Friday, November 18, 2011

My England Trip (some of my favorites!)

My trip to England was fabulous!
I had the opportunity to work at the hobby and craft fair and see some of my students from my last trip and meet new crafters.
After the show I went to the new company that I'm working for. We planned a lot of our CHA show plus I got to play with some new colors! We also worked on some other fun things!!!
After three days of meetings I spent a full day of fun with my friend Amanda.
Here are a few pictures of my trip.
I love this building!! It was so beautiful!! 

I couldn't wait to get to Harrods!! The windows were just beautiful!!



This dress--WOW!

She looked so real!

Loved shopping there!!! Lots of fun goodies!

Walking through the town of Windsor.

Such a fun town!!

This is such a beautiful place!!!

This Castle is gorgeous!!!

The beautiful church

This place is HUGE!

Beautiful gardens!

The guards!!

We were walking through London and I saw this beautiful building!!

I got to stay at the most beautiful bed and breakfast that was built in the 1700's!

Looking forward to going back in February!! Thanks for looking!!
Suzy West


Shercara said...

Awesome photos - looks like a great trip!

Drycha said...

That's amazing!!
All these photos...

Jessica Pascarella said...

Great pics, thanks for making me jealous!

Atwood said...

I LOVE these pictures!! I want England trip so badly and seeing your beautiful pictures just made my wanderlust kick into overdrive. Thanks for sharing!