Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A heck of an awesome weekend!

I was just looking at all the pictures from my weekend at Scrapbook N' Such in Texas. Each one puts a smile on my face!!! I met quite a few gals and let me tell you...these gals hold a special place in my heart.
Some of my favorite memories:
*Teaching my classes
*Demos in the middle of the night
*Me and the round table
*Bubble gum game
*Popcorn story (marshmallows)
*My table buddies (Patsy singing with me)
*cha cha slide
*Sue and the boob shot
*Kathy and the gloves
*My roomie Karen Burniston
*the group photo
*the lunch where I discussed the Jodi Arias case
*Kathy and the gloves
and a ton more!!!

The only not good thing...ALLERGIES!!! OMG!! Don't know how I made it. They were the worse they have been in YEARS!!! No joke! I felt bad for my roomie because my allergies were so bad at night, I don't think she could sleep...but other than that...everything else was great!!!!!

Anyways, I can't wait til' November for the next one. I'm thrilled that they have asked me back!! YAY!!!

Here are a group of fun pictures from the event.