Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sierra's surgery day

Today my baby girl had surgery. They took out her spleen and appendix. I was so proud of her because she was scared but handled it very well.
This picture is of her before surgery. Here is daddy waiting to see his daughter. He and I were both so sad when they took her. We both shed some tears. Today was a special day. Not only was it the first day of Sierra's new life but it was the first time that all of these kids were in the same room together. AWESOME!!
My two babies are super close and I can't imagine them not ever being together. I love them so much!! They love their cousins so I know this meant a lot to them.
These three just re-united after 10 years!
Alyssa (on the left) is Robbie and Ashleigh's sister.
They have the same dad and because of a couple of silly people...Ashleigh and Robbie haven't had a relationship with their sister. It's great that all that has changed!
It was so wonderful to see them together. It took everything out of me to not cry.

It makes me so happy that so many family members came to visit Sierra. Even though she was out of it most of the time, I know she felt good to have everyone there.
I would like to thank everyone for praying for my little baby girl. I know the prayers made the surgery go by smoothly.


Tricia Wilson said...

Love and hugs to all of you!

Kealaz said...

So glad her surgery went well! Looks like she is surrounded by LOVE. You have such a beautiful family Suzy!!! *hugs* Love and miss you all!!!

Mel said...

SO glad that all went well and so happy to see her smiling already:)

Katrina said...

so happy for all of you and Sierra looks like she was a big trooper and trying to keep mom from being worried.

So glad she is going to be better now, yeah!!!! big hugs, Katrina

Ashley Nguyen Newell said...

More hugs and prayers for my little friend Sierra! I can't wait to see the day where I don't ever have to see her turn yellow!

Suzy West said...

Thanks everyone! She is doing so much better now!!!