Monday, August 01, 2011

The night before....

...the surgery.

Today, Thursday I took Sierra to her pre-op appointment with her wonderful surgeon. We talked about what was going to happen. How many little cuts he'd have to make, what he was going to take out, how she was going to be sleeping when all this happened, and how her life would be better after this surgery. We talked about everything that is going to happen tomorrow. Tonight I am going to tuck her in bed, say a little prayer with her, and tell her how much I love her and how I'm blessed to have her as my daughter.

By the time YOU all see this post...I will be at the hospital with her. We will be sitting with her making sure she feels safe and that she knows we will all be there when she wakes up.

This is the wonderful surgeon that is going to make her life better. He is heaven sent. We are so lucky to have an amazing surgeon that is so gentle and honest with her. He tells her stories and reassures her that he knows what he is doing and that she will be okay.

I feel so blessed to know that so many of you are praying for her.
Today her life will change for the better.