Thursday, December 29, 2011

creating...and family....LOVE!

I woke up this morning feeling lucky that I'm alive and have a beautiful family that loves me!!!
My Heavenly Father must love me a lot because he's blessed me with three beautiful kids that I absolutely adore!! I love to look at their faces and see a little or a lot of me in them.
I was looking at some pictures on my iphone and these pictures stood out.

Sierra wearing the scarf and head band that her sister made her. She absolutely loves it!

Jeremy joking around with Angel. Her first reaction was to touch his face and give him hugs.

I love them so much and hope they never ever have any doubts.
So I've been in creation mode....
I've been working on these cute little tags that feature my colors that are debuting at CHA! I'm super excited!!! Here's a sneak peak!

Thank you for looking everyone! I wish you all a wonderful NEW YEAR!!! May it be prosperous and full of love!!!


Jan Hennings said...

Looks relaxing! Happy New Year to you and yours!