Thursday, April 28, 2011

The best job ever!

I have the best job!

It is a job that I didn't go to school for, so I couldn't even do an internship to prepare for the real thing!
I'm not sure how well I do, but let me tell you...I love my job!
My title: MOM aka mommy
This year has been interesting. My kids have gone through a lot of change and even though year's not a bold difference...they are different.
To my little gir...I'm her mommy
She's tender and sweet! She warms my heart with her hugs and sweet "I love you's".
To my teenage boy...I'm his mom
Even though he's pretty quiet and keeps to himself...He is so sweet!!! Everytime he gives me that sweet smile I just melt! I love that he's not embarrassed to give me a kiss in front of his friends and tell me he love's me.
To my married daughter...I'm her mother
I love that she is not only a great mother and wife...she's smart and has continued going to school because she wants to help make a better life for her family.
I don't get paid to be a mom...but as I see my kids play together or give each other hugs...that is all the payment I need! I love the time that we spend together!!! I'm lucky to be their mom!!!!
Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you.
Hugs, Suzy West