Monday, October 17, 2011

Tonight's going to be a good night!

Words can not express the love and humility I feel over Saturday's event. We celebrated Ever After's 10 year Survivor crop FUNDRAISER!!! If you read my post below, you know that I travel all over the world and have been to many events, but NOTHING compares to this! This year over $65,000 was raised to help raise awareness for breast cancer. It amazes me what Ever After has done. John Akins, co-owner of Ever After started Survivor crop two years after they opened their store. I'm sure he has no idea it would get this big! Here's a news article of this years event.
My favorite part of this 24 hour event is when they announce how much was raised at midnight and then the music comes on as we celebrate!!!
Here are some pictures from Survivor!!

I can't wait til' next year when we celebrate Survivor year 11!!! LOL
On another note...I'm so excited you all love that I'm selling my kits! I sold out in such a short time last time. I've gotten most of them out. Sorry if I haven't given you a total yet. I've just been so swamped!! I will contact you with a total tomorrow when I get home from my trip.
So you want to see my next one? Let me tell you....this class was soooooo popular and I only have 25 kits! These are going to go FAST!!! So if you would like one...EMAIL ME fast!
Here's the picture.

Thanks for always leaving me sweet messages! I love reading every single one!!!!!
Suzy West