Saturday, April 23, 2011

Random shots

I've been taking lots of pictures with my iphone. I've added even more photo apps since my last post.
Here is a set of pictures of me TRYING to take pictures of Jeremy...but as you can see...or not see..he didn't let me. LOL

This is another new app that I got. I love this feature. This is Sierra at the Earth Day event.

Here is a picture of me in London.

Can you tell? I love the color green!! I didn't realize how many green color items I had.

I was asked to scan my signature last week to add to packaging for a new product that I created, so much fun!!!

This is a shot of my favorite nail color right now. LOVE IT!!!
Thanks for checking out my blog!!
Suzy West


Katrina said...

ok, I love the London pic!!! the sketch pic of Sierra looks great...mine never turn out that good....and the first set....well, they kind of look like ultrasound pics! LOL LOL hugs, Katrina