Friday, February 04, 2011

For the first time....

A miracle has happened!!!! For the first time in a long crazy frizzy hair went bye bye!!!
Miss know the one I posted about yesterday....did my hair...and taught this almost (coughcough40coughcough) 30 plus year old gal how to do her hair.
Who knew I was doing all the wrong things all this time...that would probably be why I look like I have a mop on the top of my head. LOL
This past week I used mousse...something I thought I shouldnt' use.
I learned how to put products in my don't just put it on the top part of your hair...try mixing it in everywhere and add more if you need hard...not! LOL
You can curl curls...with out making it look like a fake curl.
I learned the best way to set my hair.
Dude...I learned a lot!
here is a picture of what she did to my hair!!!

So guess what? I did my hair on my own and although it didn't look as great as what Tricia did...I still made it work and there was no frizz!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!
The girls soooo loved how she does hair that we are going to all drive up together and have her do all of our hair the same day! LOL (She's in Sacramento)
Good bye Frizz!!!!!!
Suzy West


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