Thursday, September 27, 2007

My friend Jenn is coming!!!

I'm so excited I can't stand it!!!
My friend Jenn is coming to stay with me for four days. I met Jenn a few years back when she came to California with a friend. She wanted to come visit the store when it was in the garage. She asked me if I would come teach at her store when she opened it. I was so thrilled! I've been there twice. Her store is absolutely beautiful!!! If you are ever in Auburn, Maine go visit Memory Lane Pages.

So we have become SUPER close!! She's my IM buddy!! We chat and laugh at everything.

Anyways, we were chatting almost two weeks ago. I brought up Anniversary crop. Jokingly, I said, "you should come!" You should have seen my face when she hesitated for a bit and then said she would. I was THRILLED!!! Within minutes I had found a fare for her from MA. She quickly replied that she found one cheaper from ME. OMG I begged her to book it!LOL
She talked to Phil, who by the way, is the nicest guy ever!!! He told her to come!!! LOVE YA MAN!!!
So now, tonight at 11:30pm I'm going to pick her up!! I can't wait to see her!!!! She'll be here til' MOnday night.

Can't wait to spend time with her!! It's going to be a party because my other awesome friend, Angel is coming from Sacramento and is staying with me from Friday-Sunday. We are going to have a blast!!!!

Suzy West

Monday, September 24, 2007

So excited!!!

La Fondue finally re-opened!!! Yipee!!!
They closed in June so they could move the restaurant about 20 yds. down the street.
They were supposed to close for ONLY 2 months. They ended up closing for THREE and I was having serious withdrawls!!
I was calling every week to see if they were open and I kept getting the same message...that they were closed.
So last week I called and the message was gone and the phone started to ring!! I was soooo thrilled that I didn't know what to say!LOL
I got a new gal and made my reservation. TWO OF THEM!LOL One for this week and one for next week.
So tonight, Erin, Rocio, and I will be heading over there!!!
Oh forgot to mention, they opened on Friday. I went on Saturday!!LOL
It looks super!!!! They have the blue, pink, black, and I think they said the retro room.
Can't wait to go with my girls!!
Suzy West

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I know I'm a slacker!!! updates

Okay so I know I'm a slacker. I've been so busy with so much going on.

1. Finishing up the last projects for my next book coming out!!! It's going to debut in January! So excited about this one!!
2. We are getting ready for our anniversary crop! We have so many we have two days!
3. The big event is just around the corner! The projects rock!
4. Lonae has put together this awesome event, Crop for the cure. SO EXCITING!!! Coming up next month!!
5. I'm hosting a Cookie Lee party on Tuesday! I'm so excited! Amber Swickard is a new consultant and I couldn't wait to do a party!!! If you would like to join us email me @ . The party starts at 7:30pm.
6. The kids have a lot going on. Poor Jeremy always has a ton of homework. I can't wait to get home every night to spend time with them.
7. We have two kittens that we are trying to find homes for. They are about 3 months old. We can't take care of them so we want to find them a nice home. If you are interested in one or both please email me @ They are the cutest things ever!

I think that's everything!
Suzy West

Friday, September 07, 2007

I've been Simponized!!

Have any of you Simponized yourselves? If you haven't, you should!!! Go here to do this!!! Let me know what look like.
Suzy West

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sierra starts 1st grade

Sierra started 1st grade today!!! She was so stinkin' excited!! She kept saying, "I can't believe I'm in 1st grade and I'm in room 9." she's so funny!
She asked me to post pictures of her on the blog. She loves to see herself on it. She also asked me to take pictures of her shoes, pants, and shirt. LOL

Sierra, excited about being in room 9!!!