Monday, August 01, 2011

Getting over the bridge

If you have been reading my blog you know this has been a hard few days for my family. I've felt as if I've been hit in the gut and I can't breathe. Today I'm feeling like things are going to get better.
When I was very young I remember having a recurring dream. I dreamt that my family and I were driving over a bridge. We had the windows down as the day was beautiful! We were happy and smiling. I looked over at all the cars and they were filled with happy families too.
As we continued on the bridge...fear set in. Ahead of us, we could see that the bridge went under water. We all closed our windows and our smiles went away. We were scared as we knew we had no choice but to go under.
As we went down, you could see the fear in all our faces. All the people in all the cars were frightened and crying. I could see that all the cars were on a track. The goal was to continue on the track to get to the other side and get back above water. If you knew you would be okay.
We prayed and held each other in hopes to get over. Along the way, we saw many cars get off track and those families were lost. Our car kept feeling like it would come off the track but it didn't and finally we made it over and we were safe.
We again opened our windows and smiles came back.
I had this dream for many years and always wanted to know the meaning of it. I finally received an answer.
Through out our lives our family would face many obstacles. There would be times that we would feel like we were going to lose each other but with faith and love for one another we could make it.
The last few days I have felt as if we were on those tracks again but I know together we will make it all the way and we will be okay.
Last night, my brother and husband with the boys built a bunk bed. It was so sweet to see them all working together.
When they finished they gave each other high fives!
Finally, it was time for bed. I asked them all to brush their teeth and change. When they were in bed...I gave them all a kiss and told them I loved them. My nephew gave me a big hug and told me he loved me too.
We made it through the bridge.