an EXTRA good mood!! I told you guys I would be doing a give-away this week! I was thinking of what I could give one of you lucky scrappers...and I think I came up with the perfect thing!
These are the two classes I will be teaching this weekend...How would you like to win one of these? Well here's how!!!

Post why you come and visit this blog.
Add your name and where you are from.
Here's the next thing...
have your friends come here and post their name and state and WHO sent them here(this is important). Whoever has the MOST people come will get to pick the kit of their choice. I will then pick someone that you sent over and that person will win the second class kit!!

Sound fun????? You have from NOW until Sunday night to have as many friends come over and post away!!!!! Good luck!!!!
Suzy West

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

where have ((I)) been? (winner announced) (challenge update)

This past week was a busy one for me!! I didn't even blog!! SAY WHAT? :)
Last week I was creating projects for some upcoming classes that I'll be teaching soon. I was really excited to play with some new Crate Paper! The products are absolutely delish! I'm almost done with my samples! Can't wait for you to see it!

So I wanted to catch up with everyone about the challenge I set on August 30th.
It was the SMILE challenge. I know some of you took me up on this offer.
Please let me know who you are!!!
How was it? Did anything change or did you have any nice experiences this past week?

I'm so excited that so many of you LOVE the Shimmerz products!!!
I played with them over the weekend and lots of friends wanted to play with them.
So we have a winner for the give-away.
The winner is:

lisa (aka Leezy) said...

Thanks for the chance to win.

Congratulations!!! Please email me at Include your name and address.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

I will be giving away some fun stuff this week...all you need to post on my blog posts this week! I'll choose someone to send something to!!

Have a great day!

Suzy West

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There's a first time for everything

Today we had some firsts!

My son Jeremy woke up, got ready, and headed out for his first day as a JR. in high school!
I, for the first time...didn't make a HUGE deal and take a thousand pictures of him and
treat him like a little boy.
I let him enjoy the morning and took only a couple pictures and sent him on his way.
My little Sierra woke up, got ready, and started her first day of school as a 4th grader.
Last night she told me she wanted to try on all of her new outfits and decided on her favorite. I love that she felt so good about herself. She was so sweet looking at herself in the mirror.
Today I am at home by myself...for the first time in a long time.
So I'm going to clean my scrap area. clean the kitchen. vacuum. take the dogs out.
I will thank my Heavenly Father for giving me my children.
I will thank him for letting me have the opportunity to experience these firsts with them and for letting me be their mother.
I hope that today you will experience a first and that it will make you happy!!
Have a wonderful day!!!
Suzy West

we knew the day would come...

I can tell you everything about the day Sierra was born. It was more than NINE years ago and I still remember what I was wearing, what I did that morning, and the look on the face of the dr. that I had met with and told me I was giving birth...THAT DAY!
It was two months BEFORE Sierra was due and even though I wasn't ready...she needed to be born. I could barely move. My blood pressure was way high and I had Toxemia and preeclampsia. I got in the car with Angel who had gone to my appointment with me and called Paul to tell them that I was going straight to the hospital to be induced.
There was ONE fear....that her lungs wouldn't be fully developed.

The NIGHT Sierra was born, we were grateful that she was fine and that her lungs were fully developed. There were fireworks in the sky because it was the 4th of July. I was holding her and she was awake looking up at me. Even though I knew she probably couldn't see me clearly I honestly felt as if she was scoping me out.

That same night we saw that she was a little yellow. The nurses took her from me to check her out. They put her under the lights because they said she was jaundice. When she was in the bili machine her biliruben levels would go down. When they took her out they would change and go way up high.
She stayed in the hospital for problem for two weeks. The day before she went home a new dr. came in and asked me if anyone in my family had blood issues. I immediately thought of my family and said no. Then dh helped make her...I told the dr. that he had a condition called Hereditary Spherocytosis.
I remember her saying, "that's exactly what I thought you would say".
Through out her life she's been in and out of dr. visits over this very condition. One thing we knew would probably happen one day was that they would need to take out her spleen.

well...we think the time has come to consider taking it out.
We know that our blood dies every 120 days. For people with HS it's different. Their blood dies faster...they say about every 50-90 days (everyone is different). The HS specialists today said they think that Sierra's blood is dying about every 15 days!! She does make new blood very quickly but what they have also found is that her body is working to fix things about 15% MORE the normal rate it should be working. She should be exhausted!
They also worry about her getting gallstones. People with HS get this.
If we take out the spleen it will help her a lot. It will probably take away the jaundice. (She may still have some symptoms because she also has Gilberts disease)
her red blood cells won't be killed off so fast like they do now.
She won't have to worry about anemia, gallstones, and other symptoms.
They say that it may even give her more energy and she'll feel a lot better.

The dr. has NOT decided what to do yet. He wants to think about it because even though she has these issues...she's actually quite healthy. Even though she is jaundice she's full of energy. She has not had to get a blood trasfusion yet.
So he says we have time to think about it and he wants to talk to us as a family. We are meeting back with him next month.
Sierra was a little scared but he made her feel a lot better and she told me that she thinks it might help her.
She was so cute. She took on the challenge I gave out today to smile more. I looked at her from the rear view mirror and saw that she looked a little sad. When she looked at me she flashed me a HUGE smile. She then said..."you remember the challenge". It made me smile.
We joked around and sang the rest of the way home.
We are going to pray about what decision we should make.
If you read this whole thing..thanks for "listening".
Suzy West

Monday, August 30, 2010

Life is too

I was driving home today from running an errand. I had the music booming to my GLEE soundtrack and was thinking about how lucky I was to have such a beautiful family. Even though I probably looked like a dork, I knew I had a huge smile on my face.
I looked to my left and noticed the driving had a huge frown on his face. I looked to my right and that driver looked more upset than the one to my left.
It made me sad to think that we have only one life to live...and it's a pretty short so,
why waste it frowning?
while I'm on this beautiful earth, I want to try to be as happy as possible.
At church Sunday, one of the speakers spoke about smiling. He was saying how much he loved to smile and that he tried to give a smile to everyone. I thought that was awesome!!!
Thinking of that...I turned to the my left again...and the driver looked at me...I smiled at him...and even though he had been frowning...he smiled back at me. I then turned to my right and smiled at the lady...she looked a little confused...and probably thought I was on something...but she gave me a smile.
It made me feel good to see those people smile. I am sure I will probably never see them again...I probably didn't make what was bugging them a whole lot better...but for a brief second, they smiled and that made me happy!!

I'd like to give you a challenge...and I hope you take me up on this.
this even more than you normally smile.
I bet that if you take this challenge...your days will be brighter and that you'll notice more people smiling around you!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!
Suzy West