Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Allergies....

I try not to complain about things(I said TRY, LOL)...but when it comes to allergies...OMG...I'm the biggest baby!!! They have been kicking my behind the last few days.
Anyway, today my facebook update read:

Dear allergies,
Please go away! I haven't been able to sleep well and my eyes are super swollen so I could potentially scare people...looking crazier than usual.

Different people posted about having allergies as well...but ONE person...replied with the following:

Dear Suzy,
thank you for your recent letter. We understand that you are displeased with the service you have received lately from our representatives, and are sincerely sorry for your experience. Please be assured that we have made note o...f your concerns and have forwarded them to the proper department. As a token of our gratitude for your continued loyalty, please accept these extra allergies free of charge. We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to many pleasant visits in the future. Sincerely, Your Allergies

I was at a restaurant when I read this and totally busted out laughing.
Paul Rhoades, a friend since I was about 8 wrote this...he has a very similar sense a humor as my husband--another Paul. SCARY! LOL

Anyway, for those of you suffering from allergies...I thought it might make you laugh, it did me.

Thanks Paul for that!!!! Totally blog worthy!!
Hugs, Suzy West