Friday, April 29, 2011

Contest winner--announced and more...

Last night I went to bed semi early so I could get up at 1am to watch the royal wedding!! I was SOOOOO excited that I dvr'd it and set three alarms on my phone! LOL

Unfortunately, I forgot that I had set my phone on silent and I was soooo tired...that I didn't wake up until 7am!!!! I totally missed it live!
So this morning everyone came to my room and we watched the whole thing together!!!
I cried like a big baby!!!! It was so sweet!!!
Favorites from the wedding: two kisses from castle, Prince Harry looking back at Kate, the big smile on Prince William when he saw her for the first time, their carriage ride, and all the people there sooooo happy!!

We have a winner for the naming of the mixed medium booklet contest!!!
Although we didn't use the exact name Lindsey posted...we were inspired by it and came up with something really close!!! THANKS Lindsey!!!
Please contact Angela at She's going to be sending you a prize!!

Shout out to my friend Katrina Hunt---I think you are fabulous!!!!
Suzy West


Cynthia Lloréns said...

I just love the royal weeding at all..and I like evrything in here!!!
I try to be follower but dosen´t work.I´m gonna try again
Hugs from Brazil
Have a nice weekend!!

Katrina said...

You my dear are FAB!!!!! hugs, Katrina