Friday, May 25, 2012

So it's another...It's been a while...sorry post..LOL

Ya ya! I know! It's been a while. I've been so busy, I'm sorry. So let's see....what's going on with me.
If you follow me on facebook, you know I've been traveling a lot. That's nothing new though. LOL
I can't remember past a month so let's see what has happened...
I filmed for Scrapbook Soup. That was a lot of fun! My episodes are going to air in JUNE. I can't wait to see my crazy self on the tube.
I taught at a beautiful store in Puerto Rico. Had a great time! LOVED my time there!! Loved the store! Loved the people!!! Everyone there...LINDO LINDO LINDO!!!!
I then went to Tasha's Scrapbook Retreats and had a blast with those girls!!! A lot of us laughed so hard we had stomach aches!!!! LOL
I had a great time at one of my favorite stores on the planet...Treasured Memories!! Christine is freaking awesome!!! It was such a pleasure teaching at being with them during their 15th anniversary!
I'm planning some amazing events with lots of stores including Whim-So-Doodle, Pages from the heart, Create 365, Girls gone Crafty, Ever After, and so many more!!!! Stay tuned!!!