Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Angel

I love this girl right here!!!

I am so grateful for my relationship with my daughter Angel! She is such a blessing to me!
Everytime we are together, we have great time. We laugh like crazy and talk about almost anything.
Ever since she was young, she knew she could tell me anything...even though sometimes I didn't want to hear it. There were times she would tell me she wanted to talk to me about something but before she said anything I needed to promise to act mature. LOL
It's been about four years that she and her husband moved out on their own and
even though I miss her tons not being at home (she lives 5 minutes away....that's a rule..JK)I am beyond happy that she has a home of her own that's filled with lots of love and happiness!

We have so much in common!!
We both love to scrapbook
We are both major GLEEKS!
We love going to La Fondue together!
We love to sing--except she's the only one with a great voice!
We love fashion--except she's the only one with style! LOL
Our favorite meal is Chicken and brocolli casserole
We love to text and talk on our cell phones!
We both do things sometimes with out thinking first!

Sometimes we drive each other crazy! I think it's because we are so much a like. We get into an argument but we know that will last all of 5 minutes! We can't stand being upset at each other!
No joke....argument happens and then soon after we call each other for something random. LOL

I love her with all my heart and there's nothing I wouldn't do for her, Christian, or the boys!
Today I'm feeling especially grateful for her. Nothing really happened....I was on the phone with her...she always calls me when she gets off of work...we talked...she said, "I love you, bye" like she always does. I got off the phone and felt like writing about how much I love my girl!!!
So there...that's my post today...I love my girl!


Arlene said...

Hi Suzy, It's me Pie, ur long lost friend! I haven't seen you guys in so long but I do peek in every once in a while. Your Angel is such a sweet girl and every since I can remember, you gals have been close. It is the type of relationship I hope to have with my daughter!! Miss you my friend and all my awesome sbing adventures were with you and the BAS!

Suzy West said...

Hello my friend!!!!! Your name comes up every so often! Especially when we think about our weekend get away!! Do you remember that? You remember when we filled the entire car with scrap stuff? LOL

Abby said...

Hi Suzy!! You just made me cry!!!!! I have three boys (14, 12 and 10) and a little princess who will turn 3 in 7 days! I hope with all my heart to have that same relationship with her!!! Loved reading about your princess and you!!! Thanks for making me cry tears of love and happiness!

Julia O Boo said...

LOL I think YOU are the one that says things SHE does not want to hear. But sounds like she gets it from you! hahaha. But I am the same way with my kids. I love that I have no problem talking to them and they know they can talk to me if they choose to. Sometimes they just hear more than they care to. My older son was mad at me for explaining TMI about who Rob Lowe is.