Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Layouts--some favorites

Hey there friends!! I wanted to show you some fun layouts that I've done recently. I'll be teaching layouts like these with friends!! These all show WOW Embossing Powders, Templates by Crafters Workshop, My Minds Eye papers, stickers, and more!!

Don't forget about the contest I'm having this week!! Look at the post below.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love to create and....WIN a canvas kit!

When I was young I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. For a long time the answer was teacher or Dr. but in my heart of hearts...I always wanted to be nothing other than a mom. I loved playing with my dolls and every time I saw a baby I wanted to keep it. LOL  As I got older I thought I better go to school to do something because being a mommy wasn't going to pay the bills. LOL I went to school to be a nurse and let me tell you...that didn't last long! LOL I realized early on that I didn't like blood. I also realized that being a teacher wouldn't work because I didn't like to study and do homework let alone get others to do the same. LOL In the end I went to school to learn business management.
Soon after I became a mom , I realized that yes, that's what I wanted to be. I LOVE being a mom. I  love hugging my kids and telling them over and over again how much I love them.
I also came to realize that I LOVE creating. It's been in me for a long time. I come from a family of extremely creative people. My grandma could cook, design, sew, crotchet, etc. My great uncle could also design and do other things. My dad is extremely creative with his hands and has designed beautiful things for my mom.
I love that I have two passions! My kids and designing. I love that both make my life complete.
My last post I said that I found a quote that I totally loved! It's probably my most favorite one in a long time. I feel that it fits me as an individual. I created a project using the quote. Hope you like it.
"She designed a life she loved"
 I love working on canvas. For those that have been following my work for a long time know that I've published different books and designed my own canvases for many years.
I also love designing on books!! I mean...I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
One of my last ones is this one
I'll be teaching this class plus others this weekend at Treasured Memories in Oak Park, Ca. I can't wait!! I have a lot of places that I'm going to be in the next couple months and I'm adding more for the next year. Keep coming back to see where I'll be.
So it's been a while since I did a give away.
For those of you that like the canvas and the book above...
Leave a comment and tell me which project you like and why and the winner will receive a kit!!
You have from now until Monday, October 8th to post.
Thanks for coming to read and check out my blog. I appreciate you leaving a comment.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My favorite new saying

The other day I found this saying and I totally and completely fell in love with it. Ready for it?
She designed a life she loved.
How cool is that?
It really got me many of us are living the life that we love?
Realistically, it would be hard to have everything we ever wanted but if you think about it...why do we NEED to have everything?
I'm so happy to have a beautiful family, loving friends, a roof over my head, and I'm pretty healthy! That's all I really need.
Have a wonderful  week!