Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog udpate--family, friends, teaching, and more!!

I have had a really busy good and bad few weeks!!

Sierra was really ill, she got pneumonia and had the roughest time getting rid of it. Luckily she's doing a lot better!!
Something I'm grateful for: AN AMAZING DR.!!! She has a great one. He checks on her all the time and makes sure to research everything before making any decisions.

This is Sierra making book marks. She is having surgery in July and wants to bring things to do and reading is one of them so we thought we'd make book marks. She's so sweet!!
I love my time with Jeremy!!! He is such an amazing guy!!!!
We love going to the movies and to baseball games!
The other night he and I went to Giants game and had a great time!! I celebrated NSD at Our Paper Place with a lot of different gals!!! OPP had three different days and each one was perfect!!! LOVE the store!!
I love this picture of us girls!!! We are all Survivor fans and really wanted to watch the I took my laptop outside and we watched it there to not spoil it for anyone else!!!! AWESOME!!!!
I love teaching!!!! It's something I'm really grateful for. Last week I taught at Treasured Memories in Oak Park, Ca. I loved seeing the girls from the last time I was there and the new gals I met. I look forward to seeing everyone again in September!!
I have a lot of fun things going on....look to the right to see some of the dates that I have posted!!! I'll be adding more dates soon!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!
Suzy West


Anonymous said...

just love the stuff you do suzy... would you please come out East??
mary t

Suzy West said...

i would love too!! Have your lss contact me!! :)