Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Be happy for others good fortunes

I was having a conversation with my little girl last week. We were talking about some of the toys that she has and some that she wants REALLY REALLY bad that some of her friends have. Her friends got lucky because the toys come in little packages where you can't SEE the items...you find out what you get when you open it. They went to the store together and each one opened a package. To make it more exciting, they took turns.
Friend #1--got a toy she wanted
Friend #2--Got a toy she wanted
Sierra--Got a toy she already had
I looked at Sierra's face and saw how sad she was that she didn't get one that she wanted...the two others got the ones she wanted and needed to complete her collection. At first she had a pouty face and kept looking at the one she received like she wanted to throw it in the garbage. I talked to her about it and told her how we should be happy for others when good things happen to them. We talked about it for a bit and she seemed to feel better. Later on that day I heard her in her room telling someone that she loved them and that she had a special place for them in her room. I walked over to see who she was talking to and it happened to be the little toy that she got.
The other day a friend called me completely upset! She found out that her friend totally betrayed her and almost ruined something really amazing for her.
It made me so sad to think how someone who was supposed to be her friend could be so mean. They didn't like that something good was happening to someone else and went out of her way to ruin it.
So here's my question...why is it so hard for some people to be happy for others?
I asked Sierra why she wasn't happy for her friends at first when they got what she wanted? Her answer to me (the innocence of a child) because I wanted one too.
Sometimes people get what we want. That's just life. Be happy for them. Let only positive thoughts and actions in and out. You will see that good things will happen.
My dad always says, "Invite positivity, and you will feel positive. Invite negativity...negative things will find you.
I believe this with all my heart. I hope that we can feel happy for others. It will help us to feel good about ourselves.
Have a great week!


Jennifer Priest said...

Very true! Sometimes kids are wiser than we are!!! LOL

Jan Hennings said...

so true :) I think that jealousy gets in the way sometimes!

Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

Wise advice! It's sad that people can't be happy for other's success. It shows insecurity and selfishness. HUGS!

Midnightscrapper said...

That is an awesome post suzy, Well spoken and a very wise dad!

Anniebee said...

I'm in complete agreement but there is another side of the coin (though I doubt that it's relevant in your daughter's situation). There are some people who, when they have something really good happen to them, seem to gloat about it. It's one thing to take pride in one's own accomplishments or good luck but quite another to gloat openly and unabashedly about it. In those cases, I think the natural reaction is more of a distaste for that behavior than it is one of envy. I try to look past it but it isn't always easy to ignore. And children can be the cruelest of all, whether they intend to be or not. Your post is great food for thought, Suzy! Had to add my two cents! LOL

Barbie said...

It sounds like with you as her mom and example, she will learn how quickly.

sandee said...

Kim from Lazy Cowgirl sent me over to follow your blog and I am so happy! Seeing lots of interesting places on your sidebar to visit too! As for jealous people, it's always tough to want what someone else has, but hey, never forget you may have something that another person wants! So be happy with what you have!! waving hi from the rainy hills of North Carolina :)

Shelley T said...

Lovely story Suzy.

Ann :-) said...

Anniebee I think you are more correct than you know. Personally I support peoples' success if it is earned and not on the back of others' ideas and hard work. Gloating about the consequential 'good fortune' is pathetic and speaks more about their selfish nature than it does for the person who is labelled "jealous."
Suzy you sound like a great Mum - congratulations on a level headed and sensible little girl.