Wednesday, April 20, 2011

To create (CONTEST)

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

I feel very lucky to work with some of the most creative people in the craft industry.

This week has been a really fun one for me. I've been working on some really cool projects for teaching all over the country and working on products for future releases!

Sometimes it takes me a while to come up with something and other times it just comes to me.

Today I created something really cool!! I can't wait to see what others do with it when it's released!!!

** blog was acting up.<

Help me name my album!!!
I am looking for same letter named book!!

For example: Terrifically Tabbed or Krafty Kreations.

You have from now until Saturday to post as many times as you want.
If your name is selected, you will receive my new album and yummy new embellishments.



kelly said...

Picture perfect

kelly said...

Picture perfect

Scrapin Kat said...

Can't wait to see--
I have days when I can't create anything smetimes I think I just have too many plans that clutter my brain -- and space lol... I would rather print some pictures and just see where I go-- I have spent so much time trying to organize the clutter -- but no more just going to create!

Arts and Crafts Fanatic! said...

Delectably delicious

janet said...

kreating kreativity

Lindsey Alves said...

charming chipboard

Lindsey Alves said...

wonderful whimsy

Lindsey Alves said...

boundless beauty

Lindsey Alves said...

awesomely artistic

Denise said...

Simply Said

Denise said...

Crunchy Candy

Lindsey Alves said...

simply sassy
totally tantalizing
easily enchanting
creative cutie

I am sure I have more coming...

Suzy West said...

Love them guys!! Keep them coming!!!

Lindsey Alves said...

freakin' fabulous
treasured tales
sound of silence
moving memories
creative clutter
candid cuties
timeless treasures
glitzy glamor

Lindsey Alves said...

lovin' life
simply stunning
artistic archive
scrap silly
scrap sassy
heartfelt headlines
greatest gift
fantabulous fun
everyday enchanting

yep, I have two preschoolers... I can play word games all day....

Christine said...

Memorable Memories

Christine said...

Pretty Perspective
Creative Creation

Lindsey Alves said...

crop candy
marvelous memories
playfully posh

Lindsey Alves said...

Frick & Frack (this is what I call my twin boys.... I told my nephew when I was pregnant that these would be their names)

Raven said...

Embellished Envy!

Raven said...

Poetry in Paper

Raven said...

Paper Pleasers

Raven said...

Inky Ideas

Gina Lideros said...

wow! lot's of awesome suggestions. Can't wait to see what you name it

debpaint16 said...

Crafty Creations

Lindsey Alves said...

crafty chaos
classy chaos
sweet serendipity
darling details
whimsical wonders

Leilanie said...

Hi Suzy! It was great meeting you last week! Humm let's choice:

Perfectly Pieced

Fabulously Fun

Loving Life

sarah said...

HAHAHA!! Families are Forever. HAHAHAHA

Scraping Miami said...

Yum Yum
Favorite findings
fab fixings
Can't wait to see your project, I wish you would show more of what you make everything is always super cool.

Deb Williams said...

I thought maybe...
Sugar n' spice
Sweet n" sassy
sinfully sexy
tart n' tangy
looking lovely
springing sprout

Fleursbydesign said... about

Amazing Artful Album
Perfectly Pretty
Embellishment Envy
Magnificent Memories

kelly said...

suzy sweetheart
echo exposed
simply suzy
untouched unrestricted
swanky suzy
artisticly au-natural
wildly west
basically bare
essentially echo
simply suzy-fied
straight-up suzy
pure & pristine
fresh & funky
bare brillance
sister suzy sellz scrapbook
swanky suzy
sweet & swanky

mary h. said...

Exciting Endeavors

Lindsey Alves said...

Did you pick a winner yet? What did you choose?