Friday, December 28, 2007

Busy busy busy

So these last couple of weeks have been super busy but fun for the family. We had a lot going on with the holidays, making sure Sierra didn't get sick again, outings, work, and more.

Here are some of my favorite pictures. (borrowed the game ones from Erin's blog, LOL)

I absolutely LOVE this photo of Erin, Kristen, and I.
The three of us (plus our friend Jenny) are going to hang out in Anaheim for CHA!!

One of my best buddies on this entire planet!! We LOVE spending time together. We are so crazy together!! Love you girl!

Okay talk about emotional, this was BY's last game here. Watching the team carry him off the field had Erin and I in tears!

Yesterday we worked hard on moving everything around. We fixed the entire stamp area. Love how it's organized nicely!! Thanks Michelle and Angel!

Okay so I had more photos to post but for some reason it's not letting me. LOL I'll try to post more tomorrow.

Hugs, Suzy West

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Can't believe Christmas is over!! We had such a great day! The night before we were so excited that no one wanted to sleep, well except Sierra who was freaking out over going to sleep because she didn't want Santa to miss our house. She flew to bed and fell a sleep fast! LOL
I was super emotional because this was my first Christmas with out Angel in the house. I missed her a lot but felt happy that she was spending it with her family and that they were having a great time in their house.
Here are some of my most favorite photos from Christmas (in no order)
Sierra and Jeremy on Christmas Eve. Love this photo!!

Tanner at my parents house. He was excited about playing with wrapping paper.

Angel and Ashleigh. These two are so crazy together!!

My favorite photo. A picture of my family

Angel and her family

Paul and I

My parents

Julio and his beautiful family

Getting ready to go to my parents house, Sierra asked me if she could take a picture of Jeremy and I. She did such a great job!!

The kids at my parents house

Jeremy took this picture of Sierra and I. My kids could be photographers!!

My mom having a ton of fun with her new Gucci glasses, Coach purse, and vest jacket.

This years talent show was so much fun!! The kids danced to YMCA

Sierra singing Jingle Bell Rock and Feliz Navidad

Angel sang, A broken Wing

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful family whom I love so much!!

Happy holidays to everyone!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Scenic Route's love line

Scenic Route has just come out with a brand new Love Line. I am so loving it. These are just three cards that I quickly made for the store. I used one sheet of stickers and I still had a ton left over for at least 10 more cards!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

What a fun weekend!!

I had a blast this past weekend!!!

Friday I worked but at night I got to just hang out with my friends. I scrapped with two of my favorite gals, Christiane and Pattie!! They are so much fun!!

Saturday, I worked until 2pm and then went to the niner game!!! It was so much fun!!! I got to hang out with Kristen, Steph, and two of their friends. It was such a fun high energy game!!
After the game I met my brother and Luis at the back lot and they got to meet some of their favorite players.

Sunday, I slept in a little. I went out with my little Sierra and bought stuff to make cookies and more Christmas presents.
We went out to lunch and had one of most fun conversations.
Sierra asks me.."Mommy I've been meaning to ask you. What's up with the tooth fairy? Does she really have wings AND if noone has ever seen her how do we know she has wings?"
"Also, how do reindeer fly? I believe it's magic! It's the only logical (didn't know she knew this word) explanation."
We talked about her health and fears. We talked about Christmas and other subjects.
She was so cute. I love our conversations.
Making cookies was a lot of fun!!! Sierra really got into her cookies. Of course, I forgot my camera at work so didn't get a picture. I was so bummed but at least I got to enjoy the fun.

This week I need to finish my shopping.
Suzy West

Monday, December 10, 2007

Game day

Yesterday, Jeremy and I went to the 49er game. It had been a few years since we had been to a game so I was really excited!!! Jeremy couldn't wait to go. We got great seats from my friend Kristen. She was so awesome, she knows how shy Jeremy is so she introduced Jeremy to the players and took pictures with a lot of them. Here are some of my most favorite pictures from the game. Notice someone there that is NOT a player??? Yup, that's Don Diamont from the Young and the Restless!! He was even hotter in real life!!

Goldrush cheerleaders.

"Brad" from Young and the Restless

Friday, December 07, 2007


I love this time of the year!! I have this feeling of peace and joy and although we are always with extended family it seems even more fun during the holidays!
We have a lot of traditions during and can't wait to be together to do them!!

