Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love days like these...

Sometimes I don't know where my brain is.LOL. I had planned to visit two friends with Sierra today. NORMALLY...I would drive to their house, but today was different. For some reason, I thought we should both RIDE our bikes there.

That's okay if you ride a lot...guess when the last time I was on a bike? Well I couldn't tell you the date...all I know is that it was over 20 years ago!
Yes, 20 years! LOL
So I sit here typing...with a pillow under my bum...because I'm in PAIN!! LOL
Alrighty, let's forget about the pain for a moment.
Sierra and I talked about a lot of different things as we rode to our first destination. There, we had a great time giggling about different things with my friend Janice. We had delicious strawberry shortcake, hung out in her amazingly beautiful house and backyard, and looked at family pictures. LOVED my time there. So did Sierra.
We left and headed out to visit my other friend, Diane.
She and I laughed and laughed over funny stories while Sierra had a blast playing with the tiny kittens and her two sons. Had a blast!!!
Sierra and I took off for home and pretty much rode home standing up as our bums were killing us. LOL
It doesn't matter the pain, I'd do it again!! It was an awesome day! I had a great time with friends and my little girl!! What a blessing!!
Suzy West