Thursday, December 01, 2011

I've been a bad bad bad blogger!

Hi everyone! Remember me? I'm the crazy frizzy hair girl that has been missing in action. In my defense, I've been beyond super swamped. I'm not just talking regular super swamped....but insane crazy super swamped!
Here's what's going on since I came back from England...(the last post).

--I went on another trip.
--I have been finishing up the design of the booth.
--I met up with my fabulous 5 dt leads for a CHA meeting.
--Working on new stamps
--working on new other stuff. :)
--working on my CHA class using the new book I designed for Basically Bare and more.
--I went on a 4 day trip to work on CHA projects at my good friend, Gina's house.
--Went through almost 200 amazingly beautiful submissions. Chose 26 of them.
--Been chatting it up with the DT planning lots of fun stuff!
--Trying to finish my Christmas shopping.
--Started a new kit club, Paper Medley with friends!!! You have to check it out!!!!!

So do you forgive me?

I wanted introduce you to my wonderful new DT!! We are all very excited!!!

LEADS: *Tricia Wilson--lead
*Gina Lideros--lead
*Jen Deal--lead
*Angel Bartonico--lead
*Erin Payne--lead

1.Sesil Cratin, Utah
2. Ilene Tell, Delaware
3. Lara Scott, Utah
4. Amy Sotolongo, California
5. Diana McGraw, California
6. Jeannie DeGruccio, California
7. Jennifer Matott, New York
8. Anne Brown, Texas
9. Sherrie Suttles, Ohio
10. Linda Abadie, Virginia
11. Jamie Cripps, Michigan
12. Jenifer Cowles, idaho
13. Tanisha Long, New Jersey
14. Jan Hennings, Iowa
15. Patti Hamil, Georgia
16. Gini Williams Cagle, North Carolina
17. Tina McDonald, Canada18. Donna O'Leary, New Zealand
19. Benedicte Raphalen, France
20. Amy Prior, Australia
21. Irit Shalom, Israel
22. Jennifer Roach, Canada
23. Erika Taylor, Canada
24. Iris Uy, Philippines
25. Katarina Damm-Blomberg, Finland
26. Birgit Koopsen, Netherlands

I have lots going on and I will share very soon!!! For now, thank you so much for all the sweet support you give me. I appreciate it and it motivates me a ton!!!!

Have a wonderful day!
Suzy West


Jeannie from said...

So many fun names here! Hooray for the team.

Connie said...

awesome team~a shout out to Amy S., Gini, Tina M.,Irit S.,Erika T., and Katrina!!!! Whoo hoo ~ a big congrats ladies!!!!

Anniebee said...

But you're so good when you're bad! LOL! I know that you're a very busy lady but I had no idea just HOW busy you really are. I certainly admire your stamina!


Bonita Rose said...

Congrats.. I don't know how I missed this.. what a great team...... so excited! I wud hv applied if i had known about it!

Teresa said...

Congrats to everyone on your team!! You have some amazing talent there with a big shout out for Tina and Katarina...Yay!!

Teresa said...

and Irit too!!!