Wednesday, March 09, 2011

London...Sierra...Jeremy...and top 10 list!

I'm having fun playing with tons of WOW embossing powders!!!
I love how easy they are to use and how they don't get all over the place!!
I'm excited to get to play with them a lot in London and to do this mini project for make n' takes.
I have a lot of exciting things coming up!!!
It's been a little crazy since it all seems to be happening at the same time!
I'm truly grateful for all the fun opportunities!

Wanted to update you all on Sierra
Thankfully she's feeling good right now! We are meeting with the surgeon soon to discuss dates and to prep her for the big day.
It feels kinda crazy saying that because all her life we knew that one day this day would come and we talked about it a lot but now...they day has really come.
She's been a real trooper!!! She broke down the other night because she was a little scared but mostly because she didn't like the fact that she would have to be on penicillin twice a day for two years! That really upset her!! I told her the time would go by fast so not to worry!
I know things will be a lot better for her! Please keep her in your prayers!

On other news! I'm so excited about this!!!!
My going to PROM!!! Yes, you heard it...MY SON is going to prom!!!
I can't believe this day came too!! We always knew this day...blah blah blah! LOL
If you know my son, you know that my guy doesn't do dances. He's never attended one. Why? He thinks they are boring! He just doesn't like them!! So for him to's a huge thing for the West family!! LOL

I won't be here when he goes to prom!!! I'm so sad about it!!
I'll be in London! I'm forcing my daughter to take pictures! I'm sure I'll need a few moments to cry my eyes out because my heart will be so full....okay...crap...I'm crying now just typing this (Pull it together woman!LOL) but will be excited too!!!

So anyways, I'm grateful for a lot of things this week! I read Sarah's blog (poor thing has been super sick)...and she inspired me to write my top 10 things I'm grateful for!
So they are.....

1. insurance--I'm so grateful that we have excellent insurance and that we see the best dr.'s!!! Angel's surgery will be done at Stanford Hospital!
2. my bed--I love after a long day I can just sink my body into my bed!
3. family--I love that I have people that love matter what!! I trust them with my entire heart and life!
4. old pair of jeans--Love my jeans! I've had them for a while and they feel so yummy! Not tight...not loose...just perfect!
5. scrapping--I love when I get to hang out with all my friends and get my scrap on!!! I can't wait til' Saturday to see a lot of friends!
6. California weather--I feel so lucky to live in a place that even though I sometimes complain about the's a thousand times better than in other places!!
7. DVR--I love that I can watch my favorite tv shows whenever I feel like it!!
8. You tube--I LOVE you tube!!! I have a play list of all my favorite songs!! Including all GLEE!!! Oh ya!!
9. Easter candy--in case you didn't know...Easter has the best candy!!! I love my favorite chocolate bunnies! YUMMY!
10. LUCKY CHARMS--oh how I love thee!!! I always have to have a box of this!!!

Okay so that is my list!!!!
If you read all of!!! I can't believe I typed it all. LOL
Suzy west


Gina Lideros said...

How exciting that Jeremy is going to prom. I know your heart is breaking that you wont be there, just make sure that Paul and the kids take lots of pics, and enjoy your trip :)