Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The year is coming to an end...

I can't believe that 2006 is almost over!! This year has been filled with a ton of fun and excitement as well as craziness both professionally and personally. It's funny but I truly believe that everything that has happened both good and bad, has happened for a reason and it's made everything good! Somethings even better!!

Anyways, we have all been busy here doing our thing. Here's the 411.

Sierra: She's doing really great in school!! She absolutely loves it!!! Loves her class, her friends, her teacher, loves it all. As for her health? It's okay. She is well most of the time but every so often she has an episode and it's kinda scary. She bounces back very fast though. She's accepted that she has Hereditary spherocytosis. Recently she prayed to Heavenly Father that he would bless her. It was such a sweet prayer. She's being a good mommy to Diamond.LOL There was one week that she couldn't find him and it was one of the most emotional weeks she has ever had. We talked about her not finding him and she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and cried out, "it's because I'm a bad mommy!!" OMG my heart just sank. I told her it wasn't because she was a bad mommy but because Diamond was so little. LOL She found him and all was well. LOL

Jeremy: He's doing okay in school. LOL We'll leave it at that. LOL He's such a sweetheart. He's been opening up lately. He doesn't give a lot of extra info out but if you ask him something he'll talk about it a little more.
He's excited that he has a cell phone. His first big boy toy. He loves to use it. He doesn't really know what to talk about but he calls me everyday after school to tell me the same thing..."mom? I'm walking." Which translates to: I just got off of school and my friends and I are walking to Sierra's school.LOL

Angel: She's such a good mommy. I don't know how she does it all. She watches Tanner all day (who I think believes he's a monkey because he wants to be hanging on someone all the time), she's finishing up school, is planning her wedding, and she helps to run the store. Sometimes when we are working I say to her, "one day this will all be yours!" she laughed one day and said, "wow I get a garage!"LOL That's right baby!LOL

Paul: He's been busy working...working...working. He's finishing up some project. He's excited that we now have digital cable. What does that mean? he's going to be watching even more tv. LOL

Christian: He just started his new job yesterday and came home so happy!!! He started working at a company called Gilig. He had to purchase some tools and we were the lucky ones who got to hear about every single tool he got!LOL Showed us the tool box and his cool new work shoes. LOL His new hours are 5am-1:30pm. He came home yesterday and Angel made him lunch and sent him to take a nap.LOL
We are very proud of him!!!

Tanner: is almost 6 months and has brought this family so much happiness!! He's a ball of energy!! He wants to crawl! It's so cute!! We love our little guy!!

Myself: I'm so enjoying being a grandma!!! Tanner is so much fun!!! Everyday he gives COUNTLESS amount of smiles. He's just a happy baby!! My entire family brings me so much joy!!! Last night I went out with my mom to the mall and we laughed at the craziest things!!! It was so awesome!!!

I'm excited that CHA is coming up!!! I'll be teaching a class of 100 there. I was also asked to teach at Timeless Treasures during CHA. I'll be teaching on Saturday morning and Tuesday night.

The garage is doing great!! our entire design team ROCKS!!! All of them!!! I love everything they do!!! I also enjoy all the gals that come over and hang out during crops, classes, etc. It's so much fun!!! I was thrilled to see Grace the other day. I hadn't seen her for sometime. We caught up and she helped photograph Lizz's wedding. We had a really funny moment!LOL Grace if you are reading this..LOL love the photo!!LOL
I don't know why but I'm feeling the need to thank my friends!!! Especially these gals: Laurie girl--I love ya man!! Rocio--oh my gosh---you rock!! Michelle--Thank you for everything you do! Lonae---Thanks for being you!!! Jenn--I love my time with you!!! Come and hang out more!!LOL
Thanks to all my friends!! You have no idea how grateful I am to have you in my life!!

okay I think I've bored you to death!LOL Here are some of my favorite new photos!!

Photo of Sierra and her teddy bear. If you hang out at Beverly's you might see this picture. I was asked to design a project for each one of their stores.

The back of Angel's wedding dress. It's so beautiful!!!

Jeremy and Robby!! Cousins and buddies!!

Tanner--I know a little blurry but he's so cute!!

Angel, Tanner, and Christian--love this photo of the three of them!!

Angel, myself, Erika, and Ashleigh

Angel being a freak!!LOL She's so funny!

Julio with Tanner. This picture is so stinkin' cute!!

Happy Holidays!!!


Laurie said...

Awwww....I love you too! :) Hope we can get together and scrap soon!

erin said...

wow! that was such a sweet post! and a holiday letter of sorts, all in one! i miss you and the garage and all the girls! soon, i hope very soon.


mesogoofy2 said...

Cute post! I'm hoping to get over to a crop real soon!!!

That photo of Sierra and her teddy looks SOOOO familiar...I feel like I've seen it before, many times, actually, like maybe 60, I'm having dejavu!!! ;0)