Thursday, March 14, 2013

Obsessed...with the Jodi Arias case!

I think I have an addictive personality! LOL Once I get involved with something or find something that I like...I have to have more of it. Sheesh! I think I need a life! LOL
I've watched big trials before...
*OJ Simpson...watched and even visited the house of his ex-wife that he MY defense...I was on a vacation and we got lost...and followed a whole bunch of cars down a street because of a detour...we ended up stopping when we saw all the cars and people. It was his wife's house and "the tape" was surrounding the whole area. It was crazy! I have pictures that I scrapped a long time ago.
*Scott Peterson...that was such a sad case. I got involved because I had a friend that knew Lacey and said she was such a good person. When I found out she was very pregnant I couldn't believe it.
*Casey Anthony...This case upset me so much!! The thought that anyone could hurt an innocent child all so she could party with friends...omg!! awful!
Out of these three cases...only one was convicted and that was just gross to me!
This new case with Jodi Arias is soooo beyond awful! What she did to this guy is GROSS!!
So I've been watching everyday that it's on. I watch as I wash dishes, kit my classes, and even in the shower! LOL
I'm in southern Ca getting ready to teach at Ever After Scrapbooks!! While I was going through security at the airport guess what I was doing?

My FAVORITE thing about the case is chatting on facebook with friends (new and old). I start a daily Jodi Arias case. I want to thank Gina, Carol, Kim, Betty, Tori, and everyone else that comes in to join in on the daily chat!!! It's so fun!!!! The word I use a lot on there is "BAM!" LOL I say it every time something good happens! LOL Yes, I have issues. LOL
Okay so now that you know my new crazy....if you are watching the case...what do you think? What are your thoughts? Would love to hear!!



Gina Lideros said...

yup - obsessed right along with you. It has been fun chatting it up with you and the girls while watching :)

~ Kim ~ said...

LOL! Hi! My name is Kim and I'm a court tv addict. I've been an addict so long I still call it court tv!! I've watch all the above listed trials and the one I'll add that you all may or may not have heard of - Pam Smart ... a teacher in NH who got her student/lover to kill her husband. We didn't have cable back then (I was still living with my mom ... either still in or just out of high school) and I can't remember what channel I watched on, but I do remember it was on a 13" b&w tv with TERRIBLE reception and I still watched beginning to end.

This Arias trial has, by far, been the most entertaining. Sex. lies, audio tapes, and fog! How much better does it get?!! I love the little group Suzy has led on Facebook. It's the first time I've had fellow addicts to party with and I'm loving it!! Plus it's upped my friend count on Facebook, so BAM (as Suzy would say)!! :)

~ Kim ~ said...

PS - I wish I could remember how to change this picture ... I think it's from 2009! LOL

Carol Small said...

I must really be obsessed too. I also went to the murder site, not because I was lost, but because I needed to see where this took place. Turned out it was a mile from where I worked. Then of course I had to go to the Rockingham place.
I was glued to the TV throughout O.J.'s trial. I even drove to the freeway to get a glimpse of the white bronco. And yes, I have pictures, lol
I somewhat followed the Casey Anthony trial, not much tho. Made me sick.
With the Jodi Arias trial, I take my iPad EVERYWHERE I go, just so that I won't miss a second. It's on the sink when I'm in the bathroom, in the cart when I'm in the store, on the seat when I'm in the car.
Suzy, we ALL need a 12-step program when this is finished. But hey...I heard that the James Holmes trial will be starting soon.

Suzy West said...

Gina I laugh at the fact that we also text and make sure to let each other know if we leave to pick up kids so we can tell each other everything. LOL

Suzy West said...

Kim I didn't watch the whole Pam case but I did keep reading about it. I was going to buy a book about it too but can't rememeber why I didn't. Now i want to. LOL

Suzy West said...

Carol that's funny!! You and I are too much a like!!! Shower and all. LOL

dorism6220 said...

Since your 1 for 3, Suzy, will they start getting you to watch so clients won't be convicted?

My mother lives a couple of blocks from Bundy Dr. where Nicole lived and down the street from the infamous WLA police station.