Monday, February 04, 2013

Things that I love....

I was looking at some pictures of Sierra today and it just made me smile. I love my little girl!! The things she says and does are so amusing to me. I can listen to her all day! Especially if she's talking about things she feels strongly about. These are some pictures of her that I took last week.

On Saturday the boys stayed the night with us so Angel and Christian could go out on a date. I had so much fun with them. I love that in the morning they came flying into my room so they could snuggle and be silly. I got to snap these pictures of them.
I love frilly pillows! Don't know why...I just do. I can't stop buying them. I think there are about 17 pillows on my bed. Here are some of my favorites!!
I love my room! If I could live on my bed forever...I'd be okay with that. LOL I surround myself with all my pillows and blankets. LOL
One of my most favorite people to spend time with is my son. Now I know some of you won't believe this but this is the absolute truth...this guy is the best kid on the planet! NO JOKE!
I can honestly say that he has never once got into trouble....ever!
If there is anyone that anyone could ever trust with would be him!
I'm such a lucky person! I can honestly say that I have a great family!
My mom is my best friend on the planet!!
I love spending time with my friends Laila, Jen, and Gina!
Love texting with my girls Michelle and Elizabeth!
I love when I get to visit with my friends like Camille and Christine!!
There are so many others!
Thank you for reading my blog!! Please feel free to leave a comment! I promise to read them!!


Anniebee said...

Great pictures, Suzy! Sierra is growing up sooo fast! She gets prettier all the time. And your son is a great kid because he was raised with your values. Proper child rearing goes a long way, though it didn't show in my own son until he had kids of his own! NOW he understands! LOL!

Frugal Scrapper Extraordinaire said...

You are so awesome! Your family is very lucky to have you. Great pics!