Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some of my favorite APPS for my Iphone

I'm often asked what my favorite apps are. So I'm going to share some of my favorites.
These are all FREE for Iphone.

1. EVERLATER--this is an awesome travel journal. You can add photos, rate where you stay, restaurants you eat at, and write stories so you remember what you see and do on your trip.

2. Check Please--This is great when you eat out. Especially with friends and you are splitting the bill. It breaks it up and asks you what percentage tip you want to give your server.

3. OPI--I LOVE this app! If you love OPI nail polishes you will too. You can see how the nail polish will look on your hand. You can make "the hand" lighter or darker. It has EVERY single color!

4. Old Photo Pro--This app makes any picture look old and distressed. This picture is beautiful in color but I love the way it looked when I used this app!

5. Photosynth--this is a new one. Just learned about it today. You can stand in one place and move your camera and it takes panoramic pictures of an entire area. It's awesome!!

6. Instagram--Just started using this one. It's kinda like the old photo pro but it has more options. Here's an example

7. Skobbler--it's a free navigation program. I use this a lot!

8. Moron Free--this is a fun game that test how "smart" you are.

9. xfinity tv--lets you record a TV show from where ever you are!!! Although I haven't done this, you can watch the show on your phone.

10. Skype--I love that I can see and talk to loved ones from where ever I'm at.

Okay so those are my favorites!!! Please tell me about some of yours!!

Suzy West