Friday, June 01, 2012

5 things...

I'm going to admit something....I never know how to start a blog post. I always have a lot to say but I never know how to put it all down in writing. LOL Today I want to tell you some things that I've been grateful for this week.
1. I went with Jeremy to pick out his prom dates flowers. Today we are going to pick up his tuxedo. Even though he's a quiet guy, I know he's excited about his senior ball tomorrow.
2. I went with Angel to help her pick out her dress for the Mary Kay convention. It was great to go with my mom, Ashleigh, and Sierra as well. I adore this picture.
3. I'm grateful for friendships. I love hanging out with girls that inspire me and have amazing personalities.
4. I'm grateful for crafts! I love designing and what it has done for me.
5. I'm grateful for a little girl that has a heart of gold! I have so much fun with her. She's my not so girlie girl. She stands up for what she believes and she is proud of being a "nerd"!
I'm looking forward to this weekend!! I'll be sure to post some pictures. I'd love to hear something you are grateful for this week!! Please share. :) Hugs,


Gina Lideros said...

you have so much to be grateful for, especially the cute talented friends ;)

Joanne said...

What Gina said.