Friday, November 18, 2011

My England Trip (some of my favorites!)

My trip to England was fabulous!
I had the opportunity to work at the hobby and craft fair and see some of my students from my last trip and meet new crafters.
After the show I went to the new company that I'm working for. We planned a lot of our CHA show plus I got to play with some new colors! We also worked on some other fun things!!!
After three days of meetings I spent a full day of fun with my friend Amanda.
Here are a few pictures of my trip.
I love this building!! It was so beautiful!! 

I couldn't wait to get to Harrods!! The windows were just beautiful!!



This dress--WOW!

She looked so real!

Loved shopping there!!! Lots of fun goodies!

Walking through the town of Windsor.

Such a fun town!!

This is such a beautiful place!!!

This Castle is gorgeous!!!

The beautiful church

This place is HUGE!

Beautiful gardens!

The guards!!

We were walking through London and I saw this beautiful building!!

I got to stay at the most beautiful bed and breakfast that was built in the 1700's!

Looking forward to going back in February!! Thanks for looking!!
Suzy West

Monday, November 14, 2011

DT update!!! :)

Hi everyone!!! I'm super excited about all the submissions I'm getting. They are all beautiful!!!
I wanted to answer a couple of questions for ya.

Is this an international call? YES---we want demonstrators everywhere!!!

Wondering why I haven't given the name? The company is already established outside the US. (the main company has been around since the 1700's!!) The products that we are introducing in the US will be a little different  so we don't want to confuse you and our customers. We are working on a temporary website but we have some other things that have to get done first...such as...finishing up the new stamps (big deadline) and other time sensitive things. As soon as we pick the team, we'll give more details to them as we get everything ready!!! Our embossing powders are so beautiful! If you have seen anything embossed on a hallmark card...that's us! :) Yes, they use our products!

We are thrilled at the great response!!! We are excited to be debuting at CHA and have big plans!! We are happy to find people that not only want to be dt members but demonstrators. We want them all over so everyone can play with our products! That's why payment is involved with that part of it.

Please continue to email me personally your submissions!! Pass the word along!! :)

DT call is in post below.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

official design team call...

Hi everyone! I'm excited to be working for this company and to be heading up this dt call! Even though it's NEW to the US...the company has been around for a long time. It's the baby company to a HUGE company that has been around since the 1700's!!(more to come...I'm such a tease, I know! LOL)

 I'm going to make this easy for ya. Here's what we are looking for:

I am looking for 20-25 design team members (some will also be company educators) to join my 2012 team. The main product is embossing powders but there are other products such as stamps.
I'm looking for happy positive designers that can create projects of all kinds: cards, layouts, and mixed media projects.

 --each designer will commit to a 12 month term.
--Each designer will commit to creating THREE projects a month: There should be at least one layout and one card. I would like to see a variety of different book projects from each designer every so often. If you were to create a book project that would equal out to three projects for the month.
--You will create a HOW TO blog post ONCE in your 12 month term. We will assign you a date.
--You must have an active blog to promote our company and willing to share at any of your social medial groups.
--You may be asked to create for our trade shows so projects would need to be shipped. (some projects may be kept for future shows)

--each designer will have their bio/picture on our website.
--each designer will receive products every quarter.
--each designer will have the opportunity to DEMOnstrate at their local scrapbook, stamp, and or craft store and receive an hourly payment($ will blow your mind!) PLUS 10% commission of ALL sales. (will explain more to those that make the team--awesome plan!!)
--teaching classes at your stores will be encouraged and we will help provide you with the products that you need!!
--Payment will be given to all projects approved for the trade shows.
--All classes and demos that you create will be advertised on our blog to help spread the word!!

How to apply:
--Send your application to
--Include: Name, address, phone number, and email address
--Include your personal blog and a link to where we can see your work.
--Tell us about yourself and why you want to be on this team.
 --Attach three of YOUR favorite projects (Please make sure the pictures are not HUGE)
--Please include a list of all the teams you are on or have been on. (You DO NOT have to have dt experience but if you have some please include)
--Please include if you have a local scrapbook/stamp/craft store that you can demo and/or teach at OR if you are a traveling teacher. 

Please note: You can not be on another company team that sells embossing powder.

The call is NOW open and will remain open until November 27th. I will announce the new design team on December 1st. Those that are picked for the team....first assignment might be CHA project!

Thanks everyone!!! Looking forward to seeing your application!

Suzy West
Marketing Coordinator, US territory

Friday, November 11, 2011

New dt call

hi everyone! I'm sitting at the airport in England waiting to board. I am so looking forward to getting home as I miss my family tremendously! :)
I've been busy at work trying to get everything done to get ready for our CHA release and let me tell you I'm super excited!! I would like to thank everyone for all the emails that I have received concerning the dt. We have put together an amazing program!!
I'm looking for dt/demonstrators from all over the world! To start off and so it's not too crazy we will have about 20-25 designers. Those that join the team will receive lots of products to design with. You will also have the opportunity to do demos and teach at your lss with the products. For those that take the time to demonstrate and help us get the word out there about our wonderful products (and I'll explain more later)...guess what.... There will not only be hourly payment...but also a percentage of sales!!! Am I joking? Totally not!!!
this is quite exciting!!!!!!
the official call will go out in a day or two but like I said before...I'm already looking and anyone is welcome to post their work here so I can start looking! Can you tell how excited I am about this?
thanks everyone for your time and interest in my new venture!!!
Suzy West