Friday, August 26, 2011

Need decoration help!!!

Hey there everyone!! I would love your opinion. I got these beautiful wall decals from Hambly.
Where do you think I should put them at? I was maybe thinking the black chandeliers above picture frames. (on the left and right hand side)
I also thought about putting them on the left hand side. On the blank wall above the white boxes.

This is the picture of my scrap area.

Would love your opinion.
Suzy West


Katrina said...

Suzy, I say over on the blank wall!!!! And HAMBLY rocks!! I ordered some and got it and have played with it once and am dying to do more with it!!!! hugs, Katrina

Tricia Wilson said...

Large pink one definitely to the left over the white cubbies.

Suzy West said...

Do you think just the pink one should go on the left hand side?

Gina Lideros said...

I would put the chandeliers on the left wall above the cubbies. And maybe mix in the frame decals with the picture frames that you have up already?

Michelle said...

I would add bling to the chandeliers