Monday, March 25, 2013

You've gotta have some fun!! (picture heavy)

I' home for the next few weeks...I love being with my family and friends so I've planned a lot of fun things but I plan on being at home too. I just got home from spending a day in Sacramento with Gina. Had a lot of fun!!! Started making this canvas. This is a sneak peak.

I'm lucky to go to stores that know how crazy and wild I am and play along with me. I'm certainly not quiet...microphones not needed. LOL

I wanted to post some fun pictures from my last two trips. I visited Scrapbooks with Treasured Memories and Ever After Scrapbooks. Both stores are great!!! It was my first time at TM in Louisiana. Had a blast!! You already know how much I love the girls at EA! Been there many times.

Here are a few from both stores.

These pictures are three of my favorite from TM!!! OMG Can you tell how much fun we had? LOL We totally laughed a lot!!!

This picture was taken at Lazy Lucy!! Had fun with these girls!!!

This next picture were from Ever After Scrapbooks. We had a trunk show, demo day, and classes!

Loved my night with all the girls for Debi's birthday!! Wish Janelly was in this picture!

This is just a fun picture I took after teaching a class at EA. Love knowing that my students got to play!! this cart that I bought. It holds so much!! As you can see with my stash of sprays and paints.

Thanks for letting me share my pictures!!! I'm excited about the next two stores that I'm teaching at.
Stamping Details (Poway, Ca)--2nd weekend in April
Treasured Memories (Oak Park, Ca)--4th weekend in April

Have a wonderful week everyone!!