Thursday, March 29, 2012

Travel, teaching, and a new project

Hi everyone!!! It's a beautiful day in northern CA. I am feeling so grateful for the beautiful sky that I saw when I walked out my door this morning. It was also nice to feel the suns rays hitting my shoulders. LOVE!!!
This week I'm grateful for my health. I recently made a decision to work out. I've been out of shape for way too long. I've been amazed at how great I feel after a good work out. I have more energy, I feel good, and I'm motivated to try new things and eat better.
I wanted to show you some fun pictures of one of my last trip. This is a picture of Camille, Elizabeth, and I. We had such a great night!!!
Picture of my display at Ever After Scrapbook Store.
I had such a fun class!!!! Great gals!!!
I'm excited about my next set of classes at Imaginic Scrapbook Store in Puerto Rico!!! We are planning an awesome event!!!
I'm working on another project right now for yet another store!!! Here it is.
Well I think that's all for now. Thanks for coming by!! Please leave me a message. I love to read them!!!


Gina Lideros said...

looks like you had fun, I just love how your book came out :)

Anelsie said...

Hi Suzy! I'm so glad I found your your projects! Can't wait to take your classes in Puerto Rico! :-)

margie rodriguez said...