Sunday, April 17, 2011

Loving our little fur balls!

Our little fur babies had a rough last week.

Angel and I took all our dogs to get vaccinated on Sunday. My little guy Gravy and Angel's fur babies did really good but Biscuit freaked out a little! I posted the pictures of the dogs when they got "the surgery" on Thursday. We were told they needed to have the cone of shame on for TWO weeks!! They don't like having them on at all!!! They also need to be seperated so they have been extra sad. Sierra has been giving each one a lot of love so they are not so unhappy! Today she decided to work on a scrapbook for the dogs and asked if I would take pictures of them. Here they are. Here is Biscuit

...and this is Gravy

I'm hoping that they will be able to get their cones taken off early and will heal fast so they can be together!! I think we will all be a lot happier! Thanks for looking!!! Suzy


Katrina said...

oh...the corgis here send them extra bones and toys.....and LOVE the names!!!! hugs, Katrina

sarah said...

cone of shame!!! :(

fast recovery for biscuit and gravy!