Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Crying in the backroom

How do I start this post? Let's see....I know...Last week was one of the worst times in my entire life...but I had fun! WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? LOL (just read on...you'll see why)

(warning...there will be tons of rambling...more than usual...going on several days with little sleep, LOL)
For a mom, there is nothing worse...than being in a different state and receiving a phone call or text that your daughter is being rushed to the hospital! That's what happened to me!
Let's back up a couple of weeks. Sierra got pneumonia. She was really sick. We got her "all better" and she was fine. I had a trip coming up and was going to not go if she didn't get better, but she did and so I went.
I was having an amazing time in Texas teaching classes, burning calories from the blazing hot sun that was making my hair expand and my make up melt, and had already hosted the Thursday night crop that was a lot of fun!!!!
The next day I was in class. I had put on my timer so I could make sure to finish on time. The buzzer went off...but it wasn't the timer...it was a text...with a picture of my little girl on a hospital bed. YES...this is how I found out she was sick!
My husband didn't want to call me to "bug me" so he thought....after class...I'd see a text and then call him. NOPE...I found out during the class.
I just tried to keep my composure...went on with my class. It finished...thanked everyone for coming and RAN out the class to find out what was going on.
I called my husband and he told me she was going to be okay and not to worry...YA RIGHT!!! he said..."right now we are just waiting to find out what's going on and why her fever is not going away...so stay where you are and have fun!" again...YA RIGHT!
I had a cry fest...wiped my eyes and tried to look semi normal and headed out for the next crop night I was to host.
For those that attended...I want you to know that I had a blast.....and I hope this doesn't sound like I didn't have fun...because I did while I was there...but I wanted to be home with my baby.
I would go out to the floor...laugh, do prizes, etc...(and honestly...I did have fun)
and then I'd go to the backroom...and CRY at the thought that my baby was sick.
I'd call my husband...who seriously....had not left her sight for even a moment. He was amazing! He barely ate, he hadn't showered, he missed work that entire time...and never complained!
He told me..."have fun and do what you need to do...because you get home...I'm going to need you". I told him I was having a hard time eating and he got mad and said, "eat or your going to get sick and you might as well stay there" LOL So yes...I ate.
So I continued what I was doing...I did try to check on flights to get home early...and EVERY SINGLE flight was FULL and OVER sold!!!
I called the night before again...FULL
Finally...the morning of...I got up...put on my clothes...and I was out of there. I couldn't wait to get home. Paul said she had a rough night the night before.
I got there...boarded my plane...called and told my baby I was coming home. Then nothing.
We sat there...for a while...and then we heard...there was something wrong with the plane...we had to get off!
We got out...they announced that they were trying to figure out what was going on and to just sit and wait. YA RIGHT!!! I went over to see if there was another flight I could take...and as I had heard several times before over the phone..all flights were FULL! There was nothing.
Finally a new plane arrived and I got on told my family I was on and was coming home. Then nothing...we sat there yet again!!! I couldn't believe it!!! They were checking some things and would get back to us. Finally everything was clear and we took off!
Those were the longest hours of my LIFE!!!! We landed and my parents were there to pick me up. I RAN into the hospital when we arrived and Sierra's face was priceless!!!! She was so happy!
She told me she was so happy I was there and to please not cry because it would make her cry and she just wanted us to hug.
Earlier that day...she had a relapse. Now, she was still pale but she was doing better. She really perked up and started talking more and saying silly things. We sent daddy home to rest and spend time with Jeremy (my other sweet angel).
She and I started playing school and talking and I could see her getting better and better very quickly. We had visitors come and they gave her gifts. She was sitting up and was THRILLED!
That evening...she took her first steps with out passing out and we walked around the hospital.
The Dr. said that everything was better and that it looked like she could go home!!!
I wanted to make sure so I told her we'd stay one more night. That night, she slept like a baby! It was her first night with real sleep!! I was in heaven!!!!
The next day we got our plan for home treatment and now...I sit here on my bed writing this while she sleeps right next to me. One of her legs is on top of mine and I can feel her little breathe on my side...because she's laying here..that close. She's a sweetheart and I love her to pieces!!!
My son...and older daughter...I love them so much!!!! I missed them both so very much to!!
While Sierra rested...I went to pick up Jeremy from school...it was the first time I had seen him since I left. We spent one hour of quality time together...I dropped him off...told him to take a shower because I was taking him to the Dr.'s at 5. I quickly drove over to where Angel was working and surprised her there...she needed her mommy as well. Spent 45 minutes with her and then rushed home to pick up both Sierra and Jeremy. Sierra had a quick check up. Jeremy had a physical.
We came home and a sweet gal from church had brought us dinner.
THANK YOU!!!! Thank you to everyone!!! I read Sierra every single get well wish she received and she loved all of them!!! Thank you!
Sorry for the rambling!!!! Hugs
Suzy West


Slammer said...

Awesome update.....I am glad Sierra is better and you are getting back into the swing of things. You have a sweet close family and are very blessed....still sending prayers your way!

Lisa Fragassi