Christmas eve:
the kids open up ONE present. It's always the same thing...pj's.LOL
Santa Claus always calls. This is so much fun!!
We sing songs and read the Nativity story.
We eat at my parents house.
We make cookies for Santa.

Christmas traditions:
The annual kids talent show!! This is on Christmas day and ALL the kids perform. Each year a different kid is the "host". They love this! There is singing, dancing, poems, etc. We love this!
We always have tamales in the morning!! YUM!

New Years traditions:
We write down our New Year resolutions, sign, date, and put in a box.
Wear red undergarments--It's so you always have a great love life.
Money in your pockets--so you are never with out.
food on the table--so you always have food in your home.
burn that years calendar and put up the new one--out with the old in with the new.
eat 12 grapes--say a resolution with each grape you eat.

There are more but these are my favorites.

Hope you have a prosperous New Year!!! Hope it's filled with lots of love, peace, and joy!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A memorable night

Tonight was such a fun night for the family. Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Carlos, Angel, Christian, and Tanner came over to help us decorate the tree. This is my first year with out Angel in the house. I'm kinda sad that she won't be here Christmas morning, but knowing she's happy with her family makes it all worth it. I love seeing them happy!!

We had a fire burning and Christmas music playing tonight. It was so nice.

Here are some of the pictures from this memorable night.

Angel being silly in front of the tree.

My three beautiful kiddos.
My little Sierra. She is so sweet. I'm so happy that she's doing a lot better. Even though she's looking a little yellow, she's feeling pretty good. Still waiting to for the test results from her hospital stay last Friday.

My cutie Jeremy. He loves it when we build a fire.
Tanner helping to put the ornaments on the tree.
LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos of Tanner. He's so stinkin' cute!

Sierra had such a great time putting ornaments in the tree.
I love the holiday season. It's so much fun!! I love to decorate the house, love listening to 96.5 all day long because they play 24/7 Christmas music. We love going down Nicolet street to see all the beautiful lights. We always call people to sing Christmas songs to them. LOL We're silly that way.
Love planning the talent show that the kids put on Christmas day.
I hope your holiday season is just as much fun!!!
Hugs, Suzy West

Monday, December 03, 2007

Las Vegas photos

Las Vegas was so much fun!! There are so many fun photos but these are my most favorite!! (sorry they are in no order)

This picture is in front of the Paris Hotel. If you haven't been here you definitely have to go. Rocio and I ate at the restaurant in the Eiffel tower. I think it's on the 7th floor over looking the Bellagio Hotel. SO BEAUTIFUL! We also went up to the very top, I believe it was the 30th floor. The view was spectacular!

This is inside the Wynn hotel. They fixed it up so beautiful!! We were in awe!

This was the view at the Paris Hotel.

More pictures of the Wynn
The view from Paris restaurant.
The reason we went to Las Vegas. Alejandro Sanz concert rocked!!

Picture of the Wynn hotel--wowsers!
In front of one of my most favorite hotels, Venetian. It's beautiful inside and out.
Rocio and I on the Gondola.
If you haven't been to Vegas you need to go!! It's the best!!!

Hugs, Suzy West

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Conversation with my 6 year old

So I was shopping with Sierra this past weekend. She was showing me what she liked. She shows me this stuffed animal and says, " It's a webkin and you can go to and play games mommy." I tell her how neat that is and how when I was young I didn't have the internet.
That comment sparked this conversation:
Sierra: "Is it because you were a caveman mommy?" (yes, totally serious! LOL)
Me: "Um no sweetie, I was not a caveman!"
Sierra: "were there airplanes when you were young?"
Me: "yes sweetie there were!"
Sierra: "Were there cars or did you have to ride a horse everywhere?"
Me: "sweetie....mommy isn't that old. We lived in a house like you do. We had cars and airplanes back then too."
Sierra: "Oh cool! I would love to see pictures of you when you were young! To bad there were no cameras."
okie doke, so I aged about 20 years after that conversation! LOL
HugsSuzy West

Monday, November 26, 2007

Favorite pics

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately! Here are some of my favorites of my beautiful family.

Angel and Christian @ Thanksgiving
I love these pictures of them.

Love Sierra's beautiful smile.

Angel and Tanner at the zoo. Taking a break from the animals.

picture of Angel and Ashleigh. So cute!!

Robbie, grandpa, and Jeremy on Thanksgiving